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Service learning

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Service learning
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Service learning

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  1. Service learning By: Sara Igglehart

  2. Service Learning What is Service-Learning? Benefits of Service Learning: • (sur-vislur-ning) noun ; • “A teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities” • • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills • Develop or enhance your skills, especially in the areas of communication, collaboration, and leadership • Connect with professionals and community members who you will learn from • Grow a professional network of people you might connect with again later for jobs or internships •

  3. What I got from my service learning: • Giving back to so many organizations was such a great feeling. Ignoring that I had this sense of accomplishment, it felt amazing to know that people were directly benefitting from my small volunteering. Because not only was I helping others, but I was helping myself as well. I learned that even small gestures can make big impacts. • After all we all win when we volunteer.

  4. International pancake day I was possibly a little too excited about getting free food. What is was: • On February 28th, IHOPs everywhere celebrated International Pancake Day. Anyone who came in was given a free order of pancakes. A Children’s Miracle Network collection jar was placed for donations. • I mean, they were giving away plates of free food. As a broke college kid who loves food, how could I not go to this?

  5. Relay for life Each year, Relay for Life is held to raise money for research and awareness of life threatening diseases. Interest meetings are held so groups can decide on themes, activities, and fundraising ideas.

  6. Relay for life My friends Jordan and Brittany and I in front of the FYE Tent at Relay. Why I Relay: • Relay has always been a huge part of my life. I had a best friend pass away from leukemia, so raising money and coming together with others who are like myself really means a lot. I’m always amazed by just how any lives have been affected by cancer.

  7. Animal Shelter Millions of animals are living in shelters. At the Lowndes County Animal Shelter, volunteers can help in the socialization of animals, clean up the cages, clean the dogs, and help promote programs. All of this helps the cause to have more animals adopted and taken to loving homes.

  8. Animal shelter What Volunteering Meant: I adored this cat named Robin. She would just lie there and let me rub her for hours. I wanted to adopt her and take her home so badly. • I love animals, I always have. Spending even a few minutes with the ones at the animal shelter was so much fun. It’s upsetting at the number of animals that are there though. Seeing as most shelters are under-staffed, not every animal gets love and affection. Hopefully myself and the other volunteers showed them the love they deserve.

  9. Decorations To help raise awareness in the dorms, my friends and I designed and decorated a bulletin board. On it, the basic information was displayed. We also hung up flyers on our doors, adverting we were taking donations.

  10. Tennis fundraiser After practice, Sebastian was sweet enough to pose in a few pictures with me. What is was: • Our tennis team held a fundraiser by selling “Blazer Life” tee shirts. Shirts were $12 and all the money when to the tennis team.

  11. Superstar Valdosta On March 24th, The American Red Cross hosted Superstar Valdosta was held at Mathis Auditorium. We helped serve guests while they waited for the show to start.

  12. My friend, Brooke, and I at the football game. Haven shelter Tennis Ball Toss In order to raise money for the Haven here in Valdosta, our FYE class sold tennis balls. Buyers would try to shoot their ball into a target and win prizes. I was unaware that Valdosta had a program like Haven, so learning that was enough for me. I was happy to be apart of this to help raise money to keep this great program going.

  13. The end