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Unit 9 When was it invented?

Unit 9 When was it invented?. Period 1 Section A 1a-2c. light bulb. Edison is a great invent or. He had many invent ion s. Edison invent ed the light bulb in 1879. The light bulb was invent ed by Edison in 1879. invented. F. E. The light bulb. by. was.

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Unit 9 When was it invented?

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  1. Unit 9When was it invented? Period 1 Section A 1a-2c

  2. light bulb Edison is a great inventor. He had manyinventions. Edison invented the light bulb in 1879. The light bulb was inventedby Edison in 1879.

  3. invented F E The light bulb by was Thomas Edison invented Thomas Edison B C D A In 1789 In 1789 the light bulb B C A D

  4. The train was invented by Stephens in 1810. 1810 Stephens The plane was invented by Wright brothers in 1907. 1907 Wright Brothers

  5. A: I think the telephone was inventedbefore the car. B: Yes, I agree with you. B: Well,I don’t agree with you. I think the telephone was inventedafter the car. calculator

  6. 1b Listen and match the inventions with the dates. b b e e d 1876 1885 1927 1971 1976 a a a d d e c c c b

  7. A:When was the telephone invented? B: I think it was invented in 1876. A: What is it used for? B: It is used for talking with people.

  8. A:When ___the calculator_______? B: I think it __________ in 1876 was invented was invented A: What is the ________ used for? B: It is used for _______. (count) calculator counting.

  9. Pair work: traveling seeing in the dark looking for more information relaxing

  10. New inventions shoes with adjustable heels

  11. New inventions battery slippers battery-operated slippers

  12. New inventions ice cream scoop heated ice cream scoop

  13. 2a Listen and number the inventions in the order that you hear. 2 3 1

  14. 2b: Listen again and match the inventions with their inventions and uses.

  15. 2c: Pairwork: Role play conversations using the information in the chart above. A:  What is it/are they? B: It is/They are ... A:  Who was it/were they invented by? B: It was/They were invented by ... A:  What is it/are they used for? B: It's/They're used for…

  16. We should be proud of being a Chinese. compass gun powder paper printing

  17. Grammar Focus (P69) The passive voice 被动语态 在被动语态的句子中, 谓语部分的结构是be + 过去分词。被动语态的句子的时态、人称变化反映在be动词上。 一般现在时 am / is / are + 过去分词一般过去时 was / were + 过去分词 含有情态动词的被动语态: 情态动词+be +过去分词

  18. Homework: • Surf the Internet ,and find out more inventions. Introduce them to your classmates, using • It was/They were invented by_______. • It was /They were invented in_______. • It is/They are used for_______.

  19. Unit 9 When was it invented? Period 2 Section A: 3a-4

  20. Make a list of the inventions at school and home as more as you can. Inventions at school: _________________________________________________ Inventions at home: __________________________________________________

  21. Divide the inventions at school and home into two groups. Helpful inventions : _________________________________________________ Annoying inventions : __________________________________________________

  22. Pairwork: Discuss your opinions with your partner. A: What do you think is the most helpful invention? B: I think the most helpful invention is the light bulb. A: Why is that? B: Well, it gives people more time to work and play every day.

  23. 3a: Make a list of five helpful inventions and five annoying inventions and tell us the reason.

  24. Let's boast! 吹牛皮 If you are alone on a island(小岛) , what would you need?

  25. What would you need? compass

  26. Groupwork:Imagine(想像) that you want to leave the island. What would you need? 1._____________________________________ 2._____________________________________ 3._____________________________________ 4._____________________________________ 5._____________________________________ A: I’d like to have a radio. B: Why is that? A: Because I could listen to music all day. B: But that’s not going to help you leave the island.I think it would be better to have a computer.

  27. Homework: Write a short article about “1 or 2 Important Inventions In My Life”. Tell us, what are the most important inventions in your daily life? Write more information about them and the reasons.

  28. Unit 9 When was it invented? Period 3 Section B: 1a-2c

  29. Name: Housework that was done The dishes were cleaned. Our dinner was cooked… Interview your classmates in groups and make a list of the work that was done

  30. Sweet Sour Salty crispy Make a list of your favorite food on paper. Let's have a food game! Fill in the chart as soon as possible and as much as possible.

  31. crispy sweet sour salty sweet sour bitter sweet

  32. 1b: Write the name of different foods after each word. banana sweet __________ crispy__________ salty __________ sour __________

  33. Fill in each blank with the correct word given. Self Check crispy sweet salty sour 1. I don’t like eating chocolate. The taste is too . 2. Mom added salt but it still wasn’t enough. 3. I prefer lemons to oranges. I like the taste. 4. She likescookies. They are hard, dry and easily broken. sweet salty sour crispy

  34. 2a.Listen and circle “T” (for true) or “F” (for false). • The potato chips were invented by mistake. • They were invented in 1863. • The customer thought the potatoes weren’t thin enough. • The customer said they weren’t salty enough. • George wanted to make the customer happy. • The customer was happy in the end. T F T F T F T F T F T F

  35. 2b:The history of chips Did you know that potato chips were invented by mistake? Chips by a chef called George Crum. They were invented in .George Crum cooked them for a long time until they . And he sprinkled lots of salt on them so they were . were invented 1853 were crispy really salty

  36. 2c: Pairwork: Role play the conversation about the invention of the potato chips. Use the information from the activities above. A: Did you know potato chips were invented by mistake? B: Wow, I didn’t know that. Who invented them? A:…

  37. Boy1:Hey,did you know that _____________________________________? Boy 2: Really? What do you mean? Boy 1: Well, here on the bag it says that they were invented _________________ George Crum. Boy 2: When was that? Boy 1: Oh, it was ______________. Boy 2: So, why was it ____________? potato chips were invented by mistake by a chef called back in 1853 an accident

  38. Boy 1: Well, one day a customer in the restaurant where George worked__________ his plate of ______________ because he said they______________________. Boy 2: So __________________? Boy 1: Well, George was __________________, so he cut the potatoes really, really thin, and he cooked them for a long time until they _______________. And he sprinkled lots of salt on them so they were sent back fried potatoes were cut too thick What happened in a bad mood were crispy

  39. _________________.He thought the customer would hate them. Boy 2: And? Boy 1: And the customer loved them and asked for more. He told the other customers about them, and soon everyone _____________ thinly-sliced, crispy, salty potato chips. Boy 2: And we're _________________ today. What a cool story! Boy 1: Yeah. really salty was ordering still eating them

  40. Homework 1.Go over the history of chips in 2a & 2b and write a short essay about it. 2.Look for the invention of tea by the Internet or reading the books. Then copy the information on paper.

  41. Unit 9 When was it invented? Period 4 Section B: 3a-4b and self-check

  42. Say something about potato chips. Who? When? How? Retell The history of potato chips

  43. What will you do if you are really thirsty? You’d like to drink these beverages.

  44. What’s the most traditional beverage in China? Tea has a long history. There’s anancient legend about tea. black tea 红茶 green tea milk tea

  45. Listen and answer. Who was tea invented by? It was invented by the Chinese emperor Shen Nong.

  46. Read the article and write answers to the questions. • What is the article about ? It is about the invention of tea. 2. When was it invented? It was invented over three thousand years ago. 3. Who was it invented by? It was invented by the Chinese emperor Shen Nong. • 4. How was it invented? It was invented by accident.

  47. Important phrases by accident 1. 偶然地,意外地 2.三千多年前 3. 根据 4.在户外火堆上 5. 落入 6. 散发令人愉快的气味 7.用这种方法,这样 8.饮用水 9.继续留在那儿 10.一个古老的中国传说 over three thousand years ago according to over an open fire fall into produce a pleasant smell in this way drinking water remain there an ancient Chinese legend

  48. 1.Although tea wasn’t brought to the Western world until 1610, this beverage was … … before that. 虽然茶直到1610年才被带到西方,但在那之前的三千多年这种饮料就已经被发明了。 2.Some leaves from a nearby bush fell into the water and remained there for some time. 来自附近灌木丛的一些树叶落入水中并且在水中保留了一段时间。 3. The emperor noticed that the leaves in the water produced a pleasant smell. 神农帝注意到水中的叶子散发出一种令人愉快的味道。 4. And in this way, one of the world’s favorite drinks was invented. 就这样,世界上特别受人喜爱的饮料之一被发明了

  49. tea Shen Nong tea over three thousand years ancient China some leaves fell into the water ….. one of the world’s favorite drinks

  50. Retell the passage according to the picture TEA 1.most popular drink over an open fire6 accident invented boiling 3.until 1610 the water7 fell into brought 4. over 3000 years ago discovered pleasant smell8 discovered produced 5. by emperor SN taste the hot mixture9 10.was delicious

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