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We’ve come a long way…

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We’ve come a long way…. Chip PC – the Future of Computing. October 2007. Table of Contents. The Company The Technology The Products The Customers Business & Channel Partners. The Company. Holdings Structure:. Chip PC (Israel) Ltd. HQ. Chip PC GmBH 100%. Chip PC (UK) Ltd. 100%.

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We’ve come a long way…

Chip PC – the Future of Computing

October 2007

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • The Company
  • The Technology
  • The Products
  • The Customers
  • Business & Channel Partners
company brief

Holdings Structure:

Chip PC (Israel) Ltd.


Chip PC GmBH


Chip PC (UK) Ltd. 100%

Chip PC Inc.


Company Brief
  • Chip PC drives innovation into reality as a global technology leader in the area of Server-Based-Computing solutions
  • Founded in October 2000
  • Public company traded on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • HQ in Israel, Haifa Matam area
  • Daughter companies in the UK, Germany & the US
  • Largest set of technologies and patented IP in the field
server based computing


1995 & On



Server-Based Computing Environment



Server-Based Computing
  • Server-Based-Computing (SBC) market is constantly growing for the past 15 years
  • Most organizations have IT Systems on servers
  • SBC is dominant in verticals such as:
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Military
    • Finance
    • Global
  • Main reason – reduced costs via consolidation
  • Other important reasons – enhanced security and compliance with regulations

Cyclic Trends in Organizational Computing


What’s so bad about PC?

What’s so good about Chip PC?

company products
Company Products
  • 1. Desktop Thin Clients: Xtreme PC™

The Complete Solution

Local Software

  • 2. LAN-Integrated Thin Clients: Jack PC™
  • Launched 2006

Jack PC

thin client

Xcalibur GlobalManagementSoftware

  • 3. Management Platform: Xcalibur Global™

Xtreme PC

thin client

  • 4. Software Plug-Ins, Accessories, Services
products positioning in the market
Products Positioning in the Market

Final Analysis Results

  • Chip PC was positioned as market technology leader in SBC and Thin Client technology already back in 2004.
  • Chip PC won 1st place in an independent research initiated by the Swedish government and held out by Telecomputing SBC expert.
  • Chip PC scored significantly higher compared to competition on all categories of hardware, software and security

1. Xtreme PCTM

  • Desktop form factor thin client,PC-replacement
  • Firmware stored on Flash memory
  • Built around cost-effective RISC processors
  • Connects to Citrix, Microsoft, Vmware servers
  • Multi-display support – up to 4 displays
  • 100% remote management, no local upgrades or maintenance
  • 100% secure from viruses and Trojans
  • Energy saver, only W3-5
  • Long product life cycle - over 10 years
  • Special market versions: Integrated PKI smart card, fiber-optic support
  • The world’s smallest desktop thin client computer

1. Jack PCTM

  • The first and only LAN-integrated computer, launched in 2006
  • Powered by Power-over-Ethernet
  • Built around cost-effective RISC processors
  • Patented technology worldwide
  • Quick Installation in wall, furniture and floor
  • Energy saver, only W3-5
  • Standard I/O for peripherals, keyboard and mouse
  • 100% remote management, no local upgrades or maintenance
  • 100% secure from viruses and Trojans
  • Dual-display support

3. Xcalibur Global™ Management Platform

  • Industry-leading, policy-based management for thin clients and users
  • Enables plug & play deployment for hundreds to tens of thousands thin clients on local or remote sites
  • Enables complete configuration and permissions allocation to devices and users
  • Based on Microsoft standards (MMC interface, Active Directory synchronization)
  • Interfaces Vmware Virtual Center, Microsoft SMS
  • Complies with the harshest information security standards in organizations
  • Best fit for medium-large organizations and enterprises
  • Patented, based on unique technology

Success Stories, Target markets

Main Target Markets:

  • Governments, municipalities
  • Finance – banking, insurance
  • Customer Service Centers
  • Medical institutions, Healthcare systems
  • Industry, factories
  • Transport, Aviation
  • Education – universities, schools
  • Retail networks, distribution centers
  • Defense forces, police, military, embassies
  • Telecom companies, ISP, cellular
  • Infrastructure companies
  • Decentralized, Global organizations

Samples Success Stories:

  • Business continuity: FedEx, US deployed over 1,000 devices in dozens of branches. Central management is performed via Xcalibur Global
  • Business continuity: BNP Paribas global bank
  • High security: Israel Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Jerusalem + embassies worldwide), IDF
  • High Reliability: Sweden public healthcare JLL, Israel Souraski Medical Center (Ichilov), Lufthanza, Pelephone

Success Stories: RZF Deal

  • Chip PC won the largest thin client tender for German RZF - Financial Administration of North Rhine-Westphalia County on September 2007.
  • The deal includes 20,000 devices and management software; 80% of the devices are to be deployed by the end of 2007 and the rest by Q1 2008
  • This positions Chip PC as a leading company in the industry.
business partners
Business Partners
  • Microsoft: Operating Systems, Servers
    • MS Partner, OEM Agreement
    • Chip PC has Source Code access
    • Chip PC has support in license purchase and R&D cooperation
  • Citrix: Sells access solutions to server-based applications. Approximately 100M users.
    • Citrix CBA Partner
    • Chip PC participates in events, road shows, conferences
    • Chip PC has Source Code access
    • R&D cooperation
  • Vmware: leading the virtualization market
    • TAP Partner
    • R&D cooperation, VDI initiative
    • Chip PC participates in events, road shows, conferences
  • AMD, RMI: World leaders in RISC processors development
    • R&D cooperation
  • Dell: World leader in computer distribution
    • Worldwide Supplier Agreement with Chip PC
    • Joint reseller and customer training
    • Joint R&D of new products
channel partners
Channel Partners
  • The company has signed distribution agreements with the world’s largest distributors:
    • Ingram Micro - World’s largest IT distributor, presence in over 100 countries
    • Techdata - World’s second largest IT distributor
    • Avnet – Large IT distributor in Europe
  • The sale process to large customers and projects requires the company offices to supply consultancy, visits and training

Chip PC HQ

Value Added Distributor - Knowledge in SBC

Distributor- Fulfiller

Strategic Partner - Reseller


Value Added Reseller

Knowledge in SBC

End Customers