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‘The Fox and the Crocodile’ PowerPoint Presentation
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‘The Fox and the Crocodile’

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‘The Fox and the Crocodile’ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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‘The Fox and the Crocodile’

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  1. ‘The Fox and the Crocodile’ Long, long ago there lived a clever fox and his faithful friend, the crocodile. Food was often hard to find, so one day they decided to grow their own.

  2. ‘The Fox and the Crocodile’ First they grew some rice. The crocodile asked, “How shall we share the rice?”“You have all the parts that are growing under the ground and I’ll take the top parts,” said the fox.

  3. ‘The Fox and the Crocodile’ When they pulled up the plants the crocodile saw that only roots grew under the ground. The tasty rice seeds grew above the ground. The cunning fox laughed and ate the rice

  4. ‘The Fox and the Crocodile’ Next they decided to grow potatoes.When it was time to harvest the crop the crocodile said “This time I’ll take the top part.”

  5. ‘The Fox and the Crocodile’ They dug up the plants and the crocodile was amazed to see all the potatoes which lay beneath the ground. The fox laughed out loud and ate the potatoes but the crocodile was very cross.

  6. Next they grew coconuts. The fox said “Decide which part you would like - the outside or the inside.”The crocodile snapped, “It will have nasty pips on the inside I’ll eat the outside instead’’ ‘The Fox and the Crocodile’

  7. ‘The Fox and the Crocodile’ When they cut through the coconut’s hairy shell, the crocodile saw that on the inside there was refreshing, milky water and flesh. He was very angry. The fox laughed and ate the coconut.

  8. Next the fox decided they should grow sugar cane. He was just about to promise the crocodile both the roots and the leaves when the crocodile had a good idea... ‘The Fox and the Crocodile’

  9. ‘The Fox and the Crocodile’ “Let’s share our food fairly,” suggested the crocodile. From that day on, the fox and the crocodile always had plenty of food to eat and lived happily ever after.