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Exploration of the America’s

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Exploration of the America’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploration of the America’s. Spain comes to the America’s. The Reconquista – 711 to 1492!. The Opponents:. The Moors (Islamic people) dominated Spain and were from northwest Africa. Brought Islamic ideas and goods Cities in Spain grew and business prospered Culture flourished.

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exploration of the america s

Exploration of the America’s

Spain comes to the America’s

the reconquista 711 to 1492
The Reconquista – 711 to 1492!

The Opponents:

  • The Moors (Islamic people) dominated Spain and were from northwest Africa.
  • Brought Islamic ideas and goods
  • Cities in Spain grew and business prospered
  • Culture flourished
  • The Christians
  • Original rulers of Spain
  • Believed that God desired them to return Spain to Christian rule
  • Struggled to fight the Moors as they were not a united front (Christians also fought one another)
  • In the end…Christian rule was restored over the Moors
  • The Effects: The Roconquista (meaning reconquest) and the successful restoration of Christian Spanish control led to the Spanish being inspired to explore new lands.
soldiers of spain 1492
Soldiers of Spain 1492
  • A soldier’s life
  • War was all they new (job, way of life, and religion) after 800 years of fighting
  • War=wealth and glory as you took the wealth of the person you defeated
  • After conquering the Moors, men needed a new purpose and desired a new land or people to conquer

Led to the

3G’s of exploration: God, Glory, Gold

exploration by spain
Exploration by Spain
  • The World Situation (why explore?)
    • Looking to expand trade with Asia
    • Looking for a shorter route to Asia
    • The Middle East and the Sultan – Taxes (how can we avoid these?)
    • Sailors search for new routes and trade
christopher columbus
Christopher Columbus
  • Biography:Born in Italy and lived in Portugal
  • Was declined funding from Portugal to set sail
  • Was also rejected by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain until they later changed their mind in 1492.
christopher columbus1
Christopher Columbus
  • Columbus’ promise:
  • Find route to China & India…
  • Bringing wealth to Spain…
  • Spreading Christianity…
  • And hurting Portugal (current leader exploration)
  • The results:
  • After 2 months, Columbus landed in the Caribbean (first time for Europeans to make it to the Americas)
  • Indigenous (native) people of the area were named “Indians” as Columbus believed he found India.
  • Columbus returned to Spain with gold and enslaved Indians setting the foundation for further expeditions.
exploration by spain1
Exploration by Spain
  • Conquistadors (meaning conquerors):
  • 2 main goals= wealth and spread faith
  • Believed they were doing God’s will by conquering anyone who did not believe in their god.
  • Used their experience with war along their journey.
  • 7 Cities of Cibola:
  • Conquistadors and soldiers sought to find similar wealth that supposedly 7 Bishops found North of Mexico when establishing the Seven Cities of Cibola. It was said that the 7 Bishops left Spain heading out to sea during the Moors invasion.
exploration by spain2
Exploration by Spain
  • Weapons and tools:
  • Spanish: steel armor, cannons, guns, horses
  • Aztecs: bows and arrows m(made from black volcanic glass)
  • Tenochtitlan-the golden city:
  • Emperor Montezuma II and the “Mexica” (Aztecs) welcomed Cortes as he resembled an Aztec god.
  • Cortes and his men conquered the city filled with riches and killed any native that acted against the Christian faith.
  • Mexico City was later built atop the ruins of the former Aztec capital.
  • Cortes’ allies were other natives that the Aztecs had conquered, sacrificed members, and made people pay tribute (food and valuables).
the narvaez disaster
The Narvaez Disaster
  • Cabeza de Vaca – survivor and explorer
  • Landed near Galveston Island on San Luis Island and named it Malhado (meaning “misfortune”)
  • 1528-1534
  • Traveled Texas for 4 years.
  • Estevanico – the Moorish slave also survived.
  • Becoming a ‘shaman’-de Vaca was known as a “medicine man” and even performed surgery on a Native American
  • His book ‘Relacion’ recorded the hints of the fabled 7 Cities of Gold.
cabeza de vaca
Cabeza de Vaca
  • Based on the source to the right…
  • Cabeza de Vaca felt the life of a trader gave him advantages. What were these advantages?
  • What was Cabeza de Vaca’s “principal objective” in becoming a trader?
  • What did the Coastal Indians think about Cabeza de Vaca’s role as a trader?

from The Journey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca

and His Companions, from Florida to the Pacific, 1528-1536

exploration by spain3
Exploration by Spain
  • Marcos de Niza and Estevanico’s Expedition
    • Hunt for the 7 cities of gold (Why?)
    • Cibola, pueblo homes of the Zuni people.
    • Zuni’s kill Estevanico
    • Marcos de Niza see’s the 7 Cities of Gold!

Top of the Hill

francisco vasquez de coronado
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
  • 1540
  • Over 1,000 men and horses
  • Captures the Zuni Pueblo
  • No Gold, Silver, or jewels.
  • El Turco leads them on ….Texas to Kansas
  • Palo Duro Canyon and Llano Estacado.
  • ‘Nothing here…leave Texas alone’ for 142 years no Spaniard will return to Texas.
cabeza de vaca1
Cabeza de Vaca

Based on the source to the left…

What effect did the hailstorm have on the Spaniard’s equipment and supplies?

The hailstorm destroyed their “crockery” or water container. Why was this important?

You are a Spanish explorer traveling across the featureless Great Plains. A devastating hailstorm destroys much of your equipment and injures your horses. What will you do next?

From Pedro Castañeda’s

The Journey of Coronado,


translated by George

Parker Winship

  • View of the Great Plains
  • courtesy photographer Barney Fitzpatrick
exploration by spain4
Exploration by Spain
  • The 3 G’s - Matrix
  • 1.Gold – money and wealth
  • 2. Glory – fame and power
  • 3. God – religion and faith
    • To please their King and Pope
    • To return home with money and fame
    • To elevate your family name
    • To live a life of adventure and wealth
create the exploration timeline of spain
Create the Exploration Timeline of Spain
  • 1519 Pineda
  • 1519 Cortes
  • 1528 Cabeza de Vaca
  • 1540 Coronado
  • 1682 Spain establishes Missions in Texas
  • 1690 Spain builds East Texas Missions
  • 1718 San Antonio Missions built as mid-point supply depot for East Texas Missions.
exploration by spain5
Exploration by Spain
  • De Soto and Moscoso
    • 1539-1542 explored from Florida west.
    • De Soto dies after Mississippi crossing, Moscoso takes over.
    • Visits East Texas Indians – they say ………….Tay-yas! Tay-yas! Meaning friends.
    • No Gold, silver, or jewels.
    • They return to Mexico.
    • Oh yeah…they find this sticky stuff – oil.