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Music Magazine Production

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Music Magazine Production - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Music Magazine Production
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  1. Music Magazine Production Pitch Of Ideas By Matt North

  2. Genre/Sub-genre The Genre I’m going to base my magazine on is UK Hip Hop, There is currently no big Hip Hop magazine so I decided I would create and personalise my own Hip Hop magazine. The Magazine will also include artists opinion on modern day music. There will be interviews with the artists. The magazine will also offer discount codes on products and clothing. Upcoming shows and Tour dates.

  3. Target Audience My target audience will be anyone who enjoys UK Hip Hop and is interested in their favourite artists, The magazine will allow the public to connect with their favourite artists and be a part of the magazine. The magazine will include quizzes and fun activities to bring the audience into the magazine. The public will be able to send in questions which if chosen will be used in interviews with selected artists. The Magazine will be aimed to sell to people ages between 16-30, but the magazine is for anyone who enjoys UK Hip Hop.

  4. Reason For Name Ideas Name Of Magazine I want my magazine name to be unique because the genre of music is very unique itself, each artist use their songs to express there feelings and emotions. I want my magazine to reflect personality and to show individuality for example “Deep Set Thoughts” The magazine will be based on inspiring UK Hip Hop artists hence why I chose the name “HomeGrown” as the artists are from the UK. • High Focus • Apex • Hip Hop Weekly • Bangolo • Deep Set Thoughts • HomeGrown

  5. Tagline

  6. Unique selling point My Unique Selling Point will be the special discount codes I put in my magazine for various artists CD’s. there is not a lot of money to be made in the ‘UK Hip Hop’ scene so therefore the artists do not make a great deal of money, with my discount codes and tour dates this will encourage the readers of my magazine to support there favourite artists and help the genre of music expand.

  7. Editorial mission statement The purpose of my magazine is to encourage everyone to listen to and support UK Hip Hop. First Time Readers For first time readers I want to encourage them to listen to UK Hip Hop, I want for new readers to look into various artists and see learn more about them. UK Hip Hop fans For those who are already a fan of the genre of music, the magazine is to give them a chance to read more about their favourite artists and to support them, there will be tour dates, discount codes and many other things to make sure the reader is updated and knows everything about each artist. Whole Public The main purpose of my magazine is to encourage the public to listen to UK Hip Hop and to get an insight into the artists lives and personality as well as there music.

  8. Reader profile My reader profile will be male or female aged between 16-24 who enjoys UK hip hop and is interested in the artists