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Music magazine planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Music magazine planning

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Music magazine planning
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Music magazine planning

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  1. Music magazine planning The PowerPoint

  2. The genre • The genre of the magazine has to be the very first thing you decide when creating your magazine. This is the personality and character of the magazine, the main thing the audience will care about; so it has to be perfect every time so they will just loose interest. There is both the main genre to thing of (music, celebs, fashion) and the sub-genre, so for example the type of music (rock, pop, classical, etc.).

  3. The title • One of the hardest yet most important decision to make for almost anything is the name for it. Its name is its identity, the one thing people will know it and call it by. It has to be something to do with the actual product but still catchy and memorable; something unique, that stands out from the crowd but also can be clever and witty.

  4. The content • The content is what goes on within that product, for example for a sandwich it’ll be the ingredients that go in-between the slices of bread; so for a magazine it’ll be the features that go inside it. These can differ depending on the genre of magazine and its target audience. For a fashion magazine there’d be advice on the latest fashion and ‘how to’ s whereas in a music magazine it’ll be the latest top charts and interview with artists about their latest gig or album.

  5. The main content • This is what the magazine is mainly focusing on at that current time; whether it be the latest fashion trend or the must go to festival, they will cover it. This will normally be across the front page to make it obvious what the magazine is covering, this attracts the audience to it. It’ll also have a couple of pages spread about it within the magazine.

  6. The artists • The artist are part of the content, they are what the features are about. They are the superstars of the magazine and what it revolves around. As a music magazine it would have more of the individual artists and bands talking about whatever they’re done to earn a place in that magazine. This could be exclusive news that only that magazine reveals, a new album or huge upcoming gig.