the cotton gin n.
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The Cotton Gin PowerPoint Presentation
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The Cotton Gin

The Cotton Gin

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The Cotton Gin

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  1. The Cotton Gin ~~~~~By: Naja Rabon~~~~~

  2. Who Invented The Cotton Gin? Eli Whitney Invented the cotton Gin. He was born on December 8, 1765 in Westboro Massachusetts. He grew up with a pretty nice childhood.

  3. How did Eli Invent the Cotton Gin? He worked as a blacksmith to start out his job and he ended up making the first cotton gin.

  4. How is this Interesting? This machine separates the seeds from the cotton which helps make it easier than picking the seeds out by hand. It also cleans the cotton so you don’t have to worry about the cotton being dirty.

  5. Where Can I buy a Cotton Gin? You can buy the cotton gin at the John Deere store, Baker Farm, and McKinney’s Cotton Picker.

  6. Some positive and negative Effects on the Cotton Gin A positive effect on the cotton gin is that it cleans the cotton for you so you don’t have to go through so much hassle with it. A negative thing is that it could break down while you are trying to clean or get the seeds out of the cotton but there is a less chance that that would happen. You can also find these at stores and they make them in factories.

  7. How does It work? The Cotton Picker runs threw the field and picks up the cotton and it finds the fibers from the seeds and picks them out.

  8. Where is Their Headquarters? The cotton industry's headquarters is located in Texas. It is a tiny farming community located in southwestern Castro County.

  9. Can I purchase a Cotton Picker? Actually you can buy a Cotton Picker. Farmers use them for their farms to pick the cotton out. Anybody can buy one, but you have to be able to know how to use one first! Their website is at

  10. How many Cotton Gins do they make in a Year? The Cotton Picker factory produces about 254 cotton pickers are made within a year.

  11. How much does a Cotton Picker cost? Today, cotton pickers cost $8,933 at the John Deere store which is where you can buy one.

  12. More about the Cotton Picker The cotton picker was invented by Taylure and Paige in 1850. The cotton picker is different from the cotton gin. The cotton picker is like a machine and it’s way bigger than the cotton gin. The first cotton picker was able to pick only one row of cotton at a time, now it can do a whole field. This was made to replace manual labor which is picking the cotton with your hands.

  13. Do they still make Cotton Gins today? I wouldn’t say no, but a version of the cotton gins are still used today because they are made from long ago but there has been a upgrade which is called the Cotton Picker which is generally still used today.

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