eli whitney and the cotton gin 1793
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Eli Whitney and The Cotton Gin 1793

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Eli Whitney and The Cotton Gin 1793 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eli Whitney and The Cotton Gin 1793. By: Grace Dean. About Eli Whitney Eli Whitney was an American inventor. He was born in Massachusetts on December 8, 1765. He attended Yale College . The Cotton Gin.

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About Eli WhitneyEli Whitney was an American inventor.He was born in Massachusetts on December 8, 1765. He attended Yale College.
the cotton gin
The Cotton Gin
  • The cotton gin is a machine that quickly and easily removes the seeds from the harvested cotton fibers. It is a simple device in the shape of a cylinder filled with rows of wire teeth. When a crank is turned the cotton passes through the gin and the wire spikes pull the fibers away from the seeds.
the effects of the invention of the cotton gin
The Effects of the Invention of the Cotton Gin
  • After Eli Whitney invented this efficient machine the production of cotton became much easier and was made very profitable.
  • Although this invention made a profit it eventually led to an increase in slavery in the United States because the demand for cotton increased due to the efficiency of the cotton gin.
another invention of eli whitney
Another Invention of Eli Whitney
  • Eli Whitney also had a contract to build muskets for the U.S. government. He promoted his idea of using all interchangeable parts instead of custom made parts. This would make the assembly of muskets faster and the repair easier.
  • Who was Eli Whitney?

An American inventor during the late 1700’s

  • What were his two major inventions?

The cotton gin and interchangeable parts for muskets.

  • What did the invention of the cotton gin lead to in the United States?

An increase in slavery.