eli whitney and the cotton gin n.
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Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin PowerPoint Presentation
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Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin

Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin

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Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin

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  1. Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin By Morgan Valentic Period 2

  2. Who? Who was Eli Whitney? • He was an inventor and pioneer that changed the lives of many businesses with his designs • Born in Westborough, Massachusetts on December 8th, 1765 • Died on January 8th, 1825 in New Haven, Connecticut • Graduated form Yale University (back then it was called Yale College) • Most famous for inventing the Cotton Gin and his innovation of interchangeable parts that was used for making muskets

  3. What? What is a Cotton Gin? - A cotton gin is a machine that helps remove the seeds from the cotton What did it do?- A cotton gin would work by first putting in a cotton boll into the top of the machine. Then, you would turn a crack and the cotton would go through these wire teeth that takes or “combs” out the seeds What type would the people grow in the South?– They would grow short staple or “Green Seed”

  4. When and Where? • When did he invent the Cotton Gin- Eli invented the Cotton Gin in 1793 • Where did he invented it?- He invented it around Savannah, Georgia with his partner and plantation owner Phineas Miller • In 1792, he went to go visit his friend Catherine Greene at a plantation farm • While he was there, he saw cotton for the very first time • Catherine was having trouble with removing seeds from the cotton • (took one day to remove one pound of cotton from the plant)

  5. Why? • Why did Whitney invent the Cotton Gin?- He invented this machine because he wanted to help his friend Catherine who needed some help • he was very fond of cotton and what the technology was behind it • Catherine had a machine but it did not work as well as they thought • Him inventing the Cotton Gin changed history…..

  6. Impact? • What were some of the impacts on the Cotton Gin?- • More slaves in the South (no one is sure that Whitney wanted this to happen) • One of the best inventions of the Industrial Revolution • Improved the economy of the North and South

  7. To Sum Up • Eli was an inventor and pioneer that made a huge change throughout history with his inventions • A Cotton Gin was a machine that helped removed seeds from cotton that involved a crank and wired teeth • His visited his friend Catherine Greene in Georgia where she told him that the process with removing one pound of cotton a day was too slow • Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin in 1793 • The Cotton Gin improved the increase in slaves and the economy in the South