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IMPROVING COLD STORAGE AT KING’S COLLEGE. School of Biomedical Sciences. Allison Hunter. Waterloo Campus and Guy’s Campus. Guy’s Campus (and the Shard). New Hunt’s House. How much energy are we using ? £80,257. Takes time Consistent way of recording information

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improving cold storage at king s college


School of Biomedical Sciences

Allison Hunter

how much energy are we using 80 257
How much energy are we using? £80,257
  • Takes time
  • Consistent way of recording information
  • Type of energy monitor – ease of use
  • Staff – audit number and types of freezers
  • Cold storage units:
  • New Hunt’s House (NHH) 500
  • Franklin-Wilkins Building (FWB) 300
housekeeping measures
Housekeeping measures
  • Once per month -De-ice with a scraper
  • -Clean the foam grill in front of the compressor
  • Ask staff to minimise door opening
  • Defrost every six months to a year in back up freezers
  • Offer dry ice service to sort freezer stocks
  • One unit in; one unit out
  • Advise leavers to discard or redistribute stocks
  • Rack or SLS FRE2130 £30 for 12 box FRE2228 Grid Divider
  • Equipment alarm system – freezers running too cold
how can we reduce the energy we use
How can we reduce the energy we use?
  • Savawatt
  • NHH
  • Current total cold storage energy spend £80,257
  • 485 units were fitted costing £32,692 or £67.41 per unit
  • This saves 67.87 tonnes CO2 and £15,783.08 per year (20%).
  • (icemakers; 4°C incl cold rooms; 4°/-20°C & -20°C only)
funding for savawatt devices
Funding for Savawatt devices
  • Salix
  • Revolving Fund with a minimum and maximum spend each yearLoan Scheme which can be used to fund other projects
what else can we do
What else can we do?
  • Change freezer temperatures
  • -80°C freezers vary between 14-21 kWh/day
  • -70°C reading is 12kWh per day
  • Present data on energy consumption to staff (talk then email)
  • Cascade to divisional staff and students
  • Voluntary reduction not compulsory
  • Tech staff liaise between groups to alter settings on shared freezers
individual freezer costs
Individual freezer costs
  • -80°C cost per annum
  • U570HEF £306
  • NBS -80°C (one model) £562
  • Revco £850
  • -70°C
  • Haier DW-86L388 £438
outcome of freezer temperature request
Outcome of freezer temperature request
  • Freezers
  • The total number of freezers reduced from -80°C to -70°C is:
  • 19 (FWB 12 and NHH 7)
  • about 30% of our collection.
  • We have a total of 63 low temperature (all originally -80°C) freezers in two buildings: New Hunt’s House (NHH) has 38 and Franklin-Wilkins Building (FWB) has 25.
  • Search defra carbon conversion factors 2013
  • For the above I used the Defra carbon conversion factor of 0.48357 kgCO2/kWh.  For cost, I would normally use 10 p/kWh as that’s the current total cost including all charges. 
can you reduce your freezer requirements
Can you reduce your freezer requirements?
  • Flinders University
  • Supplier
roll out to other buildings
Roll out to other buildings
  • The proposed batch of 147 Savawatt controls for:
  • Hodgkin Building,
  • Henriette Raphael,
  • Shepherd’s House and
  • Britannia House
  • are expected to save 23 tonnes CO2 and £4,751.41 per year. Current cost=£24,092.48
  • Other estate includes Wolfson Wing, Hospital Trust embedded space at Guy’s and St. Thomas’, Denmark Hill Campus
  • Audit Identify the quantity of high ticket items
  • Record Consistent recording
  • units kWh/day; calculate CO2
  • Building electricity meters
  • Reduce consumption Talk to staff, email follow up
  • Savawatt saves 20% energy Freezers at -70°C saves 20-30% energy
  • Alternative storage
  • Funding Salix; Estates
  • Total lifespan costs Energy usage and waste disposal costs
  • Technical staff: Resource Managers:
  • Carlos Roncancio-Garcia Jo Cunningham
  • Pranetha Baskaran John Darker
  • Stuart Fleming Steve Franey
  • Kelvin Howell Will Heal
  • Estates: Rosie Calokatsia
  • Keith McIntyre Dave Stanton
  • Lisa Ward Sarah Meredith
  • Kat Thorne Richard Davies
  • Tristam Slater Colin Chinnery (Purchasing)
Allison Hunter

Deputy School

Resource Manager

King’s College London

Tel 020 7848 6163



SavaControls: How they work



Solid State


Power In

The solid state switch switches for a longer or shorter time, depending on the load on the motor, 100 times a second


SavaControls: What are they

  • Electronic controllers which reduce the electricityused by electric motorswhen operating under part load conditions.
  • They do this in two ways, by:
  • Improving the motor efficiency
  • Modulating the power input according to the motor loading.
savawatt calculations
Savawatt calculations
  • Refrigeration is never switched of and compressor run times will vary depending on type of equipment, what it is used for, how often the door is opened, how old it is etc. We take an average compressor run time as sixteen hours per day of which 80% of the time the motor will be in a part load condition. (part load is when the SavaControl reduce consumption)
  • The formulae for annual electrical consumption is: amps x volts x hours run x power factor =kWhrs per annum
  •                                                                                                                                 1000
  • With numbers of a simple -20 freezer = 1.3amps x 240 volts x 4672 (80% of 16x365) x 0.8 (compressor motor power factor)  = 1166kWhrs per year
  •                                                                                                                                 1000
  • SavaControls will save 20% per annum on single phase applications. On the above the saving will be 233kWhrs, based on an electricity cost of 10p/kWhr a saving of £23.32 per annum will be achieved. The basic SC3 @ £34.00 (plus installation) offers a payback around 1.5 years.

Energy Consumption 80%

SavaControls: How they work

The effects of SavaControls on the Voltage and Current Waveforms

No SavaControl

With SavaControl

Energy Consumption 100%

Approximately 20% Savings!

80 c to 70 c cost savings calculations
-80°C to -70°C cost savings calculations
  • -80°C freezer at 17.6 kWh per day x 365 x .10p kWh =£642.40 x 44 freezers = £28,265.60 per annum and 136.68 tonnes CO2
  • -70°C freezer at 12.0kWh per day x 365 x .10p kWh = £438.00 x 19 freezers = £8,322.00 per annum and  40.24 tonnes CO2
  • Total cost saving per annum by reducing temperatures on 19 freezers has been£3,883.60 (Cost of 19 freezers at -80°C at 17.6 kWh per day x 365 x .10p kWh =£642.40 x 19 = £12,205.6)
  • Total CO2 reduction 18.78 tonnes (19 -80°C freezers 59.02 tonnes CO2 compared to 19 -70°C freezers 40.24 tonnes CO2)
drying cabinets
Drying cabinets
  • FWB 5.118
  • one cabinet measured at 14.3 kWh/day
  • Timers on at 7am and off at 7pm would save:
  • 14.3 x 0.5 x 3 cabinets x 365 days= 7829 kWh p.a. (x.10p kWh = £780 per annum in one lab alone) and 3.78 tonnes CO2.
  • FWB 5.48 one drying cabinet uses 42.78 kWh/day
  • 1.78 kWh X .10pkWh = 18p or £1.78 for 24 hrs or x365 days = £649.70
  • By using a 12 hour timer we would save £323.96 per annum and 4.04 tonnes CO2.