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SLA Spring Meeting – 8 th April 2008 St Petersburg, Florida Sean McDonnell 212-520-2786 PowerPoint Presentation
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SLA Spring Meeting – 8 th April 2008 St Petersburg, Florida Sean McDonnell 212-520-2786

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SLA Spring Meeting – 8 th April 2008 St Petersburg, Florida Sean McDonnell 212-520-2786 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SLA Spring Meeting – 8 th April 2008 St Petersburg, Florida Sean McDonnell 212-520-2786. Introduction. Global R&D pipeline database in development since 1980 41,000+ full drug profiles (9144 active) 3100+ private and public company profiles

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SLA Spring Meeting – 8 th April 2008 St Petersburg, Florida Sean McDonnell 212-520-2786

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Presentation Transcript
SLA Spring Meeting – 8th April 2008St Petersburg, FloridaSean McDonnell sean.mcdonnell@informa.com212-520-2786

Global R&D pipeline database in development since 1980

41,000+ full drug profiles (9144 active)

3100+ private and public company profiles

218 detailed therapy profiles

1645 Searchable targets and target families

16,000+ complete chemical structures

34 Full-time Pharmaprojects scientific editors (based in Europe, US and India)

Over 200 contributing editors

information sources
Information Sources
  • News feeds and Press Releases
  • Company Web sites, fact sheets & Annual reports
  • Meetings abstracts (covered 140+ medical & investor meetings in 2007)
  • Editorial contacts within companies - 6039 drugs (15%) have direct communication data in profile
  • Other Informa products – Scrip, TrialTrove, Clinica, Datamonitor
  • Online resources – EntrezGene, PubMed, Espacenet, FDA
  • Peer reviewed journals
  • FDA and SEC filings
  • Published Trials Results
  • Public trials registries (,
  • Company Conference calls with analysts
unique features
Unique Features
  • Functionality and specificity
    • 75 fields of searchable and exportable data
  • Established reputation for high quality information
    • 28 years of R&D data collection
  • Innovative and original content
    • Trend Analysis – Annual data from 1995 to 2008, which can be searched to see how R&D patterns are shifting.
    • Pharmaprojects Rating system –Internal benchmarking program
    • Target Families - Grouping together protein targets by activity
  • More than just a database…
    • Fully customised and consultative training programme
    • Complete access to all Pharmaprojects scientific editors
75 fields
75 fields…
  • Generic Name, Synonyms, Active Ceased or Fully Launched, Accession Number, Detailed Information, Clinical Information, Clinical References, World Status, Originator, Originator Country, Originator Status, Licensee, Licensee Country, Licensee Status, Primary Therapy Code, Primary Therapy Description, Primary Therapy Status, Any Therapy Code, Any Therapy Description, Any Therapy Status, Link Pharmacology Code, Primary Pharmacology Code, Primary Pharmacology Description, Any Pharmacology Code, Any Pharmacology Description, Link Therapy Code, Primary Indication, Primary Indication Status, Any Indication, Any Indication Status, Primary ROA Code, Primary ROA Description, Any ROA Code, Any ROA Description, Target Family>Group>Subgroup, EC Number(s), Primary Target Name, Primary LocusLink/Entrez Gene ID, Any Target Name, Any LocusLink/ Entrez Gene ID, Origin of Material Code, Origin of Material Description, CAS Number, Rotatable Bonds, Hydrogen Bond Acceptors, Hydrogen Bond Donors, AlogP, Molecular Weight, Chemical Name, Chemical Structure, New Chemical Entity, Patent Country, Patent Number, Patent Priority Country, Patent Priority Date, Country Status, Country Name, Licensing Opportunity, Novelty Rating, Novelty Rating Description, Market Size Rating, Market Size Rating Description, Speed Rating, Speed Rating Description, Total Rating, Major Event, Major Event Details, Major Event Date, Act/Est, Last Updated On, Updated By, Latest Change
powerful analytical interface
Powerful analytical Interface
  • Searching
    • Ability to create both simple and complex Boolean logic searches
    • Access to previously saved searches
    • Wildcard, proximity and free text searching
  • Exporting:
    • Fully customized report tables (HTML, Excel, BizInt, SDF)
    • Full drug, company and therapy profiles (MS Word, Rich text, HTML)
    • Graphs and charts
    • Import/export chemical structures for exact, sub-structure & ‘similarity’ searching (Chemdraw, CAS,CXF, ISIS, MDL, SMD, SMILES)
innovative and original content
Innovative and Original Content
  • Trend Analysis
    • Annual snapshot of Pharmaprojects data, inc; company pipelines, therapies, country status & mechanism of action
Pharmaprojects Ratings system
    • Internal ratings system designed to predict blockbuster compounds of the future, using 3 key criteria:
      • Market -based on the reported worldwide sales (in US$ million) for its primary therapeutic category.
      • Novelty -uses Pharmaprojects' pharmacological classification system in combination with the therapeutic classification to identify which new drug development strategies are the most advanced.
      • Speed – Uses calculated averages to benchmark the speed in which a compound moves through the development stages and determine it’s progress.
    • Compounds are then rated 1-15 based on this information
target searching
Target Searching
  • There are 1645 unique protein targets (1514 human)
  • 719 correspond directly to pharmacologies
  • 44% of all PP records have ‘real’ targets (i.e. not unspecified/NA etc)
  • Full links from all drug records to Entrez Gene database
links to entrez gene
Links to Entrez Gene
  • Drug target database developed by NCBI
  • Collates data on genes and proteins from many reputable sources, including GenBank, SwissProt, Unigene, OMIM and PubMed
  • These profiles describe target properties and contain a large number of useful links, including sequence links, OMIM for detailed background information, PubMed references, Gene Ontology classes and KEGG pathways
target families
Cytokine/Growth factor


Ion channel

Peptide hormone



It is then possible to ‘drill down’ by a further 3 levels of specific target activity.


(Parent) Receptor

> (Child) GPCR

> (Grandchild) Angiotensin

> (Target) angiotensin II receptor, type 1

> (Target) angiotensin II receptor, type 2

Classified all drug protein targets into 6 main categories, based on general activity.

Target Families
links to scrip
Links to Scrip

Scrip World Pharmaceutical News is a news service, which

delivers an unrivalled range of pharma market intelligence.

  • Pharmaprojects analysts access Scrip Daily News Online stories on a daily basis in order to update information appearing in Pharmaprojects drug profiles.
  • For all articles published since January 2001, Pharmaprojects provides links from the Scrip Daily Online references given in the Pharmaprojects drug profile to the full news story from Scrip Pharmaceutical News – completely free of charge.
  • In clicking the Scrip hyperlink, the full text article will be displayed.
links to pubmed
Links to Pubmed

PubMed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes over 17 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. PubMed includes links to full text articles and other related resources.

  • Our editors review new PubMed citations on a daily basis and with each item of data sourced, we provide a hyperlink to the relevant article.
  • In PubMed you can access more bibliographic information by using the list of further links to related articles, and access a range of background information.
  • We have added more than 1,000 PubMed links to Pharmaprojects already, and are increasing this number weekly.
more than just a database
More than just a database...

Pharmaprojects is more than just a database - we provide a research service, offering immediate access to our team of scientific analysts in both the UK and the US to schedule bespoke training and offer research and search assistance as required.

  • The background and contact details of each of our scientific analysts can be found on our website’s meet the team page.
  • Clients can simply call or email our editors at any time to get search assistance or to schedule training.
  • We offer both introductory and ongoing training with editors in London or New York, to suit our client’s time zone’s.
  • Clients can also contact the editor responsible for a specific update by clicking the hyperlink to the editor’s initials, located in every drug profile.
pharmaprojects website
Pharmaprojects Website
  • excellent portal for both subscribers and non-subscribers, offering access to detailed company and therapy analyses and pharmaceutical news articles, written frequently by our team of scientific analysts.
  • Read reports from various scientific and partnering conferences around the world.
  • Offers a quick and easy way to access search tips, technical support, or to arrange training with one of our scientific analysts.
  • To keep visitors up-to-date with the latest cutting-edge research, there are also short articles on the most recently-identified drug protein targets and emerging start-up pharma companies.

Pharmaprojects launches new web site with free

news and analysis for the pharmaceutical industry

Informa Healthcare purchased the Citeline business in November 2006.

TrialTrove is Citeline’s flagship product and is the leading source for real-time clinical trials intelligence.

Enterprise-wide system

Over 70,000 trial records

Real time updates

Watch lists

Analyst research requests

trialtrove s additional sources
TrialTrove’s Additional Sources
  • Information not from obvious sources that gives you an edge:
    • Patient Recruitment Channels
      • research center and community hospital web sites
    • Clinical Research Administration
      • University protocol/IRB approval lists and grant awards lists
      • Investigator CV’s
      • CRO project listings
    • Primary Research
  • 13,000+ unique cited Web sources in TrialTrove today!
trialtrove pharmaprojects collaboration
Trialtrove &Pharmaprojects collaboration
  • Shared editorial practices, sources and company contacts.
  • Synchronized databases to fill in data gaps and add missing drugs
  • Standardised field definitions and mechanism of action descriptions.
  • And the initial impact of this on Pharmaprojects?...
    • More efficient and timely editorial updates
    • A 20% increase in the number of active products since 2007
    • And the development of our new product - Pipeline…
  • This new service launched in January 2008
  • Enterprise wide access
  • Pharmaprojects data combined with the functionality, ease of use and unlimited client service enjoyed by TrialTrovecustomers
  • Over the coming months we will be in contact with our customers to present this service in detail
  • For further information…
    • 212-520-2786