Internal GMAP Review
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Internal GMAP Review Employment and Training Division April 29, 2008 Nancy Pringle, Assistant Commissioner, E&T - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internal GMAP Review Employment and Training Division April 29, 2008 Nancy Pringle, Assistant Commissioner, E&T Dashboard - Quarterly Meeting Goal Within 5% of Goal Below 95% of Goal Dashboard - Annual Meeting Goal Within 5% of Goal Below 95% of Goal Major Projects Meeting Goal

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Internal GMAP Review

Employment and Training Division

April 29, 2008

Nancy Pringle, Assistant Commissioner, E&T

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Dashboard - Quarterly


Within 5% of Goal

Below 95% of Goal

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Dashboard - Annual


Within 5% of Goal

Below 95% of Goal

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Major Projects


Area of Concern


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Major Projects


Area of Concern


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Major Projects


Area of Concern


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Building Bridges


  • Program to build comprehensive dropout prevention, intervention and re-engagement system

  • Targets at-risk middle and high schools students

  • Achieved through partnership approach (schools, families, communities)

  • Administered by OSPI, WSC invited to be part of RFP process to offer AmeriCorps members to assist grantees in achieving objectives

  • 10 of the 15 grantees opted to have WSC members

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Operations Plan Update

Goal : Increase Coordination with Education Systems

1. Increase Coordination with Education Systems

WA Works 1

Promote integration/ leveraging opportunities between education-related WIA grants and other education grants.

(WA Works 2.6)

Integration/leveraging opportunities reflected in WIA 10% projects, e.g. incumbent workers, and WIA Section 503 plans, RFPs, contracts, etc.

April 2008

Jess Wilson

Tami Gillespie

Kathy Chatwood

Bob Isom

Donna Fussell

  • Provide updates on a goal and corresponding activities each GMAP

  • First activity : Promote integration/leveraging opportunities between education-related WIA grants and

    • other education grants.

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Operations Plan Update

  • I-Best Grants

    • 3 matching grants totaling $210,000

    • Integration of ABE, ESL, and workforce training programs

  • Youth Health Career Academy Contracts

    • 2 contracts totaling $200,000

    • Prepares at-risk high school youth for health careers

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Operations Plan Update

Participate in SBCTC Customer Advisory Committee (CAC).

(WA Works 2.6)

Awareness and coordination with SBCTC job skills and worker retraining grants to leverage services to dislocated workers.


G. Kamimura

1. Increase Coordination with Education Systems

WA Works 1

  • SBCTC Customer Advisory Committee (CAC)

    • Meets 6 times per year

    • Opportunity to advocate for ESD customers

    • Apprise partners of upcoming closures

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Operations Plan Update

1. Increase Coordination with Education Systems

WA Works 1

Develop/track performance outcomes on education-related WIA grants.

(WA Works5.2)

Fair, meaningful and timely performance metrics are developed and implemented, as assessed by stakeholders.

Ongoing (ad hoc).

G. Kamimura

Charles Lewis

Tami Gillespie

  • Tracking Education-Related WIA Grant Outcomes

    • SKIES technical assistance to E&T staff and field staff

    • Collaborate with staff for SKIES change-order recommendations

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WSC Ready*CorpsFederal Way Public SchoolsSpokane Public SchoolsTerri Jack, WSC Program ManagerMonda Holsinger, FWPS Project SupervisorBill Skaer, SPS Project Supervisor

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Washington Service Corps’ Ready*Corps

  • Through public outreach, education and training, members are preparing individuals to better take care of themselves, their families and to be a resource to their community

Washington Service Corps

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  • Following September 11, 2001, homeland security became a new priority of the Corporation for National Service

  • In response, WSC creates Ready*Corps

  • Increases the readiness of communities to respond to disaster

Washington Service Corps

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How We Started

  • Members placed in newly created Homeland Security Regions

  • Assisted in development and implementation of

    • Citizen Corps Councils

    • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training programs

Washington Service Corps

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  • Program has expanded to members serving with:

    • Local emergency management offices

    • Agencies serving vulnerable populations

    • School districts

Washington Service Corps

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  • 588 community volunteers

    trained in CERT

  • 2,201 community members provided

    general disaster preparedness training

  • 348 students reached with after-school safety clubs and Student Emergency Response Team (SERT) training

Washington Service Corps

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Washington Service Corps

  • National Efforts

  • Nine members deployed to New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina (January 2006)

  • Twelve members to Alabama to assist with home damage assessments (July-Aug 2006)

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Washington Service Corps

  • Local Efforts

  • Eight members participate in recovery efforts of Lewis/Mason/Grays Harbor flooding (Dec 2007)

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Federal Way Public Schools

AmeriCorps Team

  • 50 members trained in CERT

  • All 35 schools in district have

    trained AmeriCorps member


  • 25% of members continue with Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NET)

Washington Service Corps

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Senior Citizens Take Charge

Washington Service Corps

  • Kloshee Illahee senior community with 256 mobile homes

  • 15 interested community members take NET training

  • Community broken into 27 blocks, each with their own captain

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Washington Service Corps

  • Developing Resources

  • Disaster preparedness plan created

  • Senator Tracy Eide helps community members raise $8,100.00 for disaster supplies

  • Creating an evacuation plan

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Washington Service Corps

  • Indicators of Success

  • One of the very first senior communities to organize in the State

  • Recently received their 501 c3 non profit status

  • Senior community in Des Moines implementing plan based on Kloshee Illahee

  • Relationships built have folded back into program

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Washington Service Corps

  • Spokane Public Schools

  • SERT

  • 12 member team, trained in CERT

  • SERT (Student Emergency Response Training)

  • After school programs with middle schools

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Washington Service Corps

  • Next Steps

  • Developing disaster plan for the Washington Service Corps members and project sites

  • Continue to participate as E & T Division representative to the Emergency Response Coordination Center

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  • Workforce

  • Investment

  • Streamlined

  • Performance

  • Reporting system

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  • Congress doubts DOL data

  • July 2004, ETA wants reliable data

  • WISPR System will be reliable

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WISPR = integrated reports

Will replace 11 reports in 7 ETA programs:

Employment Service(ETA9002 A,B,C,D,E)WIA Adult(ETA 9090,WIASRD)

National Emergency GrantsWIA DislocatedWorker

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAPR)WIA Youth

Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS 200 A,B,C)

Report data is captured october 1 for the prior quarter l.jpg


Drop Dead date

September 30, 2009

(Report data is captured October 1 for the prior quarter.)

  • PY 2009 (July 1, 2009) last current system reports

  • October 2009 WISPR reports out

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WISPR = multidivisional

  • WISPR Project Oversight Committee (WPOC)

  • Terri Barbee, Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Special Programs &

    Performance, E&T

  • Sue Fleener, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Business Applications, ITSD

  • Rachel Johnston, SKIES/ Business Manager, WSOD

  • Gary Kamimura, Program Manager, Performance and Evaluation Unit, E&T

  • Julie LeClair,WorkSource Technology Solutions Manager, ITSD

  • Sandy Miller, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Employment Programs, WSOD

  • Rick Sandler, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Automated Business Systems

    and Performance, WSOD

  • Carl Wolfhagen, Research Manager, WTECB

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WISPR = multi-partner

  • WISPR Project Team (WPT)

  • Cheryl Boldt, Wagner Peyser, WSOD

  • Nancy Burkhart, WISPR Business Analyst, WSOD

  • M’Lissa Carson, WISPR Business Analyst, WSOD

  • Kevin Cattran, Automated Business Systems and Performance, WSOD

  • Jay Clark, WISPR Coordinator, E&T

  • Phil Degon, Performance and Evaluation Reports, E&T

  • Kathy Gross, Kitsap County Personnel and Human Services Department, Olympic WDC, Bremerton,

  • Ted Halstead, Performance and Evaluation Reports, E&T

  • Tom Leedy, North Central WDA, WorkSource Central Basin

  • Moses Lake,

  • Bob Lencioni, Business Applications Unit, ITSD

  • Dawna Settle, SKIES Applications, ITSD

  • Terry Westmark, Pacific Mountain WDC, Olympia

  • Carl Wolfhagen, Research Manager, WTECB

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- what will it

accomplish ?

  • Common application across multiple programs

  • Report complete job seekers information

  • Report complete employer-customer information

  • Respond more quickly to stakeholders

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Implementation Challenges

  • Identify current practices - DONE

  • Standardize data elements

  • Obtain data sharing agreements

  • Policy issues resolved timely

  • Modify SKIES

  • Timely testing and validating

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WISPR System Layout


Data Warehouse

External Sources

WISPR file



ETA 9131


ETA 9132


ETA 9133



Exiters / Youth

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WISPR Timeline

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What Needs to Happen?

  • Design system infrastructure

  • Identify policy and SKIES modifications

  • Address stakeholder inquiries

  • Obtain data sharing agreements

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Little Impact on Service


  • Minimal changes/additions to data entry requirements

  • Technical assistance for policy and system changes

  • Communication plan

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Jay Clark