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Cell Phones Past to Present

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Cell Phones Past to Present - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cell Phones Past to Present. By: Alyric Knight. Introduction. I choose this topic because I would like to know how cell phones have really changed through history. It is important because today in society most people have cell phones. First Phone (1973).

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Cell Phones Past to Present

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    1. Cell Phones Past to Present By: Alyric Knight

    2. Introduction • I choose this topic because I would like to know how cell phones have really changed through history. • It is important because today in society most people have cell phones.

    3. First Phone (1973) The first cell phone belonged to Motorola then the technology evolved from the prototype through generations of mobile phones that improve technology. It weighed 2.5 pounds. The only features were to talk, dial, and listen.

    4. How did the first phones work? • Mobile phones were limited to only making 6 calls and then needing your battery charged. • The first cell phones were connected to car’s battery’s using high voltage DC. • You could only talk for 35 minutes and it needed to be charged for 10 hours.

    5. Who was the inventor? In April 1973 Dr Martin Cooper was considered the inventor of the first portable handset. He was the first person to make a call. He wanted people to be able to have a portable way to make phone calls.

    6. How was the first call? • Dr. Martin Cooper made the first call to his rival Joel Engel. • But Motorola and Bell Labs in the sixties and early seventies were in a race to incorporate the technology into portable devices. 

    7. What are future plans for cell phones? • Cell phones will be so powerful it will your remote control and guide you through your whole life.

    8. Today’s Phones (2010) Today there are more than 3 billion people who have cell phone in the world.

    9. What are the differences from yesterday cell phones to Today’s cell phones? In 1973 the first cell phone was invented and belonged to Motorola. The first phone was over 2 pounds. The battery had to be connected to a high voltage. In 2010 today there are than 5 phone companies nation wide. Today’s phones are under 1 pound. You can charge your phone for about an hour and you have a full battery.

    10. (1982) • In 1982 Nokia made there first mobile phone. • This box like device was designed for car use. • It was weighing around 21 pounds.

    11. (1998) • In the 1990sthe Nokia 6160 was the company's best-selling handset. • The sleeker Nokia 8260 in 2000 had colorful case and less bulk.

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