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China: Present to Past PowerPoint Presentation
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China: Present to Past

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China: Present to Past
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China: Present to Past

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  1. China:Present to Past

  2. China Today Made in China” – everything “The Five Tigers” Chinese adoptions “One Child” policy – to cope with huge population Led to infanticide and giving up of girls Chinese human rights abuses Tianamen Square Falun Gong Free Tibet Chinese corruption Recent earthquake – shoddy and dangerous building The Coming China Wars – shoddy and dangerous manufacturing

  3. China in late 1900’s Became Communist in 1949 Neighboring Russia had become Communist in 1917 Mao tse Dung was “chairman” for ___ years Bigger killer than Hitler Execution and starvation Mao: Hitler: Cultural Revolution “Five Olds” Children encouraged to inform on parents Red Guards Reeducation camps

  4. China in late 1900’s China and Russia became enemies Communism led to great poverty and backwardness, which eventually led to reforms China is still communist, but is pursuing many capitalist economic policies Still extremely politically repressive

  5. China in late 1900’s China claimed other territories Taiwan – island off China Nationalists fled there after Communists took over Recognized as the “real China” by the US until Hong Kong – small territory in southern China Ruled by British until 1989 Huge international center for business Tibet

  6. China in 1800’s and early 1900’s History of rule by various dynasties Opium Wars – propagated by British Invaded by Japan during WWII – Rape of Nanking

  7. China has always been … Hugely populous Somewhat isolated geographically Possessed “luxury goods” that the rest of the world wanted: silk, spices, porcelain Ruled by various dynasties Little freedom; tradition of authoritarian rule “Country of scholars” for much of its history Confucianism had huge influence, and people gained power by excelling in civil exams Was “first” with MANY technologies, but often did not promote business (trade) or science, and fell behind

  8. Best of China First with so many inventions Confucianism – traditional of ethical conduct and scholarship (studying for Civil Service exams) Chinese food! Modern tradition of scholarship – study habits of Chinese youth Hard workers, self-disciplined lifestyle (“Made in China”)

  9. Worst of China Rule by dynasties / lack of freedom Footbinding Concubines Death by starvation of 50 million peasants – Communist farm collectivization Worm infestations Discouragement of science and trade Difficult, non-phonetic written language