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Swine (Pig) Production

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Swine (Pig) Production - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Swine (Pig) Production. Original Power Point Created by Randal Cales Modified by Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office June 2002. Swine (Pig) Production. Main Purpose – to produce pork for Human consumption. Swine (Pig) Production Terms for Understanding.

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swine pig production
Swine (Pig) Production

Original Power Point Created by Randal Cales

Modified by Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office

June 2002

swine pig production1
Swine (Pig) Production
  • Main Purpose – to produce pork for Human consumption
swine pig production terms for understanding
Swine (Pig) ProductionTerms for Understanding
  • Castration – the removal of testicals from the male swine for the purpose of improving feed conversion, disposition and meat quality
swine pig production terms for understanding1
Swine (Pig) ProductionTerms for Understanding
  • Boar– A male pig not castrated that is used for breeding purposes
  • Barrow- A male pig that IS castrated that is entirely meant for pork production
swine pig production terms for understanding2
Swine (Pig) ProductionTerms for Understanding
  • Sow– A female pig that has already produces a litter of baby pigs
  • Gilt- A female pig that has NOT produces a litter of baby pigs
  • Origin-New York/New Jersey
  • Ears- Droopy
  • Color- Cherry Red
  • Misc.-Large Frame, Fast gainers, good mothers, Popular breed
  • Origin-Kentucky
  • Ears-Erect
  • Color-Black with a White Belt
  • Misc.-The “Meat Breed” Excellent Carcass
  • Origin-England
  • Ears-Erect
  • Color-Black with 6 White Points
  • Misc.-Short Snout, Meat type hog
poland china
Poland China
  • Origin-Ohio
  • Ears-Droopy
  • Color- Black w/6White points
  • Misc.-Long body thick hams
spots spotted poland china
Spots (Spotted Poland China)
  • Origin-Ohio
  • Ears-Droopy
  • Color-no less than 20% or more than 80% White
  • Misc.-Good mothers, fast gainers
chester white
Chester White
  • Origin-Pennsylvania
  • Ears-Droopy
  • Color-White with blue freckles
  • Misc.-good mothers, large frame
  • Origin-England
  • Ears-Erect
  • Color- White
  • Misc.-The Mother Breed, Largest Litters
  • Origin-Denmark
  • Ears-Droopy
  • Color-White
  • Misc.-Extremely Long Body
  • Origin- ?
  • Ears-Erect
  • Color-Red
  • Misc.-Not Very good
swine reproduction1

The period of time a sow is receptive to the male for breeding purposes

Comes every 21 days

Last for 3 days

Ovulation (egg production) occurs

Swine Reproduction
swine reproduction2

The period of time in which the sperm actually unites with the eggs

Multi-fertilization which causes multi-pig litters

Swine Reproduction
swine reproduction3

The time between fertilization and giving birth (parturition)

114 Day or

3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days

Swine Reproduction
swine reproduction4
Farrowing a sow

The components of controlled delivery

Put sow in crate 1-5 Days before due date

Exercise Daily

Feed 6 lbs daily

Once babies are born add one pound per pig to ration

Swine Reproduction
swine reproduction5
Farrowing Baby Pig Care - first 2 weeks

Have feed out from day 1

Give iron shot ¼ cc

Clip Teeth


Ear notch

Swine Reproduction
swine reproduction6
Ear Notching

Universal Swine Identification system

Tags will come off in the feed pen

Swine Reproduction
swine reproduction7
Swine Reproduction
  • Ear Notching
swine reproduction8
Swine Reproduction
  • Ear Notching
swine reproduction9
Swine Reproduction
  • Ear Notching
  • Quiz
swine reproduction10
Swine Reproduction
  • Ear Notching
  • The right (litter) ear is equal to 9+3+3+1=16
  • The left (pig) ear is equal to 3
  • This is the 16-3 pig.
feeds feeding
Swine for pork

50 to 70 % of total production cost

Use a good commercial brand name feed

In General an animal will eat 3% of its body weight

Protein is the Key feed element

Feeds & Feeding
feeds feeding1
Protein % for Swine

18%- 0-5 weeks

16% - 5 weeks to 75 lbs

14%- 75lbs to 125lbs -

12%- 125 to the market weight of 250 pounds

Feeds & Feeding