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Selecting Swine. Ag 102. Bell Work. The Incredible Pig Did you Know? The pig was among the first animals domesticated Introduced to North America by Hernando de Soto (Florida). The Incredible Pig. Did you know? Fat from the pig was used to make nitroglycerine for War explosives

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bell work
Bell Work
  • The Incredible Pig
  • Did you Know?
    • The pig was among the first animals domesticated
    • Introduced to North America by Hernando de Soto (Florida)
the incredible pig
The Incredible Pig
  • Did you know?
    • Fat from the pig was used to make nitroglycerine for War explosives
    • After war, consumers were diet conscience and quit eating pig
see the difference
See the difference?
  • Selection has changed over timeIn the past, short fat lard types.
  • Now: an extremely thick-muscled, long bodied, stress prone type
  • Why?
market changes supply and demand
Market changes- supply and demand
  • Easy with short generation interval:Progress more rapidly to production goals than cattle or sheepWhy?
selection of breeding animals overview
Selection of breeding animals: Overview
  • Look for an animal who is:
    • Structurally sound,
    • Healthy,
    • Big volume,
    • Thick muscled and
    • Efficient
  • Be able to explain in your words.
selection based on 3 things major categories
Selection based on 3 things:Major Categories
  • I. Visual appraisal
  • II. Production testing
  • III. Pedigree evaluation
visual appraisal
Visual Appraisal

Know the parts of the hog

(groups get worksheet and word bank to fill in)

visual appraisal9
Visual Appraisal

1. Look at confirmation

2. Structural soundness of feet and legs- NPPC scoring system

3. Size and scale- weigh 200 at 6months,

4. Health and vigor

(Go through Good and Bad of Confirmation) 

visual appraisal10
Visual Appraisal
  • NPPC scoring system
    • Unsound- Obvious restriction of movement
    • Intermediate- Structural condition is not serious enough to create risk in movement
    • Sound- free of major or minor structural weakness
ii swine performance data
II. Swine Performance data
  • Based on:
    • Sow productivity,
    • growth rate,
    • feed efficiency and
    • carcass merit
  • % rate that a trait/characteristic will be passed on to offspring
  • Low heritability means it is unlikely that trait will be passed on
  • High Heritability means that trait is easily passed on to each generation
  • Why do we care?

# weaned

Wt. At weaning

Rate of gain

Efficiency of gain

Fat over loin

Loin-eye area

% of lean cuts









a sow is productive if
A sow is productive if?

Prolific- min 8/9 offspring

2.5 to 4 lb birth wt.

21 day litter wt= milking ability

Sow index- how good she is compared to her peers (contemp. group)

lets do the math sow index 100 6 5 l l 1 0 w w
Lets do the mathSow index:= 100+6.5(L-l)+1.0(W-w)

L= # piglets born alive

l= avg. # piglets born alive for contemp group

W= 21 day weight for individual

w= 21 day weight for contemp group

lets do the math sow index 100 6 5 l l 1 0 w w16
Lets do the mathSow index:= 100+6.5(L-l)+1.0(W-w)
  • Betsy had 9 piglets
  • Her contemp. Groups had

an avg. of 7

  • Betsy’s piglets avg. 105 lbs.
  • Her contemp group avg. 110 lbs.
  • What do we know?
performance data sow index
Performance data: Sow index
  • Index can be used for a number of traits
    • You just have to find out the coefficient
b growth weight
b. growth weight
  • Number of days required to reach a specific weightUsually 230 pounds
c feed efficiency
c. Feed efficiency
  • amount of weight gained per amount of food eaten
more math
More math:
  • Pig is fed 6 pounds of food per day.Pig is gaining 2 pounds per day.What is this pigs feed conversion?Takes 3 pounds of feed to gain 1 pound3:1
try this
Try this
  • Pig needs to weigh 245 in 2 weeksToday he weighs 200 poundsHe currently gets 6 lbs of food a dayHis feed conversion is 2:1How much does he gain a day?Will he make weight?
math problem
 Math Problem
  • Gain: 3 pounds a dayIn 14 days he will weigh 242What to do?
d carcass merit
d. Carcass merit
  • What are the types of Hogs?Primary Lean Cuts = hams, loins, picnics, Boston ButtsMeat Type Hog: more than half the weight of a Number 1 animal is Primary Lean Cuts(PLC)
  • Bacon Type Hog: less than 1/2 is PLC–      large litter size–      little value in U.S. except to increase litter size
d carcass merit24
d. Carcass merit
  • USDA grades 1,2,3,4, UtilityBased on yield of lean cuts: Backfat over last rib Muscling1 is good and Utility is undesirable
iii pedigree
III. Pedigree
  • Record of swine ancestry
what it comes down to
What it comes down to:
  • Hog Selection
  • U Feed Conversion Rate: pounds of feed needed to make a pound of hog
  • – no more than 4 lbs of feed per 1 lb of hog
  • U Minimum Litter Size = 9
  • U First Litter should have a combined pig wt at 21 days of 95 lbs or more
  • –      110 lbs for a mature sow
bell work did you know
Bell work: Did you know
  • Uncle Sam was a New York pork packer who sent barrels of Pork to troops in the War of 1812 stamped U.S.
  • Living High on the Hog came about because the higher rank you were in the army the better cut of pork you got.
  • Heaviest Hog ever: was a Poland China named Big Bill weighing 2,552 lbs.