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Andrew Jackson: ‘Man of the People’? PowerPoint Presentation
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Andrew Jackson: ‘Man of the People’?

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Andrew Jackson: ‘Man of the People’? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Let the People Rule. Nullification Crisis. Andrew Jackson: ‘Man of the People’?. Bank War. Role Model. Treatment of Native Americans. Reasons for Jackson Being a Man of the People . Role Model: Self Made Man (inspired others)

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Let the People Rule

Nullification Crisis

Andrew Jackson:

‘Man of the People’?

Bank War

Role Model

Treatment of

Native Americans

reasons for jackson being a man of the people
Reasons for Jackson Being a Man of the People
  • Role Model: Self Made Man (inspired others)
    • Early Life (poor & orphaned) to Wealth (lawyer/real estate) & Fame (War Hero/President)
    • Strong, Tough, & Determined
  • Let the People Rule
    • Founded the Democratic Party
    • Expansion of Voting Rights
    • Spoils System: Gave ordinary Americans government jobs
    • The Kitchen Cabinet: Kept Jackson informed of the nation’s mood
  • The Bank War
    • Sought to make it easier for ordinary Americans to borrow $
    • Believed the Bank of US was undemocratic: only helped the rich
    • Believed the Bank was unconstitutional: only states could charter banks
    • Supported by most Americans: Reelected
  • The Nullification Crisis
    • Opposes States’ Rights to ban the tariff
    • Showed that the U.S. is a nation of people not a collection of states
    • Prevented a Civil War with his strong stance (Force Bill)
reasons against jackson being a man of the people
Reasons Against Jackson Being A Man of the People
  • Weakens the National (Federal) Government
    • He put many who were unqualified in positions of power (spoils system)
    • Government didn’t work properly & he needed the Kitchen Cabinet for Help
    • Acted like a King/Dictator in many cases (made decisions by himself)
  • The Bank War
    • Let a personal grudge with Biddle cloud his judgment
    • Ignores the Supreme Court again (King Like)
    • The closure of the Bank caused an economic depression (Panic of 1837)
  • Mistreated Native Americans, Women, & African Americans
    • Doesn’t enforce Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the Cherokee (King Like & impeachable)
    • Supports States’ Rights in this case (hypocritical) compared to Nullification Crisis
    • Supports the Indian Removal Act
    • Causes the Trail of Tears & the Seminole War
    • All were discriminated against & denied Civil Rights such as the right to vote
    • Jackson personally owned over 100 slaves
    • Some Americans (Abolitionists as well as JQA) tried to win rights for minorities