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adjective and adverb notes n.
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Adjective and Adverb NOTES PowerPoint Presentation
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Adjective and Adverb NOTES

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Adjective and Adverb NOTES
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Adjective and Adverb NOTES

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  1. Adjective and AdverbNOTES

  2. Adjectives • An adjective is a word that modifies, or describes, a noun or pronoun • They answer the questions: • What kind? • Which one or ones? • How many or much?

  3. Articles are Adjectives • Articles: a, an, and the • Indefinite Articles: a and an • Definite Article: the

  4. Forming Adjectives Adjectives can be formed from nouns. • It was a stormy night. • The boy acted very childish. • The teacher is musical. • The scenery is beautiful.

  5. Forming Adjectives • Proper Adjectives can be formed from proper nouns. • The Shakespearean author was proud of his work. • The Asian population in the United States has increased in the last twenty years. • The Islamic tradition is recognized each year.

  6. Predicate Adjectives • Predicate Adjective-an adjective that follows a linking verb and describes the verb’s subject. • The airplanes were strange. • What is the linking verb in this sentence? • Sam felt anxious about the airplane flight. • What is the linking verb in this sentence?

  7. Pronouns as Adjectives ALL OF THESE PRONOUNS CAN BE USED AS ADJECTIVES: • Demonstrative Pronouns: This, that, these, those • Possessive Pronouns: My, our, your, her, his, its, and their • Indefinite Pronouns: All, each, both, few, most, and some (just to name a few)

  8. Adverbs • An adverb modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. • They answer the questions how, when, where, and to what extent.

  9. Examples • How?: patiently, loudly, carefully • When?: sometimes, daily, always • Where?: inside, there, everywhere • To what extent?: extremely, nearly, almost

  10. Location of Adverbs • Adverbs can be located: • After the verb (The rocket ascended suddenly.) • Before the verb (The rocket suddenly ascended.) • At the beginning of a sentence (Suddenly, the rocket ascended.)

  11. Intensifiers • Intensifiers- adverbs that modify adjectives or other adverbs. They usually answer the question, to what extent. • Examples of Intensifiers include: • almost --really • especially --so • extremely --too • nearly --usually • quite --very

  12. Examples of adverbs and the words they modify: The history of invention is full of extremely embarrassing events. (adj.) John Baird made highlyimportant contributions to inventions. (adj.)

  13. Making Comparisons • The comparative form of an adjective or adverb is used when you compare a person or thing with one other person or thing. • John ran faster than Michael. • The bear was larger than the dog.

  14. Making Comparisons • The superlative form of an adjective or adverb is used when you compare someone or something with more than one other thing. • The Titanic was the largest ship of all. • That book was the most mysterious book in the library.

  15. REGULAR FORMS OF COMPARISONOne-Syllable Modifiers: can usually be formed by adding –erto the comparative and –estto the superlative.

  16. REGULAR FORMS OF COMPARISONTwo-Syllable Modifiers: can be formed by adding –erto the comparative and –estto the superlative adjective OR by adding the words more and most.

  17. REGULAR FORMS OF COMPARISONUse more and most with adjectives and adverbs having three or more syllables.

  18. IRREGULAR FORMS OF COMPARISONSome comparative and superlative forms of adverbs and adjectives are irregular.

  19. Guidelines for Candy Essay • All adjectives must be underlined. • You must circle or box all adverbs. • All comparative forms of words should be in one color, and superlative forms should be in another color.

  20. Example (just a “snapshot”) Mythree pieces of candy are a grape Jolly Rancher, a bag of Skittles, and a Kit Kat bar. In comparing the sweetness of the candy, the Skittle is sweeter than the Kit Kat bar, but the jolly rancher is thesweetest of all. The Skittles are much more colorful than bothother candies.