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Powerful PowerPoint

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Powerful PowerPoint
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  1. Powerful PowerPoint Worst Ever!

  2. How to avoid the worst PowerPoint Ever!

  3. What’s wrong with this slide? • Chilean Exports • Fresh fruit leads Chile's export mix - Chile emerges as major supplier of fresh fruit to world market due to ample natural resources, consumer demand for fresh fruit during winter season in U.S. and Europe, and incentives in agricultural policies of Chilean government, encouraging trend toward diversification of exports and development of nontraditional crops - U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service Report • Chile is among the developing economies taking advantage of these trends, pursuing a free market economy. This has allowed for diversification through the expansion of fruit production for export, especially to the U.S. and Western Europe. Chile has successfully diversified its agricultural sector to the extent that it is now a major fruit exporting nation. Many countries view Chile's diversification of agriculture as a model to be followed. • Meanwhile, the U.S. remains the largest single market for Chile's fruit exports. However, increasing demand from the EC and Central and East European countries combined may eventually surpass exports to the U.S., spurring further growth in Chile's exports. • If you’ve read this far, your eyes probably hurt and you’ve been reading this tedious long-winded text instead of listening to me. I’m insulted- can’t you see I’m doing a presentation up here? Look at me! Congratulations, however, on having such good eyesight.

  4. Overall Purpose Slides should provide support for the presenter Keep the presenter on track Allow the audience to see visuals and supportive data for subject

  5. Don’t forget to spell check! Eye halve a spelling chequerIt came with my pea sea It plainly marques four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

  6. Guidelines • Know your time limit • Establish your purpose • To Inform? • To Explain? • To Recommend a course of action?

  7. Information Overload • One really amazing fact you never knew • Another amazing fact you might know about • A third fact you knew, but didn’t realize was relevant • And of course, a fourth fact that needs to be stated and you’ll never remember it unless it’s on the slide • And a fifth point just for luck • And don’t forget number 6! • The amazing conclusion

  8. Analyze your Audience • What does your audience already know? • want to know? • need to know? • What level of technical detail is best suited to their level or interest

  9. To Many Bullet Points • Key Points • As Too Many • Bullet • Points • Prevent • Your • Message • From • Making • An Impact • In Fact • The Term • Bullet • Points • Comes From • Audiences • Firing • A Gun • At The • Annoying Presenter • Too • Many • Bullet • Points • Can Really • Distract • From Your • Message • Only • Bullet

  10. The Extras • Include Videos • Insert Hyperlinks to outside websites • Insert Graphs and Charts

  11. Buying a New Suit

  12. Bad Color Schemes Contrasting Background Colors Make It Difficult to Concentrate on the slide, causing • Confusion • Headache • Nausea • Vomiting • And even Death by PowerPoint

  13. Delivery Eye contact Speak clearly and naturally Avoid distracting mannerisms

  14. Delivery Watch your speech (umms, you know..) Try not to hide behind the podium. Proper attire for presentation