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Powerful Poetry

Powerful Poetry

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Powerful Poetry

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  1. Powerful Poetry

  2. 5 W Poem Merry Go Round Pooch Starr spun circles like a merry go round in our cloudy backyard last night. She loves to chase her tail! Literary device used: Simile

  3. See What I found Poem The Great Hunt A book, The book is a bear, brown and old. Lost in the corner of a library shelf. A book to balance on my head; A book to read when there’s nothing else to do. Many adventures of yesterday. Literary device used: Metaphor

  4. Acrostic Happy Sun Smiles brightly at the Earth Up in the sky Nice and warm on my skin Literary device used: Personification

  5. Limerick Spring Fling When it’s time for the flowers to bloom, We quietly sit in our room, We sit silently awaiting the spring When the songbirds will softly sing And chase away winter’s cold gloom! Literary device used: Alliteration (“s” sound)

  6. Name Poem Jenny It means strong, compassionate, friendly It is 100 It is like light strawberries It is going swimming in the cold lake at Banff It is the memory of Grandma Tracy Who taught me patience and trust a million times every day When she worked at the school My name is Jenny It means I believe in working hard and never giving up • Literary device used: hyperbole Jenny

  7. Free Verse FALL One October morning I went outside. The air was as crisp as apple pie. I saw a tree that had golden leaves. The tree had lots of branches. “swish, swish swish” The branches were swaying side to side. “Caw” “Caw” screeched from the sky The crows were cawing as they were flying over the tree tops. Literary device used: onomatopoeia