democrats and republican s who s at fault n.
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Democrats and Republican’s who’s at Fault? PowerPoint Presentation
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Democrats and Republican’s who’s at Fault?

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Democrats and Republican’s who’s at Fault? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Democrats and Republican’s who’s at Fault? . By: Ashley Alvarenga , Greg Batista, Sokunthea Johnson Rin , Trieu Van. What is a Union?. Union are important for the workers around the world because it protect their rights and benefits.

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democrats and republican s who s at fault

Democrats and Republican’s who’s at Fault?

By: Ashley Alvarenga, Greg Batista, Sokunthea Johnson Rin, Trieu Van

what is a union
What is a Union?
  • Union are important for the workers around the world because it protect their rights and benefits.
    • Without unions, employees could suffer from being cheated, abuse or exploitative from their employer.
how does it operate
How does it operate?
  • Unions operate as a group.
    • Unions are like families
    • Everyone is looking out for one another
  • Choosing a Union leader is a strict democratic process and members of the union nominate and these elections happen every three years.
terkel quote
  • “the scars brought home”
    • This shows that before the Union, many workers would get scars due to bad work conditions.
  • Terkel also said “violence to the spirit as well as the body”
    • Unfair work conditions can bring violence to the spirits of many workers as well as their bodies and also break down their spirits.
  • “search for daily meaning [not a] Monday through Friday sort of dying”
    • Today workers work from Monday to Friday in order to support their familieswith a meaning.
wisconsin issue
Wisconsin Issue
  • February 16, 2011, Scott Walker described his plan for Wisconsin.
    • Uprising is cause.
    • require public workers to pay more for their health insurance and pensions
    • It limit the Union’s bargaining rights.
    • One of the worst attacks to hit the Union
block on wisconsin bill
Block on Wisconsin Bill
  • Judge Maryann Sumi puts a temporary restraining order block on the bill which stopped it from taking effect.
  • Republicans violated Wisconsin’s requirement for a bill to be passed.
    • Did not hold a quorum
      • Quorum - the number (as a majority) of officers or members of a body that when duly assembled is legally competent to transact business.
ohio issue
Ohio Issue
  • Ohio lawmakers passed an anti-union bill.
  • It would allow bargaining over wages.
    • but not health coverage and pensions.
    • would allow public-employee unions to bargain only when the public employer chose to do so.
oral history
Oral History
  • Done by Ashley Alvarenga
  • Interviewed Mikel Miranda
    • He is in a Union.
  • He talks about one of the benefits about being in the union is job security.
    • They can’t just fire you over something unreasonable.
  • “I think the big thing for me is basically when non union workers are doing union work they really need to set up,”
    • This was one of the main things he thought that the union leaders needed to work on
  • The NFL might be looking at a lockout this upcoming season
    • Due to almost the same reason why back in 1987, the players went on strike.
  • The National Football League Players Association(NFLPA) was trying to get more from the leagues revenue and hoping to win the right for free agency.
  • Right now the NFLPA is fighting for their payroll and want to make more then what they are now.
  • The U.S. Judge has said that both sides won’t convene until May 16.
important of a union
Important of a Union
  • Without a Union, workers will be cheated by their employer in many ways like health insurance and overtime.
    • In China’s Wal-Mart Section, the situations is even worse.
      • Workers have to work for very low wages
      • Long hours
      • Live in dorms that are like a slum.
  • Unions are very important to the public workers.
  • Union are there to help workers and better the lives of their family.
  • Even though the Wisconsin bill is at a halt,
    • People won’t stop fighting for what they believe in.