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Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies

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  1. Lord of the Flies Symbolism

  2. Allegory • Definition • a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one

  3. Piggy’s Specs • They symbolize the voice of reason and logic among the boys. • Notice how Piggy defends his glasses even more than the conch. • Piggy uses his glasses to find solutions to the boys’ problems. What’s the most important solution the glasses find?.....

  4. The most important solution… Lighting the fire! This is the boys’ best chance of getting rescued. **notice how Piggy is constantly cleaning his glasses; this shows his need for clear sightedness.

  5. The Conch Shell • Symbolizes law and order of the adult world • Piggy tries to protect it • Represents the authority the boys are so used to obeying • When Jack destroys it, anarchy takes over because any hope of strong, central leadership has been abandoned. • The island society collapses in chaos!

  6. Why an Island?

  7. The Island • Because an island is isolated from the rest of society, it was purposefully picked to be the landing place of the crashed plane. • The boys have no contact with the outside world. • They must look to one another to solve the problems of their own micro-society. • The island symbolizes “isolation” and serves as the perfect backdrop for the frailties of human nature which eventually surface.

  8. The Scar • The scar is where the plane crashed; it symbolizes destruction. • Time spent on the island also leaves a scar. • The boys destroy themselves and others leaving internal scars.

  9. The Beast • The beast is seen as a real object on the island which frightens the boys. • In reality the beast is only their own internal fear. • It is located in the soul and mind of the boys, leading them to the natural chaos of a society with no adults. *Who is the only boy to understand what the real beast is?

  10. The only boy to recognize the true beast is….. Simon! *Only Simon recognizes what the real beast is, but he is killed when he tries to tell the boys about it.

  11. The Lord of the Flies • The severed sow’s head that Jack impales on a stake in the forest as an offering to the beast • symbolizes the power of evil and the evilness in the boys • (and in humanity)

  12. Face Paint The face paint is the excuse many of the boys use for living as hunting savages, instead of civilized English citizens. It serves as a mask that allows the boys to become someone they are not. The paint symbolizes the smoke screen the beast uses to infiltrate the boys’ souls. **What masks do we wear?

  13. The Signal Fire • The smoke of the signal fire symbolizes the best hope of the boys being rescued. • To Piggy and Ralph, the fire represents the moral influence of their old life in England.

  14. The Parachute Man • The dead body flying in the parachute symbolizes the end of adult supervision. • While the law and order of the adult world is waning, childish chaos is growing under Jack’s control. • Simon has a special connection with the parachute man when he climbs the mountain to determine if the parachute man is still alive. • Simon realizes that the man is dead, and the beast is still alive.

  15. Ralph (the protagonist) Physical Descriptions: • Twelve years old • Built like a boxer • Blonde hair Character Traits: • Charismatic • Leader • Logical thought • Sense and order

  16. Jack (the antagonist) Physical Descriptions • Twelve years old • Red hair • Tall and thin Character Traits • Persuasive • Represents anarchy and savagery • Develops a love for hunting

  17. Piggy Physical Descriptions • Short • Overweight • Wears glasses Character Traits • Represents order and democracy • Intellectual power and insight gained from observation • Clings to civilization

  18. Physical Descriptions Thin and frail Younger than Ralph, Jack, and Piggy but older than the littluns. Character Traits Pure-natural goodness Positive outlook Loner and an outsider Peaceful-travels to tranquil spots in the jungle Simon

  19. Roger Physical Descriptions • Dark hair • Angry face Character Traits • Evil • Sadistic • Cruel

  20. Sam and Eric (Samneric) Physical Descriptions • Identical twins Character Traits • They do everything together • Easily excitable • Allies with Ralph

  21. Themes • Survival • Power/leadership styles • Civilization vs. Savagery • Loss of Innocence • Human nature • Duality of man • Nature Vs. Nurture • Good Vs. Evil

  22. Things To Know!!! • Verbal Irony • Situational Irony • Personification • Foreshadowing • Simile • Hyperbole • Vocabulary Words