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Dynamics CRM 2011 – Tips & Tricks & Tools. Darko Jovišić InfoCumulus darko@infocumulus.com http://everythingcrm.net /. Agenda. Tips&Tricks Tools & Utilities News. Tips & Tricks. Tip #1: Changing Header&Footer Colors. Idea: Implement a gradient color on header and footer Use-cases:

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Dynamics crm 2011 tips tricks tools

Dynamics CRM 2011 – Tips & Tricks & Tools

Darko Jovišić





  • Tips&Tricks

  • Tools & Utilities

  • News

Tip 1 changing header footer colors
Tip #1: Changing Header&Footer Colors

  • Idea: Implement a gradient color on header and footer

  • Use-cases:

    • High priority incident

    • Overdue opportunity or invoice

    • ...

  • Two components:

    • CSS file

    • JS file

  • Doesn’t work for Administrator


Tip 2 changing field background colors
Tip #2: Changing Field background Colors

  • Idea: Color code field background color based on value

  • Use-cases: focus user attention on some important business events

  • Simple JS function

  • Add onload event on form

function colorcode()


var rating= document.getElementById("opportunityratingcode").value;

document.getElementById("opportunityratingcode").style.color = "white";

if (rating== 1) document.getElementById("opportunityratingcode").style.backgroundColor = "red";

else if (rating== 2)


document.getElementById("opportunityratingcode").style.backgroundColor = "orange";

document.getElementById("opportunityratingcode").style.color = "black";


else if (rating== 3) document.getElementById("opportunityratingcode").style.backgroundColor = "blue";


Tip 3 keyboard navigation
Tip #3: Keyboard navigation

  • Idea: Implement keyboard shortcuts for fields

  • Use case: Increase productivity, especially for task workers with lot of data entry

  • Simple JS, add on load event

  • Key code list: http://www.cambiaresearch.com/articles/15/javascript-char-codes-key-codes

function keyPress(e) {

var keyCode;

keyCode = window.event.keyCode;

if (keyCode == 73 && window.event.altKey)


var control = Xrm.Page.ui.controls.get("industrycode");




function onLoad() {

document.onkeyup = keyPress;


Tip 4 hiding crm modules in left pane navigation
Tip #4: Hiding CRM modules in left-pane navigation

  • Idea: Simplify user interface based on role

  • Create a custom Entity call link

  • Assign create privilege to sales, read to marketing, write to customer support

  • Edit sitemap:

In sales for all the SubArea add the Privilege only to “create” on the custom entity “link”. <Privilege Entity="new_link" Privilege="Create" /> In Marketing for all the SubArea add the Privilege only to “Read” for the custom entity “link”. <Privilege Entity="new_link" Privilege="Read" /> In Settings for all the SubArea add the Privilege only to “Write” for the custom entity “link”. <Privilege Entity="new_link" Privilege="Write" /> 


Tip 5 dev enviroment on win7
Tip #5: Dev enviroment on Win7

  • CRM Server requires 64-bit server machine  problem: you can’t run x64 virtual machines on Win7

  • You have to dual boot to WinSrv2K8 each time

  • Solutions:

    • Use VMWare Virtual Server

    • Use Oracle VirtualBox

  • MS announced they will support 65bit VPC’s in Win8


Tip 6 slider control on form
Tip #6: Slider Control on Form

  • Enables you to implement slider control

  • Very simple managed solution


Tip 7 star rating on form
Tip #7: Star Rating on form

  • Enables you to implement slider control

  • Very simple managed solution


Tip 8 bingmaps integration
TIP #8: BingMaps Integration

  • Managed solution for BingMaps integration

  • Very easy to customize, comes with source code


Tip 9 working with charts
Tip #9: Working with charts

  • Rollup5 brings multiseries charts & more chart types

  • Charting is based on .NET (System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting namespace)

  • Most of the stuff mentioned there can be implemented in CRM


Tip 10 approval workflow
Tip #10: Approval Workflow

  • My approach to approval workflows:

    • Create three custom fields: approved,approvedby,approveddate

    • Create a workflow that sends email to manager with a link inside that starts a dialog

      • Tip: URL addresable forms (check it out)!

    • Dialog displays approval screen and then updates the fields

Tip 11 skype integration
Tip #11: Skype Integration

  • Exlusive announcement for MS CRO Dynamics Community

  • I’m releasing Skype & CRM 2011 integration as a CodePlex project

  • Thanks to Luka Gospodnetić and Siniša Kezić for working on this

  • Two components:

    • CRM managed solution (implements Skype Call and Skype Mesage Entity)

    • Standalone desktop tray application for agents

  • Enables CTI integration of Skype and CRM

  • Scenarios:

    • Skype based sales & support


Tool 1 pragma toolkit sitemap ribbon editor
Tool #1: Pragma toolkit - SiteMap & Ribbon Editor

  • Enables you to edit SiteMap and ribbon through UI

  • No hassle with XML editing & error free


Tool 2 odata query designer
Tool #2: Odata Query Designer

  • The CRM 2011 OData Query Designer is a Silverlight 4 application that is packaged as a Managed CRM 2011 Solution. This tool allows you to build OData queries by selecting filter criteria, select attributes and order by attributes. The tool also allows you to Execute the query and view the ATOM and JSON data returned.


Tool 3 javascript manager
Tool #3: JavaScript Manager

  • JavaScript Web Resource Manager helps CRM developers to extract javascript web resources to disk, maintain them and import changes back to CRM database.

  • Saves a lot of clicks


Tool 4 runasgui
Tool #4: RunAsGUI

  • RunAsGUI is small utility that enables you to start any app using different credentials

  • Saves a lot of time for testing CRM functions when you need to login with different users

  • Doesn’t work for different domain other than your computers domain


Tool 5 view layout replicator
Tool #5: View layout Replicator

  • Implementing same layout in different view is a tedious task (add all attributes, widths, sorting,...)

  • This utility copies layout of one view to other views


Tool 6 metablast
Tool #6: Metablast

  • Command line utility to document your metamodel

  • Useful for documentation, planning development etc.

  • Saves a lot of time


Other tools
Other tools

  • Diagnostics Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

  • Role Updater for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

  • CRM 2011 User Settings Utility

  • CRM 2011 Workflow Utilities

  • LINQPad Plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

  • MSCRM 4 to MSCRM 2011 JavaScript Converter

  • MS CRM Javascript Intellisense Generator

  • CRM Javascript Library by Dave Berry

  • CrmXpress SmartSoapLogger for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

  • XrmVisioER: CRM/xRM ER Diagram Generator

Crm 2011 rollup update 5
CRM 2011 Rollup Update 5

  • New features:

    • New Business Intelligence Capabilities

      • multi-series charts

      • multiple category charts

      • new chart types

    • Dialogs & Workflow Enhancements

      • lookup and date field types supported for Dialogs

      • dynamic record hyperlinks for Workflows & Dialogs

    • Enhanced Data Management

      • Audit User Access

      • Ignore null values in duplicate detection

      • Exclude inactive records in duplicate detection

    • CRM Outlook Client Enhancements

      • reading pane improvements to include hyperlinks to CRM records, compose e-mail and Lync presence

      • Performance Enhancements to E-mail Tracking

    • Activity Feeds

      • enable a user to follow important activities related to people, accounts, contacts, leads, sales deals (opportunities) and more

      • new CRM Online Organizations will come with the Activity Feeds installed.  New CRM OnPremise installations that have Update Rollup 5 included in the server download package will also come with Activity Feeds installed.  Existing CRM Online and OnPremise installations need to download the Activity Feed solution from the Dynamics Marketplace and import it.

Extremecrm conference
ExtremeCRM conference


Dynamics crm 2011 academy
Dynamics CRM 2011 Academy

  • Fast-paced overview of CRM 2011

  • Participants will get a good overview of the platform:

    • Working with OOB modules (sales,marketing,customer support)

    • No-code customizations (entity,form design, reporting, dashboards, security, workflows

    • Code customizations (JavaScript, .NET plugins)

    • Overview of installation & deployment

    • XRM lab

    • How to sell CRM

  • Event details:

    • 30.1. – 3.2. (5 days)

    • Will be held Microsoft Croatia

    • Participants get „Working with Dynamics CRM 2011” book and lunch

    • Price: 4999KN + VAT

    • Registration: send email: darko@infocumulus.com

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