getting more value from hyperion enterprise l.
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Getting More Value from Hyperion Enterprise

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Getting More Value from Hyperion Enterprise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting More Value from Hyperion Enterprise. Juan Porter President. Agenda. Introduction Hyperion Enterprise Reporting Tips & Tricks, Dynamic Scaling, Allocations Hyperion Retrieve Tips & Tricks, Making Your Worksheets Dynamic, Advanced Functionality

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Getting More Value from Hyperion Enterprise

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  1. Getting More Value from Hyperion Enterprise Juan Porter President

  2. Agenda • Introduction • Hyperion Enterprise Reporting • Tips & Tricks, Dynamic Scaling, Allocations • Hyperion Retrieve • Tips & Tricks, Making Your Worksheets Dynamic, Advanced Functionality • Hyperion Enterprise Update and Roadmap • Hyperion Smart View for Enterprise Demo • Q&A

  3. SUCCESS Create Strategic Vision RECOGNITION Define Project Goals VALUE ACHIEVEMENT Quantify Success CONFIDENCE Implement Solutions Develop Client Expertise TopDown Consulting, Inc. At a Glance • Oracle Certified Advantage Partner and Reseller • Proven team of Multi-product Experts • Over 250 successful customers • Located throughout North America Differentiators • Experts in EPM and BI solutions • Proven Project Success Methodology • Depth of Technical Infrastructure Services • Focus on Financial Controls and Compliance • Commitment to making clients self-sufficient • TopDown Migration Manager

  4. Partial Client List

  5. Hyperion Enterprise Reporting Tips & Tricks, Dynamic Scaling, Allocations

  6. Reporting – Tips & Tricks • Dynamic Functions • Advanced Formulas • Change vs. Section • Criteria-Based Formatting • Standardize Reports

  7. Dynamic Functions • Entity – @CUR, @DEP, @BAS, @PAR, @CON • Account – @CUR, @CHART • Descriptions – @LAB, @PLAB, @DES, @PDES • Ranges – @RNG (replaces FROM…UNTIL) • Prompt User – @ASK

  8. Advanced Formulas • IFT – Returns a value or text if the condition is less than, equal to, or greater than 0 • IFT(condition, <0, =0, >0) • DUR – Execute a formula for a range of Rows or Columns • DUR (row/col #, row/col #, formula) • CELL – Specific Cell Value • CELL(col, row)

  9. Change vs. Section • CHANGE – Dimension (POV) Change • In effect until the next CHANGE or end of report • Single Member or Prompt (@ASK) • SECTION – Dimension Change Loop • Executes all statements between FOR…NEXT for each member defined • Lists / Ranges / Prompt (@ASK) • Can be nested FOR ENTITY @DEP [ENTITY @CUR] / [ENTITY CORP] * 100 NEXT

  10. Criteria-Based Formatting • Used to apply formatting based on a condition • Allows for cell specific formatting • Options Section CRI(ROWREF(1:5) AND COLREF(4:4); FMT H) CRI(ROWREF(32:32) AND COLREF(6:6); NUMBER "(#,##0.0pts)") • Column / Statement Sections CRI(VALUE>-500 AND VALUE<500; FMT H)

  11. Standardize Reports • IMPORT Option • Reuse existing sections • Simplify administration • Make reports dynamic – IMPORT @ASK • Include additional IMPORTs in an imported .REP • Be aware of impact on calculations & references IMPORT @ASK ("Select Columns for this Report") "ColSet1"

  12. Dynamic Scaling • Create ‘Scaling’ Reports OPTIONS WCOL 21 SCALING 0 NUMBER "(#,##0)" TITLE; FMT 10, B "(No Scaling)>>Confidential" • Assign to Scaling Report Set • Include Import in Report IMPORT @ASK ("Select Report Scaling") "Scaling"

  13. Allocations • Use Reports to calculate Allocations • Can be executed without pre-consolidation • More flexible than Allocations module • Multi-tiered allocations • Create standard Hyperion Data Load file • Automated through Hyperion AutoPilot • Streamline process • Allows for staging of Allocations • Examples • Alloc_01.REP – Pre-Consolidated Allocation • Alloc_02.REP – Complex model, numerous conditions, nested IFTs

  14. Hyperion Retrieve Tips & Tricks, Making Your Worksheets Dynamic, Advanced Functionality

  15. Hyperion Retrieve • 3 Different Versions • Hyperion Retrieve Functions • Cell References • Making Your Worksheets Dynamic • Text Functions • Date Functions • Advanced Functionality

  16. Hyperion Retrieve Versions • RHXLL32.XLL (Standard Retrieve) • Must attach add-in manually • HERetrev.XLA (VBA) • Part of Hyperion Enterprise installation • Support for Double-Byte Systems • Attaches the path of the Hyperion Retrieve Program Directory to the beginning of every function • Use Refresh All Linked Cells option to update path • RETXL32.XLA (CDA Retrieve) • Installed with Hyperion Enterprise Reporting • Support for Hyperion Enterprise Web Reporting • Access to Data Extend (Local Headings & Comments)

  17. Hyperion Retrieve Functions • 50 Functions Available • HPCDE – Displays the Category description =HPCDE(category,application) • HPHEA – Displays the Account description =HPHEA(account,application) • HPFUL – Displays the Entity description =HPFUL(entity,application) • HPVAL – Retrieves a value =HPVAL(entity,category,account,period,frequency,application)

  18. Cell References • Relative References • A relative cell reference in a formula, such as A1, is based on the relative position of the cell that contains the formula and the cell the reference refers to. If the position of the cell that contains the formula changes, the reference is changed. • Absolute References • An absolute cell reference in a formula, such as $A$1, always refer to a cell in a specific location. If the position of the cell that contains the formula changes, the absolute reference remains the same. • Mixed References

  19. Text Functions • LEFT(text,num_chars) • Returns the specified number of characters from the start of a text string • MID(text,start_num,num_chars) • Returns the number of characters from the middle of a text string, given a starting position and length • RIGHT(text,num_chars) • Returns the specified number of characters from the end of a text string • Concatenation • & – Used to combine (add) 2 text strings together

  20. Date Functions • MONTH(serial_number) • Returns the month, a number from 1 to 12(where 1 = January and 12 = December) • DAY(serial_number) • Returns the day of the month, a number from 1 to 31 • YEAR(serial_number) • Returns the year of a date, a number from 1900 - 9999 • DATEVALUE(date_text) • Converts a date in the form of text to a number that represents the date in MS Excel date-time code

  21. Advanced Functions • INDEX() • Returns a value or reference of the cell at the intersection of a particular row and column, in a given range • Form Controls • To access, select View / Toolbars / Forms • Select Form Control (ex: Combo Box) • Draw object on worksheet • Set Form Control properties

  22. Hyperion Enterprise Update and Roadmap


  24. Installation and Support Updates • Localized in all languages • All components installed to a single, standard directory • No longer option to install to separate directories • All components can be modified after initial install • Removed, Added or Repaired • Start/Programs Menu Option: HP Retrieve or VBA Retrieve • Supported • Microsoft Vista • Microsoft Office 2007 • No Longer Supported • Sites and Sites Headquarters • MS SQL Server and Oracle • Lotus 123

  25. Data Entry Account Label & Description • Data Entry Schedule Windows 32 and Web • Schedule Attributes > Options

  26. Enhanced Error Messaging • Can’t perform consolidations due to user having a lock in Data entry? • Can’t load data due to user having a lock on a base entity? • Error message will now display the Category, Entity and User ID • Consolidation, Data Entry, Database and Journals • Captured in error or event log • Users on System Report now displays Category and Entity for user

  27. New Security Access Reports • Access Report from Security Module • A Dynamic Report

  28. New Security Access Reports • Sort and Filter capability • Consists Password details for Native users like; • Number of days left for password Expiration • Password Changed date • Password Expiration date • Printable and Exportable to Excel • Ability to save as .txt file. • Available to Admin/Power Users

  29. Application Backups • Launched from Application Module • Full backups while users are in the system! • Create a profile • Archive to desired location • Allows messaging to users in the system prior to backup • Once backup begins • User’s jobs are temporarily suspended until backup is complete • User’s lock released after the completion of Backup.

  30. Scheduling Application Backups • Multiple Scheduling Options • Daily • Weekly • Monthly • Single Occurrence • Functionality available to Admin/Power users

  31. Restoring an Application • Choose the application to restore • Select the backup file • Restore the application

  32. Enterprise Server Administration Utility • Launched from Application Module or Program Menu • Manage all server services in one location • Application Server, Data Server, Web Server and Messaging Server • Application Server Management

  33. Enterprise Server Administration Utility • Server Configuration • Update, Start, and Stop servers • View and Print Server Details

  34. Messaging Server • Messaging client can be accessed from the system task tray • Enables sending automated messages to users when Application Backup is running • Pop up window to appear automatically to all user in the application when the message is received

  35. Hyperion Enterprise Reporting • Support Report and Book Labels • Increased labels from “8” to “20” characters • Reports and Books Folder Structure • Easy to Manage Folder Structure in tree format • Right click menu enabled to manage the sets • Print to PDF Updates • Inclusion of PDF Driver • Eliminate dependency on Adobe Acrobat • HER Web • @Ask function enabled for HER Web

  36. Smart View for Hyperion Enterprise

  37. Performance Visibility via Hyperion Smart View Hyperion Planning, Essbase, Hyperion Financial Management, etc Single Spreadsheet Hyperion Enterprise

  38. Advanced Office Integration • Excel • Forms • Ad-hoc • Functions • Calculations • Consolidations • Word / PowerPoint / Outlook • Ad-hoc grids • Functions • Smart Tag alternative

  39. Enterprise support for Smart View • Adhoc Query performs various functions • Zoom in/Out • Pivot • Member Selection • Submit Data • Consolidations • Consolidation Status • Create Free Form Grids • Forms with Refresh, Write Back and Calculation capabilities • Conversion Utility to convert Retrieve spreadsheets to Smart View • Export Smart View Adhoc grids to Word and PPT • User defined Settings

  40. Thank You.Questions?

  41. Contact Information Juan Porter President (415) 860-1115