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Ideologies and visions PowerPoint Presentation
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Ideologies and visions

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Ideologies and visions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ideologies and visions

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  1. Ideologies and visions

  2. introduction “internet-enabled world” +states “ strenuous reassertion of national authority” the biggest threats to the global character and freedom of networked communications +communication-information sector “need state-like powers” How to harness power to secure freedom?

  3. Ideologies, old and new State, wither away? X Reversion to a broadered and controlled internet by state?X To understand our environment, we must be able to name phenomena, come up with explanation, and develop guideline about how to respond. “ideologies” System of ideas that strive to provide coherent explanations across a wide range of social,economic, and political phenomena Europe in the early decades of 20C

  4. The political spectrum of internet governance Already influenced by ideologies because the contemporary ideologies starts from the assumption of 18-20C “nation-state is the delivery of laws,right,politics, inadequate.

  5. Figure 11. 1 - The nation-state axis - The networking-hierachy axis

  6. Reimagining right and left Left +classic hostility to economic liberalism liberalization of information and communication services +cont IG: root not democratic(just collection of nation-states, not in reponse of population or global public interest, lacking global taxing power &electoral, democratic deliberation mechanism) “continue to articulate high sounding norms and political goals and don’t worry how to deliver them” Right +should impose severe economic regulations/erect barriers “think liberty and political values only within framework of the nation-states”

  7. New ideologies Multistakeholderism +“the issue of representation and process” not provide any guidance on the substantive - policy issues of IG lack rights to give participating right and framework. A2k +substantitive ideology -lack of clear stance on the nation-state as a governanve institution. -contradiction 2 ways: not yet! Element of a denationalized liberalism 1) who should be sovereign 2) the degree to which the classical liberal percepts of freedom get translated into the context of converged media , ubiquitous networks, and automated information processing

  8. Conclusion Need to find ways to translate classical liberal rights and freedom into a governance framework suitable for the global internet. political movement to define, defend, and institutionalize individual rights and freedoms on a transnational scale.