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How to avoid rivalry between siblings?

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How to avoid rivalry between siblings? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Growing up with a sibling is a lot more different experience that growing up alone. When a child is raised up between siblings his character, their behavior and approach towards the life is much more different. But often, it is found difficult to maintain peace between siblings and parents has a lot to do with that. Here i have shared some tips with you all to help you understand the situation better and help your kids turn into a better grown up person in their life.

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Strengthen the friendship between your siblings by inculcating moral values. Children are soft hearted and can be easily molded in any kind of person. Onus lies on the parents to constantly teach them about the value system.


Play Games: we all know that games and sports not only help children develop affinity and care among themselves instead it also helps adults to ward off the little demons inside their hearts. Parents should also involve themselves in the games of their kids as it will not only help the kids to grow stronger in bond but also allow the children to have a nicer bond with parents.


WARNING: Never ever parents should practice favoritism card on their kids. It’s the worst thing ever to be done by parents. It will not only increase the enmity among the children but will also increase the gap between the child and parents. Please stop practicing this at your homes.


Story telling: try this with patience and it will pay you off. Tell stories not only fictional ones but also tell good memories which you cherish about your childhood. You can also try to tell them about the games you used to play with your own siblings. This will act as a great remedy because when they will constantly hear about the good old stories about you then they will also try and practice this in their present time.


Don’t blame an elder one responsible for every fuss around: please stop doing this and start analyzing your kids. It could be possible that the younger kid/kids are the real troublemakers. It’s better to stay away from pinpointing. Otherwise it would become difficult to create the harmony you are longing for at home.


NO PUNISHMENT: stop punishing your kids physically as it will leave a deep mark on their memories. Stop threatening and yelling at them as it will not only destroy the atmosphere at home but will also help your child develop a bad personality. Kids start feeling that violence is the only way of setting someone right.



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