conflict rivalry n.
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Conflict - Rivalry PowerPoint Presentation
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Conflict - Rivalry

Conflict - Rivalry

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Conflict - Rivalry

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  1. Conflict - Rivalry

  2. What are some examples of rivalries?

  3. What are some songs about rivalries or conflicts? • (0:30) • It's time to let it goThe world's got a funny way of turning 'round on youWhen a friend tries to stab you right in the faceLosing faith in everything I thought I hoped I knewDon't sweat it, set a false pretenseBetray, you're not gonna be willing to changeYeah, and it doesn't seem likely to fadeBetray, you're not gonna be willing to changeCause you knowAll along you know you thought you got the best of meYou were wrong and I'm laughing right in your faceI can not believe you claimed you were my familyDon't sweat it, set a false pretenseI can't seem to understand it how you turned out to be so coldYou tried but were caught red-handed, are you happy with your role?It's funny to me how you've turned into such a joke

  4. What is a conflict? • The heart of fiction. It creates plot. • a fight, battle, or struggle; strife; controversy; quarrel • Man versus man • Man versus nature • Man versus society • Man versus self

  5. Man Versus Man • Conflict that pits one person against another. • Conflict enhances the reader’s understanding of a character and creates the suspense and interest that make you want to continue reading.

  6. Man Versus Nature • A run-in with the forces of nature. It expresses the insignificance of a single human life in the cosmic scheme of things. It tests the limits of a person’s strength and will to live.

  7. Man Versus Self • Internal conflict. Not all conflict involves other people. Sometimes people are their own worst enemies. An internal conflict is a good test of a character’s values. The internal conflicts of a character and how they are resolved are good clues to the character’s inner strength.

  8. Man Versus Society • The values and customs by which everyone else lives are being challenged. • A character challenges the status quo (8:40-9:15, 9:32-9:42)

  9. The Interlopers (p. 232) • What kinds of conflicts do you see in the story? Is there more than one? Do these conflicts get resolved by the end of the story? • Man versus man • Man versus nature • Man versus society • Man versus self