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  1. Biomes Aquatic Biomes & Land Biomes

  2. Aquatic Biomes • Freshwater • Location: Wetlands, Rivers, Streams, Ponds, Lakes, & Creeks • Types of Organisms: Algae, Muskrats, Ducks, Geese, Fish, Pike, Carp, Bass, & Catfish

  3. Aquatic Biomes • Salt Water (Marine) • Location: Oceans & Estuaries • Types of Organisms: Kelp, Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Tuna, Crabs, Shrimp, Lobsters, Salmon, Eels, Plankton

  4. Aquatic Biomes • Photic Zone – marine zone in which there is the presence of light from the sun (plants can grow in this zone) • Aphotic Zone - marine zone in which no light from the sun is present (very few organisms live in this zone)

  5. Aquatic Biomes • Wetland – area where fresh water, salt water, and land mix (marshes, swamps, and bogs)

  6. Biomes • Estuary – shallow area where salt water and fresh water mix

  7. Land Biomes-Tundra Location: northern North America, northern Europe, northern Asia Climate: Cold, ground stays covered in snow, permafrost – permanent frozen layer of ground, scarce rainfall, very short summers Plants: mosses, lichens, small plants that do need a lot of water Animals: caribou, migrating birds (come for the short summer)

  8. Land Biomes-Taiga Location: North America, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Mongolia, Japan Climate: The taiga climate is for the most part dominated by cold arctic air. Plants: Balsam Fir, Black Spruce, Douglas-fir, Eastern Red Cedar, Jack Pine, Paper Birch, Siberian Spruce, White Fir, White Poplar, White Spruce Animals: Black Bear, Bald Eagle , Bobcat , Gray Wolf , Grizzly Bear , Long-Eared Owl , Red Fox , River Otter , Snowshoe Rabbit ,Wolverine

  9. Land Biomes-Tropical Rain Forest Location: near the Equator, Africa, & South America Climate: Hot and Humid, rains everyday Plants: Jungle (think Tarzan), very tall trees, thick vegetation on the ground, dense canopy Animals: parrots, Apes, Toucans, Monkeys, Leopards, other predatory Cats, Snakes

  10. Land Biomes-Coniferous Forest Location: Canada, Washington (State), Russia, China Climate: long cold Winters, short Summers, frequent Rain Plants: Evergreens (think Christmas Trees), Pines, Spruces, Cedars Animals: Moose, Bear, Lynx, Hibernating Animals, Migrating Animals

  11. Land Biomes-Deciduous Forest • Location: eastern United States (think about where we live), most of Europe, Australia • Climate: hot Summers, cold Winters, Rainfall throughout the year • Plants: Trees that lose their leaves, Maples, Oaks, Hickories, Sycamores, Willows • Animals: Bears, Foxes, Raccoons, Deer, Squirrels, Birds

  12. Land Biomes-Desert Location: Africa (think Scorpion King or the Mummy) Climate: Hot, can snow at night, sparse Rainfall Plants: Succulent Plants (retain water in the leaves), Cacti, and small Shrubs Animals: Lizards, Snakes, small Rodents, other Rodents

  13. Land Biomes-Grassland • Location: Midwest United States (think Little House on the Prairie), Africa (think the Lion King), Asia, South America • Climate: long dry periods with occasional fires • Plants: several species of Grasses, scattered Trees, and Wildflowers • Animals: burrowing Animals – Rabbits, Moles, & Rodents, grazing Animals – Buffalo, Zebras, and Giraffes, Lions, and Hyenas

  14. Biomes-Review • 1. How are areas within the same biome alike? How might they differ? • Which biomes have a cool climate? Warm?