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project name shoe n.
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Project Name : Shoe PowerPoint Presentation
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Project Name : Shoe

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Project Name : Shoe
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Project Name : Shoe

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  1. Project Name : Shoe Brief Research Done By: AN.Subramanian Guided By: Joshua

  2. Major Parts in Shoe Design These parts are also known as basic parts in Shoe Design Major or Basic Parts: l Upper l Insert l Midsole l Outsole

  3. 1950’s Shoe Design

  4. Latest Shoe Design

  5. Spring Shoe Design Spring in Rubber material

  6. Note: - Most of the spring shoe’s are Used by runners and also by other Sports persons. This spring effect makes the runner to run fast and also provides cushioning effect in the feet.

  7. Exploded view of Spring Shoe Design Spring in base

  8. Parts in Airflow Shoe Design Airflow Shoe reduces the heat inside the shoe and in some airflow shoe the air unit also acts as spring unit.

  9. Airflow Shoe Design

  10. Airflow Holes Bottom view Air Unit Front view Airflow Holes

  11. Rubber Shoe Design

  12. Note: Rubber Shoes are more flexi sable ones, Most of the rubber shoes are water resistant shoes.

  13. Climbing Shoe Design

  14. Skating Shoe Design Brake to stop the motion. Wheel

  15. Hidden Wheel Wheel Hidden Skating Shoe

  16. Water Resistant Shoe Design

  17. Competition Shoe Design

  18. This is a multi-purpose shoe Gold coated shoe This shoe is Designed in wood

  19. Lighting Shoe Design

  20. Lights

  21. Grips in Shoe

  22. In most of the shoe gripper is made in Rubber Gripper is also known as outersole. Gripper

  23. GPS (Communication) Shoe Design

  24. This is a video clip if it is not playing please click it and play

  25. Developing Shoe Design

  26. About Developing Technology From the "Our Street Walkers Need to be Better Equipped" department come the platform shoes for prostitutes. Designed by the Aphrodite Project, these are the latest in greatest in hooker safety.The shoes have an audible alarm system, which emits a piercing noise to scare off attackers. The shoes are also outfitted with a built in GPS receiver and an emergency button that relays both the prostitute's location and a silent alarm signal to public emergency services. Where there are problematic relations with law enforcement.... the shoes will relay the signal to sex workers' rights groups.I don't even know what to say about this except that I'm getting them for all my girls.I'm tired of always trying to track them down to demand my money. Now I'll just use the GPS and threaten to run them over with the car.

  27. Developing Technology’s Skeleton Sketch

  28. The End Of Brief Research of Shoe