is there life on earth n.
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Is There Life on Earth? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is There Life on Earth?

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Is There Life on Earth? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is There Life on Earth?
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  1. Is There Life on Earth? ------Art Buchwald

  2. Content I. Background Information II. Outline of the Essay III. New words IV. Detailed Study of the Story V. Study and practice VI. Homework

  3. I.Background Information Venus is the second planet in distance from the sun and nearest to the Earth of all the planets in the solar system. Except for the sun and the moon, Venus is the brightest object in the sky. The planet is called "the morning star" when it appears in the east at sunrise, and "the evening star" when it is in the west at sunset.

  4. II. Outline of the Essay This is a humorous and satirical essay, and yet the author is most serious in his intention. Art Buchard tells us that Venusians are researching the human being and trying to explore the possibility of life on Earth. Venusian scientists have come to the conclusion, based on their satellite findings, that there is no life .

  5. III. New words signal: (n.) message, device, etc. used to convey information (v.) send signal or signals to -Observing traffic signals is what a driver should always keep in mind. -Sailors signalSOS by flags. -The chairman signaledsilence to some of the audience who were busy talking.

  6. hazard: danger eg-There were many hazards in his journey across Africa. hazard→hazardous at all hazards 不顾一切风险,在任何情况下 ; at hazard 胡乱地,随便地 ; by hazard 偶然,碰运气 ; make a hazard 猜测,碰碰运气 ; on the hazard 在危险中,受到威胁 ; run the hazard 冒险

  7. IV. Detailed Study of the Story 1. For the first time Venusian scientists managed to land a satellite on the planet Earth: For the first time, Venusian scientists succeeded in landing a satellite on the planet Earth. ①for the first timefrom the (very) first: from the (very) beginning, at once It be the first time that It is the first time that I have taught English in this classroom. ②manage to do sth. succeed in accomplishing or handling, esp. with an effort, e.g. -The box is very heavy, but I can manage (to carry it).

  8. 2.The satellite was directed into an area known as Manhattan (named after the great Venusian astronomer Prof. Manhattan, who first discovered it with his telescope 20,000 light years ago). ① known as: generally recognized as; called -Bach has been known as a successful world famous musician or music composer. ②be named after: be given the same name (of) as -The Hudson River is named after the English explorer Henry Hudson. ③20,000 light yearsP5 NOTE 3

  9. 3.Because of excellent weather conditions and extremely strong signals, Venusian scientist were able to get valuable information as to the feasibility of a manned flying saucer landing on Earth. ①extremely: very -I am extremely sorry for my inability to help. extreme→extremely→extremity→extremism→extremist ②as to: about; concerning; regarding -There is no doubt as to his honesty. -As to accepting their demand, I have not thought about it yet. ③feasibility: possibility of being carried out or done -A feasibility study is required before the bank agrees to finance a project.

  10. 4. For one thing, Earth's surface in the area of Manhattan is composed of solid concrete and nothing can grow there. ①for one thing: in the first place (used to introduce a reason, often the reason that first comes to the mind; sometimes followed by “for another”) -I didn't think much of his speech; for one thing, the subject was uninteresting; for another, his delivery was not so good. ②Be composed of: be made up of -Our college is composed of seven departments and 24 subjects. -Class Two is composed of 12 boy students and 58 girls.

  11. 5. but the satellite findings indicate it is polluted and the water is unfit to drink. ①be unfit (to do sth./for sth.): be not suitable for sth/doing sth. -He is unfit for military service because of poor eyesight. 6. They emit gases, make noise and keep crashing into each other. ①emit: send out -The tail exhaust pipe of the motor vehicle emits poisonous smoke. emit→emission→emitter( 发射器或发射装置 ) ②keep crashing into each other: hitting each other repeatedly ③keep doing sth.: continue doing sth.; do sth. repeatedly -He kept asking silly questions of the lady, which made her annoyed. ④crash: fall or strike suddenly, violently, and noisily -The car lost control and crashed into a tree.

  12. 7. If all you say is true, won't this set back the flying saucer program several years? ①set back: cause to put off or get behind schedule; reverse the progress of -The flight for Hangzhou was set back by heavy fog. 8. but we shall proceed as soon as the Grubstart gives us the added funds. ①proceed: continue after having stopped -After looking through the students' homework, he proceeded to have the history class. -As soon as he came in, he proceeded to complain about all his troubles. ②Grubstart:Grubstart is a “twisted” form of “grubstake”( 资助金,供给探矿者的贷款 )

  13. V.Study and practice

  14. Put in the missing words Scientists on Venus are discussing the f_1_ of landing a manned flying saucer on Earth, b_2_ o__ information received from a satellite. Their c__3__ are that the planet Earth is u_4_ for habitation because of its highly p_5_condition. For one thing, d_6_ gases in the a_7_make it e_8_ dangerous to breath. F_9_ a_, the water, also polluted, has become undrinkable. For these reasons ,it would be difficult for anyone to s_10_on earth. Undoubtedly the flying saucer program will be s_11_ b__ under these conditions, but the Venusian scientist are determined to p_12_ with their exploration of the planet earth. Key: 1.feasibility 2. based on 3.conclusions 4. unfit 5.polluted 6.deadly 7.Atmosphere 8. extremely 9. for another 10. survive 11. set back 12.proceed

  15. VI. Homework Page 8 vocabulary (on book) Page 9 fill in the bank with “spend”, ”pay” or “cost”(on book) Page 13 ; Translation ()