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Branch office of MDEC International USA. MDEC (India) International. We are a…… Project cum Product based Software company We Help You Align Your I.T. Requirement To Fit Your Business Needs.

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mdec india international

Branch office of MDEC International USA

MDEC (India) International

We are a…… Project cum Product based Software company

We Help You Align Your I.T. Requirement To Fit Your Business Needs

MDEC (India) International# 1633/1, Sector 44-BChandigarh 160 047, IndiaTel: +91.172.2601274, 2645082, Fax: 2667699

www.mdecindia.comEmail :

MDEC International10701, Balantre LanePotomac, MD 20854, USATel: +1.301.299.5531, Fax: +1.301.299.9489


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about us
About Us

MDECInternational USAstarted its branch office at Chandigarh in 2001, the city beautiful, situated 250 km north of Delhi, with the aim to cater to the needs of Indian Market specially the Small to Medium sized Business Entrepreneurs (SMBs). MDEC (India) International, with complete technical back-up from US, provides State-of-the-Art global technologies to Indian Market. It aims at creating innovative solutions to meet customer requirements at affordable price.

MDEC (India) International specializes in creating technical solutions and in developing customized software applications to enhance the productivity of any organization at competitive prices in the field of Information Technology.

We at MDEC, specialize in "Customized Software Development" to the need of our clients. Custom Software development takes the right combination of planning, experience and talent.

MDEC International is a global Engineering and Information Technology company with its headquarters in Maryland USA. Founded in 1990, MDEC is known for its innovative and cost effective technical solutions for the IT industry in USA.

MDEC As on Today is a Project cum Product based company and enjoys a cliental in more than 10 countries world over. As on date, MDEC stands tall as one of the few Software Companies in the World to have developed a complete range of MIS Software for Poultry & Dairy business AND Real-Time Auto-Backup Application.

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our capabilities
Our Capabilities

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  • RPP (Resource Planning and Projections)
  • MIS (Management Information System)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship & Management)
  • Customized Software Application

(Medical Practices & Health Care, Poultry, Agriculture, Veterinary, Live Stock, Finance, Accounting, Inventory & others)

  • Mobile Applications (PDA/Mobile phones for Field Worker/Staff for Data Collection)
  • Website Development (Internet/Intranet Commercial)
  • Software Industrial Solutions for Medium & Small Businesses
  • General Purpose Software

( Inventory, HR, Office Management, Real-Time Autobackup and many more… )

MDEC (India) International started its business in India in May 2001 by providing customized software design & development services. Since then, MDEC has expanded its personalized services to many other clients. MDEC has focused its IT and engineering services in the following areas:

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our products projects
Our Products & Projects

MDEC (India) International is dedicated to developing the highest quality Customized Applications and Commercial Softwares at the most competitive prices. MDEC software engineers are highly qualified, have hands-on experience in designing state-of-the-art applications.

While the experienced team of IT experts at MDEC (India) International are known for providing cost effective user friendly MIS and ERP Solutions to its clients in industry, education, human medicine and healthcare, Website Development, the Veterinary Division is pioneer in having developed a range of MIS software for poultry industry, veterinary teaching institutes and hospitals and pet practitioners.

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our products
Our Products

Poult-Soft (All Versions)

A comprehensive "Flock Economics and Performance Management Software" for Poultry Business, more info


A Unique user friendly Patient based Clinic Management software for Small Animal Veterinarians more info

Office Manager

An office assistant,

more info

HR Manager

A Complete Employee Care software,

more info

Inventory Management System (IMS)

A complete Inventory Management software for All Type of Business,

more info


A window based easy to use software for Diagnostic Laboratories,

more info

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our products7
Our Products


A complete “Herd Management, Animal Recording & Performance Software”

more info

Real-Time Autobackup Software

A complete Fail-Safe solution for your valuable data,

more info


Patient based multi specie software for Veterinary colleges and Hospitals.

more info


A Comprehensive easy to use Child cum Parent based clinic management software for Pediatrician, more info


A unique Multi-Specie / Breed Based Least Cost Feed Formulation software for Feed Manufacturer more info

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our projects
Our Projects


A Unique Production Management & Cost Control Software for Garment Manufacturers,

more info

MLM Soft

A software for Multi Level Marketing Company,

more info

Computer Ergonomics

Graphics Application

more info

Pest-Control System (PCS)

Projections, Costing + Inventory

more info

Payment Planner

Sale/Purchase, Customer Transactions cum Bank Status vs. Cash in Hands,

more info

Physician 2 Patient Network

A Comprehensive Physician2Patient Hospital Management System for medical health care industry.

more info

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poult soft

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pet soft

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office manager a unique window based user friendly office management software
Office Manager A Unique window based user friendly Office Management Software


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hr manager a complete employee care software
HR ManagerA complete employee care software


Time Saving

Accurate RecordsEasy-To-Use Error-Free Data ManagementEmployee Master

Designation Master

Salary Master

Daily Attendance

Job Assignment

Leave Master

Work Efficiency Report

Holiday Master

Salary and Leave Management

Project Costing

Daily Work Report

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inventory management system a unique window based user friendly inventory management software
Inventory Management System A Unique window based user friendly Inventory Management Software

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lab soft

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dairy soft
  • Available as:
  • Farmer Edition
  • Breeder Edition
  • Corporate Edition
  • Institutional Edition

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real time autobackup software
Real-Time Autobackup Software
  • RTB is a SIMPLE, intuitive and easy-to-use real time auto backup software.
  • Anybody with basic knowledge of the computer can use this software.
  • RTB takes very little system resources. IT DOES NOT SLOW YOU DOWN.
  • Initial Setup Procedure is very simple and user friendly.
  • Backup in Zipped File with password protection.
  • And many more…
  • Available as:
  • Student Edition
  • Home Edition
  • Small to Midsize Business (SMBs) Edition
  • Corporate Edition
  • Database Edition

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vet master
Vet-Master ®
  • A unique user friendly Patient Based Multi-Specie Data Management Professional Software for Veterinary Colleges & Hospitals.
  • VET-MASTER is a Patient Based Software under different specie heads - Bovine, Equine, Canine, Feline, Ovine etc. A unique patient code is issued to every registered patient under its area of location. This code serves as the reference key to any data related to the patient at any point. The epidemiological reports are generated disease wise as per specie, area and locality.

For more information and purchase details Click Here

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paedia soft

Key Features

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feed manager
Feed Manager

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garment manager
Garment Manager

The Garment Management Software is created for a garment manufacturing company well known, as RCS groups, Industrial Area, Chandigarh .The company deals in manufacturing ready made garments. The most of the information regarding software requirements is collected by our technical team by personally visiting the client location and study the work process there. A lot of information is also gathered from the employees who work in the various departments, supervisors and also from the owner of the company .The documentation further will give you the detail knowledge of the companies working, its departments, salary & advances, stock, order, attendance and lot more.

The main areas where this software will concentrate are listed below:

1. Product costing.

2. Process Management.

3. Stock Managements.

4. HR Management.

5. Performance and Efficiency.

6. Invoicing.

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mlm soft

MLM-Soft A Multi-Level Marketing Software

MDEC (India) has developed a customized software package for the business management activities of mulit-level marketing companies. The package is designed to provide the following services:

Member Network Management

To manage the network, the customers are registered in a tree-like hierarchy where every member is placed under a referral. The software facilitates customer registration while maintaining the hierarchy order.

Incentive Schemes

Various incentives and payments are disbursed to the members depending on how the network expands under the concerned node. The software calculates the cash and other incentives due for every network

Accounts Management

The software has features which aid in managing the day-to-day accounting activities.

User Levels

The application has two user levels to ensure data security by distinguishing the management privileges from those of regular network members.

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computer ergonomics maarshan projects b v
Computer ErgonomicsMaarshan Projects B.V.

The NetherlandsAn R&D Project on Computer Ergonomics

Business Presentation CD. on Ergonomics in Human Computer Interaction

A multimedia Presentation was developed for Maarshan Projecs B.V. Netherlands. The presentation was made for "Conventional (Horizontally operated) keyboards versus Ergonomic Vertical) keyboards".The presentation covered different aspects of computer Related Injuries (CRI) of Upper Human Body. The application involved Graphic designing, 2D Animation, Sound editing, Video editing etc.

A Graphical application on Vertically Operated Keyboard.

MDEC India developed a flexible graphical design of a vertically operated keyboard. The application involved displaying human computer interaction in detail, including computer, input devices, relevant furniture and human body parts. The focus of display was on positions, angles, shapes and thickness objects which could demonstrate the advantages of using a vertically operated keyboard.

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pest soft

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payment planner
Payment Planner

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physician to patient network
Physician to Patient Network
  • Physician2Patient (P2P) Network is created by MDEC to reduce patients/physicians frustrations, lower physicians healthcare cost, and to improve the Quality of healthcare services. P2P is a global network that allows patient and physicians to exchange healthcare information in real-time. Instead of using paper and pen, physicians now create Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) with P2P technology.
  • The P2P Network is a SECURE network, and fully complies with US federal government's HIPAA regulations. The P2P member data (patient data, physician data etc.) cannot be accessed by anybody else without your permission.
  • The P2P Network, based on MDEC International’s patent pending technology, provides an innovative solution to reduce overhead cost of the healthcare industry, increase physicians' productivity, and improve quality of services to patients.
  • For more information go to

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thank you for your time
Thank you for your TIME

… Reliable Always


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