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Identifying consumer behavior : hip hop subculture PowerPoint Presentation
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Identifying consumer behavior : hip hop subculture

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Identifying consumer behavior : hip hop subculture
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Identifying consumer behavior : hip hop subculture

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  1. Identifying consumer behavior : hip hop subculture Hio-Hop Subculture

  2. Subculture A cultural subgroup differentiated by status, ethnic background, residence, religion, or other factors that functionally unify the group and act collectively on each member. ( Hip hop Subculture Hip hop subculture is a movement of hip hop which also includes the use of graffiti, distinctive clothes, break dancing, and slang. Subculture & hip hop subculture Hio-Hop Subculture

  3. Hip hop subculture • Hip hop subculture is identified with creativity, characteristic wear and specific code of behavior • Hip hop artists raise such issues as drugs and alcohol abuse, family and the socio-political scenario • When hip hop music was originated, Disc Jockeys created rhythmic beats. Later rap music was incorporated • Graffiti and hip hop subculture go hand in hand Hio-Hop Subculture

  4. Targeting the hip hop subculture • The market is the set of actual and potential buyers of a certain product or service • Offering hip hop products aims to satisfy the needs and wants of the hip hop subculture representatives • Product’s perceived performance should match the hip hop lovers’ expectations Hio-Hop Subculture

  5. Hip hop product promotion • A new claim about the product should be made Example: the special features of the product should be explained and the unique features and the way it differs from the available similar products should be highlighted • The perceptual mapping of a competitive field helps in brand repositioning, thus, the positive attributes of the products are identified Example: every attribute of a product cannot be new, but the advantages of the new characteristics of a product can be highlighted (Kotler 2006) Hio-Hop Subculture

  6. Hip hop product promotion • The product’s degree of “marketable differentiation” makes THE DIFFERENCE Example: while selling a T-shirt, its advantages in comparison to the similar T-shirts should be promoted. The positive attributes and marketable qualities of a T-shirt will portray the differentiation and will increase the marketability of the product immensely (Sandage 2002). Hio-Hop Subculture

  7. Hip hop product promotion • The product should be identified and promoted at the popular destination of the targeted buyers Example: young teenagers like to spend time at food junctions like Mc Donald's and KFC. So products like coffee mugs, T-shirt with popular quotes, gift products are appealing products kept in these places. Even to attract small kids, chocolates and toys of low cost are kept in front of the POS( Point of Sale) in retail and convenience stores. (Subculture 2007) Hio-Hop Subculture

  8. Hip hop productpromotion • Consider the hi-tech marketing and its impact on buyers and marketers Example: the on-line selling, sending product information through SMS, e-mail, on-line newsletters etc. On-line promotions and popular e-marts have made a shopping experience and product promotions extremely appealing to hip-hop subcultures (Kotler 2006). Hio-Hop Subculture

  9. Clothes, food and new CD/DVD’s Hip hop culture is not only music-centric, but also involves fashion, art, auto accessories, interior decor, food etc.  • In this digital age, on-line selling attracts young people. Internet based sale of hip hop music and T-shirts becomes all the more popular. • Young hip hop lovers search for unique hip hop T-shirts in the fashion stores. Fashion stores can be the ideal option for selling flashy hip hop clothes. Hip hop jeans like anti-fits and skin fits are in high demand (Solomon 2009) Hio-Hop Subculture

  10. Clothes, food and new CD/DVD’s • Hip hop jewellery and accessories are highly popular. Thus, on-line hip hop jewellery and accessory selling portals can be the perfect way of selling (Sandage 2002). Hio-Hop Subculture

  11. References Kotler, Philip, & Armstrong, Gary. (2006). Principles of Marketing, Prentice Hall Sandage, Fryburger. (2002). Advertising Theory and Practice, AITBS “Subculture”.Retrieved April 17, 2009 from Solomon, Luke. “Subculture”. Retrieved April 16, 2009 from <> Hio-Hop Subculture