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HIPPIE. Subculture : Symbolic of hippie ; History ; Hippy and drugs ; Hippy and policy .

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  • Symbolic of hippie;
  • History;
  • Hippy and drugs;
  • Hippy and policy.

HippieHippie — philosophy and the subculture which has initially arisen in 1960 in the USA. The hippie trusts: That the person should be free; What to reach freedom it is possible, only having changed an internal system of soul; That acts of internally unchained person are defined by aspiration to preserve the freedom as the greatest jewelry; That the beauty and freedom are identical each other and that realization of that and another — purely spiritual problem; That all who divide told above, form a spiritual community; That a spiritual community — the ideal form of a hostel; That everything thinking differently, are mistaken. Symbolic of hippieIt is considered one of symbols of movement of hippie an old minibus "Volkswagen", which hippie traditionally painted in style «Flower Power». The culture "hippie" has the symbolic, signs of an accessory and attributes. For representatives of movement of hippie, according to their outlook, introduction in a suit of ethnic elements is characteristic: a beads, wattle from beads or threads, bracelets ("baubles") and other, and also use of textiles painted in the technician "thaw-give“.As example so-called baubles can serve. These ornaments have difficult symbolic. Baubles of different colors and different patterns designate different wishes, expressions of own musical preferences, a vital position and etc. So, the black-yellow striped bauble means a wish of a good self-locking device, and red-yellow — a declaration of love. It is necessary to notice nevertheless that this symbolic is treated in different places and parties any way and absolutely differently, and «hippies with the experience» don't give it any value.


The Russian researcher of youth movements T. B. ShChepansky has established that "the system" symbolic reminds the hologram — even from its small part as from a sunflower seed, all riches of informal culture grow. HistoryIn the 40-ies and 50-ies of XX century in the united states among representatives of the "beat generation" existed term hipsters, for jazz musicians, and then and the bohemian counterculture, which was formed around them. The culture of the hippies of the 60-x has evolved from a bit of culture of the 50-s in parallel to development of rock-n-roll of jazz.The first use of the word "hippie" fixed in the transfer of one of New York’s TV channels, where this word was mentioned about the group of young people in t-shirts, jeans, and with long hair, protesting against the Vietnam War. At that time it was popular slang expression "to be hip", means "to be in the know", "to be the "world"", and the New York supporters of the counter-culture of Greenwich Village called "hips". In this case, the crews used the word hippie humiliatingly, referring to the claims deliberately ill-clad protesters, who came from the New York suburbs, to be a hip.The beginning of the hippie movement can be considered as the year of 1965 in the United States. The main principle of the subculture was non-violence. Hippies wore long hair[4], listened to rock-n-roll , using drugs, traveled hitchhiking, fond of meditation and eastern mysticism and religions, mainly of zen-buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, many of them were vegetarians. Had as a place of "Jesus movement" and "Jesus Revolution" (the rock opera Jesus Christ superstar - 70g.). Since the hippies often weaved flowers in her hair, and handed out flowers to passers-by and put them in the gun muzzles of police and soldiers, as well as used the slogan of "Flower Power" ("power", or "flower power"), they were called "children of the flowers". The peak of the movement's popularity peaked in 1967(the so-called "summer of love"), when there were issued unofficial anthems hippie - A "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)" (author - John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas, performed singer Scott McKenzie), "All You Need Is Love" and "She's Leaving Home" of The Beatles. Music projection of the movement was the psychedelic music. In 1967, the New York premiere of psychedelic musical "Hair ", at which the participants appeared on the stage naked: with the hippy movement linked popularization of nudism.


In the 1970s, the hippie movement began to lose popularity. Moreover, the attitude to this movement changed dramatically in America after committing a series of murders of members of the commune (the so-called Family of Charles Manson in the late 1960s and the tragedy in the Altamont concert of The Rolling Stones. As adults, many of the hippies took public morality. A new generation of rebels took more punk ideology.Despite the sunset hippie movement on a global scale, its representatives can still be found in many countries of the world. The idea of hippies, which seemed to be in the 70-th years of the conservative people utopian, and entered into the mentality of the modern person. Hippie and drugsConcerning a role of hallucinogens of hippie adhere to two opinions. According to both to the first and second sight, create conditions in which the person starts to realize in itself presence of "soul". Whether disagreements exist only in a question on that is narcotic intoxication a necessary and sufficient condition or only one of possible means to "expansion of consciousness», for finding of "vision". According to the first interpretation, that who has not quite accepted and has acquired experience psychedelic trips, remains is alien to "vision" and, hence, is not capable to recognize the validity of ideology of hippie. Then, from the same point of view, any, resorted to psychedelic, necessarily finds "vision" in its ideologically fixed form. Unsuccessful or catastrophic experience of hallucinations in such cases speaks any circumstances: "vision" was true, but the beginner has appeared unprepared to its correct understanding, or has been too closely connected with «the usual world», or was in the improper environment which has prevented "correct" influence psychedelic. According to another, more to a popular belief, reception psychedelics is not an ideological imperative: psychedelic only one of the means, helping to destroy borders of habitual perception, but they do not change the person: "Though" acid “has no value in itself, does not do you neither sacred, nor kind, wise, and only drugged, it can be used in the worthy image. It can be educational means — with its help it is possible for something to learn». From this point of view, besides psychedelics, there are also other ways of achievement of "vision": meditation, east cults and to some extent "the western" religion. According to such interpretation there are no guarantees about what the person will find under the influence of a hallucinogen: whether "vision" which underlies professed ideology, or "the visions" absolutely not compatible to this ideology.


However, irrespective of the described difference in the opinions, all hippies consider that reception psychedelics are directly connected with ideological preconditions on which their movement is based.Hippie and a policyMemorial peace sign in Arcola, the State of Illinois, the USA. On a circle it is written: «It is devoted to hippie and hippie at heart. The world and love». Bob Moomaw — the founder of a memorial, Gus Kesley has restored a sign after his death (references see).If as a policy to understand elections, sessions, voting's and promotions hippies are initially apolitical. Living out of "a civil" society, in the world based on love, friendship and mutual aid, hippies prefer to change the world the creativity, including creativity social.The idea of revolution of consciousness in something continues ideas рюкзачной revolutions of beatniks — instead of wearisome political debate and armed conflicts leaving from the house and a society is offered to live among the people adhering to your belief. In the USA Dzherri the Ruby, in 1967 has been based by Ebbi Hoffman and Polo Krasner movement of Jip (from abbreviation YIP — English Youth International Party — the international youth party). Hippie represented a rattling mix of hippie and new left, cooperated with «Black panthers» and arranged many thousands marches and demonstrations. Their most known action which has caused a rough resonance in a society, it is considered promotion from the party of the candidate on a post of the US president. The pig by name of Pegasus was this candidate.Experience theatrical герильи can be compared Ebbs Hoffman to «the Love March» in the Soviet Moscow when the Soviet hippies have gone out of doors stark naked, but have been detained by militia. The Soviet hippies have been cultural connected with the dissident environment. Many were dissatisfied with a communistic mode and its ideology; others simply wanted to live out of the polities system.