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Organizing your school social work practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Organizing your school social work practice

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Organizing your school social work practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organizing your school social work practice. Presented by: Stacy Colgan, lcsw , M.Ed.,. “Not all superheros have capes, some have social work Degrees!. A day in the life of a superhero. Phone ringing Students at my door Writing a social story IEP and Non-IEP students to see

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Organizing your school social work practice

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    1. Organizing your school social work practice Presented by: Stacy Colgan, lcsw, M.Ed.,

    2. “Not all superheros have capes, some have social work Degrees!

    3. A day in the life of a superhero Phone ringing Students at my door Writing a social story IEP and Non-IEP students to see Reports to write Parent and students to interview Student to observe Phone ringing Student here for a break Office emailing about a truancy report Student in crisis, drop everything! Crisis over... document, document, document Call home about crisis, call principal, talk to teacher Urgent email, talk to Linda first I’m starving, what time is it? 215! Check on student who was in crisis Call a parent back with resources Eat something Print out PAWs cards BREATHE It’s already time to go….there are still TWELVE things on my list!

    4. The five items needed to organize your practice

    5. Supplies needed to help you get organized • Access to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or something similar • Access to Excel , “Spreadsheet” (google docs), or something similar • Clipboard • Ipad • File cabinet with locks • File box • 2” binder • “Staples Divider Pockets, 3-Hole Punched Set”

    6. 1. Calendar • I used the google calendar (access anywhere) • Google doc calendar (share with staff) • ALL meetings, individuals, groups, and block out time • Monday and Friday scheduling • Block out time for: • Direct Minutes • Consult Minutes • Planning (district contract) • SDS Development (Interviews, Observations, Writing Report • Office hours (Teachers/Staff know that you are available during this time) • Print off weekly schedule and file away in a folder labeled the school year • Find out ALL schedules (Specials, Speech, Band, Title 1, etc.) for your school! (*Bench Marks, Individual Problem Solving, PPS Meetings, P/T Conference, etc.) Put the later* in your calendar! The key to a good school year, is a great schedule!

    7. 2.Excel spreadsheet • Keep this on your desktop, you will use it often! IEP Student Non-IEP Student Tabs I use: Folder: Case Load Files: 05-06…14-15

    8. 3. Clip board and ipad • What I hang on to all day long! • My Ipad • Clip Board • Weekly Schedule (I print off for the next few weeks too) • Excel printout-IEP, NON-IEP, Watch, Case Study, PAWs Card • List of all the students divided into groups, times, and dates • Blank paper to take notes (when I get bombarded in the hallway)

    9. 4. Filing system • Drawer 1 (Locked): IEP Students, alphabetized (purple) IEP File: SW Log, SDS, Last Eligibility IEP, AR • Drawer 2 (Locked): Non-IEP Students, alphabetized (green)Non-IEP File: SW Log, Permission Slip, Contact Info, Baseline Data, Goal • Drawer 3-Topics (ADHD, Alcoholism, Bulimia) • Drawer 4-Groups (Friendship, Stress Busters, Rainbows, Kindies Social Skills) • Drawer 5-Files used daily or weekly (Assembly, Case Study, Truancy) • File Box-Forms (Interviews, Permission, Release of Information, Contact Info, Etc.) File Box Drawer 3 Drawer 5

    10. 5. SW Student binder • Social Work Student Binder • IEP & Non IEP Students • Social Work Therapy Log** • IEP Goal Sheet • Personal Goal Organizer • Therapy papers, drawings, etc **See Stacy after the presentation if you are interested in a copy of the Social Work Therapy Log that she uses

    11. Collecting data during social work time • BASELINE information • Feelings Activity • Skill Steps • Problem Solving Skills • Monthly data collection (groups) • Rotating data • Example of the preparation for data collection

    12. Collecting data outside social work time • Recess Data Collection • VSM (Utilizing VSM prior to skill set needed) • Observations • TOT (SOTO app) • Observing for specific skill steps • Blurt outs • Negative comments • Skill Steps • Check and Connect • Fidelity checks

    13. Q & A Thank You! Stacy Colgan, LCSW, M.Ed. My Website

    14. My Takeaways from this workshop