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Organizing Your Middle School Student

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Organizing Your Middle School Student - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organizing Your Middle School Student. Helping Them Be Successful. Does This Remind You of Anyone ? Traveling to classes Six Classes Homework Projects Longer-term assignments More complex assignments Notes and studying Fieldtrips

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organizing your middle school student

Organizing Your Middle School Student

Helping Them Be Successful


Does This Remind You of Anyone?

  • Traveling to classes
  • Six Classes
  • Homework
  • Projects
  • Longer-term assignments
  • More complex assignments
  • Notes and studying
  • Fieldtrips
  • Extracurricular Activities like sports, clubs, community service, etc.
  • If your child will be dropped off at the school, please drop them off at the parking lot located off Pine and Greenwood. DO NOT drop the student off at the bus loop, behind the school, or parking lot by main office.
  • Check with ESC or the office for bus routes prior to first day of school.
  • Students going to Rudsill Library afterschool must cross the street at Pine and Greenwood for safety caution.
locker organization
Locker Organization

Visit your student’s locker and see what they need…discuss

these ideas to consider:

  • Locker shelf – Carver lockers are 15” wide and 11” deep, the standard locker shelf will work
  • Magazine holder – to keep folders and spirals vertical and easy to sort through
  • Schedule includes locker times for books for the next 2 classes
  • End of day books – Student needs to track which books, spirals, folders they need to take home for homework. Very little time to gather items before buses leave.
    • White board in the locker
    • Post-it note in the binder to keep a list
    • Flag items that need to be taken home
  • Use a consistent bag for gym clothes that can be hung from a hook

Locker Rule: No Loose Paper Allowed

time management book
Time Management Book
  • Divide the TM into sections so each class has it’s own section.
    • TM has 29 lines, so 6 classes can have 4 lines and 1 gets 5 lines. Consider which class has the least items (homework) for the TM.
    • Label your class names on the left margin.
    • Draw a pencil line across the page for each section.
    • Fold back pages as you finish the week and binder clip or paperclip.
    • TM Pizza and Ice Cream Parties are given to students who have their parent sign their TM every Monday night, after they review the TM with their student. The parties are done by semester.

TM Parent



Geo Landscape due 10/29

Geo Landscape select topic

Geo Landscape gather materials

Geo Landscape work on landscape

Geo Landscape draft paper

Geo Landscape draft due 10/26

Geo Landscape Complete Paper

Geo Landscape final due 10/29

paper storage
Paper Storage
  • Create a filing system at home to keep returned papers by class.
  • Very useful for studying for a mid-term or final test.
  • Recommend daily filing of returned papers to keep the loose paper out of the locker and binder/folder system.
note taking for your eyes only
Note Taking = For Your Eyes Only
  • This is one time you do NOT have to write in complete sentences!
  • Texting
  • Abbreviations
  • Symbols - + for and, w/ for with, w/o for without
  • Star, arrow or highlight things your teacher has mentioned multiple times
  • If you can read it and it makes sense it works!
suggested organization supply list
Suggested Organization Supply List:
  • Locker: shelf, magazine holder, white board, post-it notes, flags, extra bag of pens, pencils
  • 3-Ring Binder: dividers, poly pocket folders, mini 3-hole punch, pencil bag, paper
  • TM Book: highlighter, sticky flags, colored pens, copy of class schedule
  • At Home Study: stapler, pens, pencils, index cards, extra paper, ruler, poster board, 3-hole punch, post-it notes
  • At Home Storage: Expandable folder or hanging files in a drawer or box, labels for each class

6th Grade 1st Semester Schedule

  • You may go to your locker before school starts, and get allyour items for Block 1 and 2.
  • Block 1- 8:45-9:35
  • Block 2- 9:40-10:30
  • Locker Time: Get all needed items for Blocks 3 and 4
  • Block 3- 10:35- 11:20
  • Block 4- 11:25-12:15
  • Locker Time: Get all needed items for Lunch
  • Lunch– 12:15-12:45
  • Locker Time: Get all needed items for AOI
  • AOI- 12:50-1:35
  • Channel 1- 1:35-1:50
  • Locker Time: Get all needed items for Blocks 6 and 7
  • Block 6- 1:55-2:50
  • Block 7- 2:55-3:50


  • 6-5 Family:
  • Language Arts is Mrs. Jamison in room 404
  • World Cultures is Mrs. Zaheer in room 400
  • Science is Mrs. Abraham in room 206
  • Math is Mrs. Buchanan/TBD in room 405
  • 6-6 Family:
  • Language Arts is Mr. Laymon in room 406
  • World Cultures is Mrs. Washington/Burchette in room 403
  • Science is Mrs. Marshall-Balthis in room 207
  • Math is Mrs. Bowler in room 608

Look for the RED signs by the doors.

Look for the YELLOW signs by the doors.

need more help
Need More Help?


Goldberg, Donna, and Jennifer Zwiebel. The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2005.



Contact our 6th Grade Counselor for more tips, and review the TM, because it has tons of resources inside it.