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Help donkey kong !!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Help donkey kong !!!

Help donkey kong !!!

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Help donkey kong !!!

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Help donkey kong!!! How to play Story line play

  2. Wrong!!!! x

  3. Revoemag

  4. story line Once upon a time there was a monkey called donkey kong. He was a mean animal and not clever as humans. When mario came to donkey kong’s base donkey kongdid everything to prevent mario to reach him. But because it is mario we are talking about so he eventually defeated donkey kong. He was kicked out of home and seek for food. At the end he learn where he belong. It is his home. Now he is trying to get his house back.

  5. How to play When the wooden barrel is falling upon donkey kong. A question will appear. If you did the question you a skip button will appear . Get the question right he will dodge it but if you get it wrong, the wooden barrow will hit donkey kong and fall. Game over.

  6. levels Anything!! Can’t decide??

  7. Never take medicine for cold before_____ a. test b. class c. all of the above skip

  8. Right!!!!

  9. Radium is worse then smoking??? a. true b. false c. not decided skip

  10. Right!!!!

  11. how do we reduce radium in the room?? a. putting plants b. Ventilation c. all above skip

  12. Right!!!!

  13. You shouldn’t put a kid in the _____ a. front seats b. back seats c. driver seat skip

  14. Right!!!!

  15. Why??? Inside the medicine there is a chemical that relaxes the brain so you will fall asleep especially in exam because it is so quiet.

  16. Why??? The air bag could kill you. It is made for average 70kg adult. The air bag has the average speed of 300km/h. Quite quick isn’t it? Plus the speed you are crashing get add to 300 so more dangerous.

  17. Why??? Radium is a one of the radioactive material in earth. The biggest problem is that many people don’t know this fact and people don’t feel that they are inhale it. It is very dangerous to inhale radium or get near radium. Because of radium many people get lung cancer and other disease.

  18. Mario was beaten up by donkey kong so happy ever after… but mario came back with luigi so … I think you know what will happen next.

  19. The end