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Know our country~ Hong Kong PowerPoint Presentation
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Know our country~ Hong Kong

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Know our country~ Hong Kong
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Know our country~ Hong Kong

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  1. Know our country~Hong Kong By David’s group From,David,Ronald,Charles,Alex and Alan

  2. Catalog P.1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eating in Hong Kong P.2~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shopping in Hong Kong P.3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hong Kong’s Harbour P.4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Modern Landmarks P.5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hong Kong by Night P.6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Our Feeling

  3. Eating in Hong Kong Hong Kong is a gourmet paradise.There are a lot of feature food,like roasted pork,peking duck and shark's fin.Also you can find the other countries’ food in Hong Kong.So,it looks like a food kingdom.Do you want to know more about food in Hong Kong?Let's read this information.     In Hong Kong,you can find some delicious food everywhere! In the streets,you can eat some fishball,meatball and some spicy beef. At the plaza,you can eat a lot of tasty food in the food court.There are Chinese restaurants,Japanese restaurants,American restaurants and the other countries’ restaurant.The food is very nice and featureful! P.1

  4. Shopping in Hong Kong Causeway Bay and Mong Kok, are bustling on Sunday because many of the people will go there to shop.There are many shopping centres in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok,such as Sogo and Langham Place.Do you know why the people are going there on holidays?Let me tell you the reasons. In Sogo,there are so many cosmetic shop inside,like Burberry and DKNY. Many ladies come there to buy their cosmetics.We can take MTR to Causeway Bay or take 2A,8 to get there. How about Langham Place?There are lots of clothes shop,just like Adidas and Apple Shop.Only these two places have already had lots of things to buy so Hong Kong is a shoppers paradise.We can take MTR to Mong Kok to get there. P.2

  5. Hong Kong’s Harbour Hong Kong is a great place on the Earth.Also the harbour is very huge and beautiful.Such as Victoria Harbour.Victoria Harbour is in Causeway Bay. You can eat some seafood from restaurants near the harbour .That is why Hong Kong is popular in the World.Other people like to go to Hong Kong to see Victoria Harbour.Locals are very selfish.They always put rubbish into the sea,making the Harbour become very dirty.So we must protect this natural Harbour. P.3

  6. Modern Landmarks Do you know what modern landmarks are there in Hong Kong? Let me introduce one of the Modern Landmarks to you! Central Plaza is one of the modern landmarks in Hong Kong. It is located on the reclaimed land of North Wan Chai. It is the tallest building in Hong Kong and one of the highest building in Asia.When it is dusk,the colour will change to yellow.It is very beautiful.It is also a new focal point in Hong Kong. There is also executive club in there. Inside is a facilities including swimming pool,Jacuzzi,hi-tech gymnasium,sauna and steamrooms.That’s let the Vips to enjoy it.On the top floor in Central Plaza, it is a high-tech.It will change the colours each representing fifteen mintures. P.4

  7. Hong Kong by Night At night, if you stay at home and look out of the window, you could only see a lot of buildings. Therefore, you may feel very bored. It is because the buildings are taller than your flat. When you go to The Peak and look down, “Oh! What a spectacular view! “The Peak is a good place for watching the night views, but I know there is a better place, that is R66 Restaurant. It was situated in Wan Chi. It is a buffet restaurant, singers sing at there too. The special feature of this restaurant ~ the restaurant is on 66/F and when you are sitting and eating the delicious food, your sit will move around, you could look out of the windows and watch the beautiful view. You could see the view while moving. However, the price of this restaurant is quite expensive. P.5

  8. Feeling When we finished this project,we know more about Hong Kong’s just like Central Plaza,Langham Place.We hope we can do such project again!Thanks a lot! ASSESSMENT C=4, L=4, O=4 Wonderful choice of topic especially the modern Landmark. Information well presented. Very colourful illustrations. Good work. Make sure you write your name in full and who wrote which piece. I think computer work is mostly done by Leon so more presentation marks are awarded to him P.6