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Hong Kong, China PowerPoint Presentation
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Hong Kong, China

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Hong Kong, China
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Hong Kong, China

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  1. Hong Kong, China By Imani Mooketsane

  2. Introduction Hong Kong is a really great place. These slides include Hong Kong fashion, computers, electronics, home decorations, furniture, history, time, weather, local snacks and more! Hong Kong is also very interesting.

  3. ‘The Opium War’ China was in an opium war in 1842. They lost the war, so they had to give Hong Kong Island to Britain. The island of Hong Kong has been around for thousands of years, and has a history that is over a thousand years older than the Qing dynasty.

  4. ‘Causeway Bay’ • If you want the latest digital products come to Hong Kong for them. Some locations to get digital products are Windsor House Shopping Center in Causeway Bay, Star House in Tsim Shah Tzu and the Wan Chai Computer Center in Wan Chai. Also, Causeway Bay, Tsim Shah Tzu, Mon Kuok and Sham Shui Po are very popular places for all digital electronics. • Photography is very popular and there are many camera shops around with visual video equipment, audio and accessories. The stores display most significant brands and allow customers to compare picture and sound qualities on the spot.

  5. Cantonese, Hakka, Taishanese, Teochiu, and Mandarin • In Hong Kong they speak English, Chinese, Asian and European languages. English is wildly spoken in Hong Kong. • Cantonese as spoken by 88 people in Hong Kong. • Also, Hakka, Taishanese, Teochiu, and Mandarin are spoken.

  6. Asia’s A-list • Most people get their hair cut before a vacation. But when heading to a city that has some of the favorite salons of Asia’s A-list, you might wait and go home with a new style instead. Shopping is also a serious sport in Hong Kong.

  7. Money Banknotes $10-green or purple(purple used by government) $20-dark blue or light blue(old or new) $50-purple or green(old or new) $100-red $500-brown $1,000-yellow Coins 10cents-in bronze, circular, small 20 cents-in bronze, circular with wavy edges, small 50 cents-in bronze, circular, medium $1-in silver, circular, thin, large $2-in silver, circular with wavy edges, large $5-in silver, circular, thick, large $10-in bronze and silver, circular, medium.

  8. Hong Kong is at the edge of the Pearl River Delta on the coast of south China between East and West. Also, Hong Kong Island is South of a harbor. Location

  9. ‘The Center’ Some landmarks are Hong Kong Skyline, Big Buddha, Tsim Shah Tzu Promenade, Tsing Ma Bridge, Mid-levels Escalator, Sky 100, Peak Tower, Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Nathan Road, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Two International Finance Center, Legislative Council (Legco) Building, Central Plaza, The Center, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, Duk Ling, Wan Chai, fa Yuen Street, Hong Kong lourism Board Visitor Center, One International finance Center, Blake Pier at Stanley, Ladder Street, Bruce Lee Statue, Hong Kong City Hall, Murray House, Clock Tower, Hong Kong Hennessy Road, Lippo Center, and North Point.

  10. 43% of the population in Hong Kong has a religion and it is a mixture of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. They also have religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Sikhism. Religion mix-up

  11. Celebrations Some festivals are Tin Hau, Buddha, Tam Kung, and Cheung Chua Bun Festival. Also, they have the International Chinese New Year Night Parade and the ancient Chinese harvest festival.

  12. Home Decorations and Furniture Hong Kong is home to the renowned Tai Ping carpets, which you can design yourself. Prices depend on the prices of yarn, level of workmanship, complexity of design color harmony and fineness of the weave. The availability of vibrant Thai silk, Indian hand-loomed cotton and Chinese raw silk makes Hong Kong an ideal place to order custom-made bedspreads, cushion covers and curtains. Furnish your home with high-quality Chinese, Indian and Persian carpets, or Turkish or Afghani prayer rugs. There are plenty of ways you can ghostly redo the den or inspect your entire home like traditional hand-carved Chinese teak dining tables, leather-bound sofas, canes, Japanese quilted mattresses, Indonesian hand-carved table sets, and Korean chests. Some furniture warehouses are Hollywood Road, Queen’s Road Central, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chai.

  13. The top 10 Hong Kong foods are Hong Kong-style French toast, Scrambled egg sandwiches, Stinky tofu, Hong Kong style-cheeseburgers, Sweet tofu soup, ‘Pineapple’ buns, Chicken feet, Miniature wife cakes, Ginger milk curd, and Five-layer roast pork. Food

  14. The top 5 local snacks are Pineapple buns, Egg tarts, Saqima, Pitted preserved prunes, and Faux Shark’s Fin soup. Local snacks