2014 winter olympics in russia n.
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2014 Winter Olympics in Russia

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2014 Winter Olympics in Russia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. By: Johnny Galeana & Tashad Martin. What is the Winter Olympics?. An Olympics for winter sports Consist of multiple games that people from around the world participate in. Only athletes can participate

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2014 winter olympics in russia

2014 Winter Olympics in Russia

By: Johnny Galeana & Tashad Martin

what is the winter olympics
What is the Winter Olympics?
  • An Olympics for winter sports
  • Consist of multiple games that people from around the world participate in.
  • Only athletes can participate
  • Medals are given to the winner in each sections of the games
  • Where is the Winter Olympics?
  • Where is Sochi?
  • The Winter Olympics will be held in one of Russia’s cities “Sochi”.
  • Sochi is the third largest region and it is located in Krasnodar. Which is between the black sea and the Caucasus Mountains.
potential problems
Potential problems
  • A huge problem that is going on in the games are homosexual players. Players are being threatened because of Russia’s Government’s view of gay rights.
  • Boycotting games because government doesn't like gay people.
  • Sochi national park could be harmful.
  • Cost is 50 billion which will affect economy greatly.
  • All communications will be monitored throughout the full length of the Olympic games.
  • Security pass is needed by all people to stop all possibilities of invasion of privacy.
  • The soviets will have powerful helicopter drones to capture close images of faces in large crowds.
security drones
Security Drones
  • Security drones are positioned all throughout the locations of the winter Olympics
  • Very silent helicopter like drones to sneak and catch people who try to pose a threat to anybody or any of the games.
  • 24 hour surveillance cameras
  • Everything Is instantly recorded
where and when to watch
Where and when to watch
  • The games will take first take place on February 7 and continue through 23 2014.
  • You can watch the 2014 Olympics games on the NBC channel.
  • What are the dates?
  • Where can you watch the games?
  • So far everything is going on as planned. They have been practicing and planning this since 2012. The construction is just about complete and ready for the actual Olympics.
  • How are preparations going so far?



Figure skating


Snow boarding

Free style skating


  • Biathlon - rifle shooting and cross country skating.
  • Curling - slide two stones into a target. Eight stones in total highest points wins.
  • Luge – 1 seated bobsleighing




things to look forward too
Things to Look forward too
  • People are mostly looking forward to is hockey. People want to see USA face off against Canada in the finals
  • People are also looking forward to seeing Shaun White and his snowboarding. He proved to be the best at the last Olympics so they want to see what kind of new tricks he will come up with this time.
  • Things to look forward to in the Olympics?
recommended games
Recommended Games
  • We Recommend a few games to watch like Biathlon. Who would not want to see skiers skiing at tops speed and stopping at certain points to take out targets with a custom sniper rifle.
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