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  1. Prepositions Definition: shows the relationship of a noun/pronoun to some other noun in the sentence. They are always part of a phrase. Ex. The cat slept near my bed. The cat slept on my bed. The cat slept under my bed.

  2. The preposition you choose can change the meaning of the sentence! • Example: Everythingaboutthe beach was wonderful. Beach= good Everything except the beach was wonderful. Beach = bad

  3. Common Prepositions(You don’t have to write them all down) *aboard *before *except *above *below *for *according to *beneath *from *across *beside *in addition to *against *between *inside *along *beyond *into *around *but (except) *like *as of *by *near *at *concerning *next to *because of *during *of *off *on *out *over *owing to *past *since *through *to *toward *underneath *until *upon *with

  4. Compound Prepositions • Definition: A preposition made up of more than one word. According to In spite of As of instead of Aside from next to Because of on account of By means of out of In addition to owing to In front of prior to In place of

  5. How to tell if the word is a preposition or an adverb • Does the word show a relationship between a noun or pronoun following it to a noun or pronoun that comes before it? • Ex. Shamrock ran under the couch. • “under” explains the relationship between the couch and Shamrock.

  6. Preposition vs. Adverb cont. • Is the word part of a phrase? Prepositions are always part of a phrase called the prepositional phrase. The prepositional phrase will always include a preposition and a noun, the object of the preposition. Ex. Welcome aboard. (adverb) Welcome aboard our boat. (preposition)

  7. Practice: Decide if the word in italics is a preposition or an adverb. Send copies to the newspaper and the radio. PREPOSITION The marbles were scattered under the bed. PREPOSITION Have you eaten squid before? ADVERB

  8. Prepositional Phrases Here are some important things to remember about prepositional phrases: • They are made up of a preposition and a noun, called the object of the preposition. • They can act as adverbs or adjectives. We’ll talk more about that later… • Usually, you can cross them out and the sentence would pretty much say the same thing.

  9. Prepositional Phrases Acting As Adjectives or Adverbs Prepositional Phrases act as adjectives when they give you more information about a noun or pronoun. Ex: The cheese was near the fondue pot. The phrase is modifying the noun cheese. Prepositional Phrases can also act like adverbs when they give you more information about a verb, adjective or other adverb. Ex: Frank ran around the building. The phrase is modifying the verb ran.