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  1. The Connectors! Prepositions

  2. School House Rocks Prepositions! •

  3. Defined page L43-44 • Preposition (P) – a special group of words that connects a noun or pronoun to the rest of the sentence. • Prepositions must have objects of prepositions. • Object of the preposition (OP) – the noun or pronoun after the preposition. To find the object of the preposition, find the preposition then ask what or whom. • If there is no object of the preposition, then the suspected preposition is usually an adverb. • For example: I fell down. Down has no object and is an adverb because it tells where I fell. I fell down the stairs. Down what? stairs = OP.

  4. Prepositions aboard about above across after against along among around as at before behind below beneath beside(s) between beyond but (except) by concerning down during except for from in inside into like near of off on onto opposite out outside over past since through throughout to toward under underneath until up upon with within without Source: BK English Level II

  5. Practice • In each example, find the prepositional phrase. • Find the preposition (P), then ask who or what follows it. • Make sure the OP is a noun or pronoun. • Mark off the phrase with parentheses. P OP • Example: I fell (off my chair).

  6. A large crowd has already gathered outside the courthouse. • All pest control products will be on sale for the next two weeks. • According to Tom and Suza, the picture of the governor in the newspaper was not flattering. • The jeweler showed the beautiful pearl necklace to Luisa. • Is their plane leaving at noon from the downtown airport?

  7. Tourists may find a free city map at the Visitor’s Center. • The harvest festival of Sukkot begins in five days after Yom Kippur. • At the Chaco Culture National Historical Park are numerous prehistoric ruins of the Anasazi. • Can begonias and geraniums be grown outdoors in containers? • If we don’t leave right now, we’ll be late for the movie.

  8. Writing Prepositional Phrases • Complete the following sentences with a prepositional phrase. • Make sure the phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun for the object of the preposition.

  9. Is that your notebook ______________in the cafeteria? • ___________________,Ted enjoys ice skating. • Couscous is a common dish ____________. • The Painted Dessert extends nearly two hundred miles ____________________in Northern Arizona. • _______________________, some Japanese women wear kimonos.

  10. ________________Aunt Maisie gave me a subscription_________________________. • Mrs. Brown and the children left _____________ two hours ago. • Roscoe crawled _______________ and found himself covered ________________. • Next to the fireplace sat a large marble sculpture_______________. • Find out if there is enough space between the rows of seats___________________.