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Transportation Technologies

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Transportation Technologies. Transportation Technologies Definition. Transportation technologies are systems, processes and devices that move goods and people from one place to another across or through land, air, water, or space.

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transportation technologies definition
Transportation Technologies Definition

Transportation technologies are systems, processes and devices that move goods and people from one place to another across or through land, air, water, or space.

what is a transportation system
What is a Transportation System?
  • An organized set of coordinated modes of travel within a set area.
  • Transportation systems are usually run by the local government.
  • Transportation systems also refer to the partnership of businesses to deliver passengers, food and other goods using multiple modes of transportation.
transportation system cont
Transportation System cont.
  • Most transportation systems include:
    • A way to carry a load
    • A dedicated pathway
  • The transportation device (a vehicle or a fixed container) carries the load.
  • The pathway can be:
    • A permanent structure such as:
    • An invisible path such as:
transportation and the universal systems model
Transportation and the Universal Systems Model
  • Goals: Transport people and materials from one place to another.
  • Inputs: People, materials transported, machines and structures in the system.
  • Processes: Managing and organizing the system.
  • Outputs: Successful transport, impacts on society and the environment.
  • Feedback: Periodic checks of the schedule, evaluation of the completed process.
transportation system examples
Transportation System Examples

Land Transportation:

Air Transportation:

Water Transportation:

Space Transportation:

subsystems of a transportation model
Subsystems of a Transportation Model
  • Each form of transportation is a complex system of parts. These systems can be broken down into subsystems.
  • The subsystems we will consider:
  • Structural
  • Propulsion
  • Guidance
  • Suspension
  • Control
  • Support
structural subsystem
Structural Subsystem
  • Structural Subsystems are the parts of a vehicle that hold other vehicular systems and the loads they will carry.
  • Examples: Car frame and body, fuselage, boat hulls
propulsion subsystems
Propulsion Subsystems
  • A propulsion subsystem are the parts of the vehicle which enable a system to move.
  • Convert energy into power to move

the vehicles

  • Examples: Sails, jet engines,

electric motors

guidance subsystem
Guidance Subsystem
  • Guidance subsystems are those parts of a vehicle which provide information required by a vehicle to follow a particular path or perform certain operations.
  • Provide information about location, speed, operating conditions, rules and laws
  • Examples: Compasses, maps, road signs, GPS
suspension subsystem
Suspension Subsystem
  • Suspension Subsystems are the parts of the vehicle that support and/or suspend the vehicle in its environment.
  • Examples: Helicopter rotors,

springs of cars,

airplane wings,

boat hulls,

electro-magnetic fields

wheel and axles

control subsystem
Control Subsystem
  • Control Subsystems are the parts of vehicles that are used to change a vehicle’s directions and/or speed.
  • Examples: Gas pedal, rudders, steering wheel
support subsystem
Support Subsystem
  • Support Subsystems are those external operations that maintain transportation systems.
  • These include maintenance, life support, economic and legal support systems.
  • Examples: Airports, train stations and gas stations