grade 3s trip to ranweli n.
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Grade 3s trip to Ranweli PowerPoint Presentation
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Grade 3s trip to Ranweli

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Grade 3s trip to Ranweli - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grade 3s trip to Ranweli

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  1. Grade 3s trip to Ranweli By Ahmed Hussein

  2. In the hotel When we reached ranweli we had a drink and we talked a little.

  3. Rooms After we had a drink we went upstairs to set in our rooms all the groups had key persons of our group it was and I was with Rishabh Ryan and Eskil.

  4. Actives After we were set in our rooms we changed and then we had some activities I was in the art activity we had to collected some staff from outside for our art activity.

  5. Swimming time And then we had a swim we had a lot of fun in the pool because we played water polo and the girls were also playing.

  6. Lunch After the swim we had lunch and we ate as much as we could.

  7. Activities And then we started are activities again we had five different activities and our group finished all the acvities.

  8. Playing cricket After lunch we had 15 minutes to play cricket and we had a lot of fun.

  9. Boat ride 2 groups were on the boat and the other two were on the nature walk we had a lot fun there.

  10. Cricket We played cricket once more and the second time we played for 2 hours.

  11. Talent show We had a talent show Sidney Rishabh and Me did a quiz on cricket in the talent show.

  12. Magic show We had a good magic show.

  13. Sleping time We were tired and we slept for a long time

  14. Leave ranweli We had to ranweli the second day.