English 3s grade 11
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ENGLISH 3S Grade 11. Ms. Amorin. Class Materials*. Notebook Folder WRITING UTENSIL!!!! Highlighter Junior text/novel (distributed) Please stay organized! . Reading * American Literature. The Crucible (play)* The Color of Water (novel ) The Great Gatsby (novel)

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English 3s grade 11

ENGLISH 3SGrade 11

Ms. Amorin

Class materials
Class Materials*

  • Notebook

  • Folder


  • Highlighter

  • Junior text/novel (distributed)

  • Please stay organized! 

Reading american literature
Reading*American Literature

  • The Crucible (play)*

  • The Color of Water (novel)

  • The Great Gatsby (novel)

  • … Short stories in junior text




Expository Essay

Analyzing literature in writing

(literary analysis)

Persuasive Writing


Opening exercises
Opening Exercises*

  • Vocabulary Word of the Day (WOD)

    -(SAT words)

  • Vocabulary extra credit for class assignments

  • Grammar exercises

  • SAT exercises

    First 10-15 minutes of class.


  • Mandatory New Jersey State Exam for high school students.

  • Teachers will work with students on writing skills, critical thinking, and reading comprehension skills to help students to do well on the PARCC.


Class rules
Class Rules*

  • Assignments are accepted late for a penalty of -5 for each day that the assignment is tardy. Late work is not accepted after three days or once the assignment is handed back to the class after it is graded. See teacher/s if needed.

  • When students are absent, they have two days for each day they are absent to make up the work (district policy).

  • After students are absent, they are to check “Make-Up Work” bin upon entering the classroom (for missed assignments/work).

Class rules1
*Class Rules…

  • Aside from checking the make-upbin in the classroom, students should look on school wires (CHS website- teachers- Christine Amorin- English 3) for work when they are absent. Students are not excused from assignments when they are absent. Students are also welcome to e-mail teacher regarding schoolwork.

  • The homework board always lists assignments and their due date. Students are recommended to write HW in planner.

  • When assignments are due, the assignment is to be prepared BEFORE class. Students are not to go to media center during class time to print assignments. E-mail assignment if needed. If it is e-mailed, we will definitely receive it; no excuses.

Class rules2
*Class rules…

  • Many assignments are to be typed. If students are told to type an assignment, and they hand write it, five points are taken off grade.

  • Computer lab is available before and after school. You may be given a pass during lunch if needed.

  • It is expected that students are respectful to both their teachers and peers. Be mindful of others who may have different opinions and beliefs. As the saying goes,

    “Treat others how you would like to be treated!”

School wires
School Wires*

  • Check the class “School Wires” page for class assignments, projects, homework, review notes, power points, important dates (calendar), class models, etc…

  • Go to:

    • CHS website

    • Teachers

    • Find teacher’s name (Amorin)

    • Click 

    • Find tab for specific class*English 3

      - See different notes and assignments

      - Find tab for stated unit being covered in class.

Parents can contribute to students learning
PARENTS can contribute to students learning

  • PARENT MODE- Genesis (CHS Website)*******

  • Look at students grades on Genesis

  • Look at the class’s school wires page

  • Ask students about the assignments they are working on in class

  • To keep informed, visit the school, call the assigned department, or write an email.

  • Families are always encouraged to stay informed about their children's progress. 

Goals for junior english
GOALS* for Junior English

  • Learn how to properly write a RESEARCH paper (cite sources, paraphrase, prove a thesis, include supporting details, etc…)This will prepare students for senior year and college.

  • Read enlightening books that will gain student interest in American history while learning how to analyze literature.

  • Learn how to draw connections from learned material to writing topics (expository writing)

  • Effectively persuade an audience in writing and when speaking/debating.

  • Prepare for the SAT.

  • Learn new vocabulary words to include in writing and when speaking.

  • Do well on the PARCC.

Ms amorin ms gambetta
Ms. Amorin &Ms. Gambetta

Best wishes for a successful school year get inspired
Best wishes for a successful school year! Get inspired!! 

  • Change.

    Colonia High School Vision for 2014-2015.

Get inspired

- Colonia High School 2014-2015 Motto

Get Inspired!

1st Day Assignment---

One the note card, write TWO things-

1.) One thing you hope to learn/gain from JUNIOR ENGLISH (the more specific, the better).

2.) One new adventure/goal that you would like to accomplish junior year. Ex.) Go to the MET in NYC

The teacher will hold onto these note cards all semester, and give them back to the students the last week of class. Get inspired to do new things, accomplish goals, and make senior year worth it! Best of luck! 