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Destination: The Moon

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Destination: The Moon. A Voyage That Will Take You to the Moon and Beyond ! Created by Miss Heffernan. Introduction.

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destination the moon

Destination: The Moon

A Voyage That Will Take You to the Moon and Beyond!

Created by Miss Heffernan


Have you ever dreamed of traveling to the moon? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to vacation on the moon? Well, here is your chance to explore the Earth’s only natural satellite! Your job is to advertise a voyage to the Moon for the Out of This World Travel Agency!


Welcome to the Out of This World Travel Agency! Your mission is to create a travel

brochure that advertises the best vacation spot to go in the whole universe: The Moon!

Your brochure should convince travelers to go and visit the moon and it should inform

travelers about the exciting things they will see and experience while on the moon. The

brochure should include information about:

  • what the moon is made of
  • the weather on the moon
  • the phases of the moon
  • the landforms on the moon
  • 5 fun moon facts

Before you can create your brochure, you must conduct some research on the moon and

complete a few moon activities. When your research is complete, you can begin working on

your travel brochure. Your brochure can be in paragraphs, sentences, or bullets and should

also include illustrations.


I. You have been asked by the Out of This World Travel Agency to create a travel brochure that

advertises Moon vacations. In order to begin your brochure, you must conduct research on the moon.

Your research will begin with completing the Moon Exploration worksheet. Please click on the links below

to find information about the moon!

1) Did you know that the official name of the moon is "The Moon?" Find out what it is sometimes called and record your answer

on your Moon Exploration worksheet.

2) Each month, the moon has a different nickname.  What is this month's nickname? 

3) Did you also know that the moon is not a planet or a star?  It is a satellite.  Look up the definition of satellite and write it on

your Moon Exploration worksheet. 

4) Travelers will want to know the basics about the moon.  Find out the following information and write it on your Moon

Exploration worksheet.

  • How far away is the moon?
  • How big is it?
  • Does it move or stay still?
  • Does gravity exist on the moon?

5) Describe the inside of the moon on your Moon Exploration worksheet.

  • What are the four parts that make up the inside of the Moon?
  • Check out a diagramof the inside of the Moon!
process continued
Process Continued…

II. How about the weather?  Will your travelers need bathing suits or snow

suits? Find out the following information on weather and record it on your Moon

Exploration worksheet.

  • What is the temperature like in the sun? in the shade?
  • What are solar eclipses?
  • What are lunar eclipses?
  • When will the next lunar eclipse take place?
process continued1
Process Continued…

III.Travelers will want to know if it is safe to travel when the moon is not full.  Your next task is to

research the phases of the moon and answer the following questions on the Moon Phase worksheet.

  • Draw and label the eight phases of the moon.
  • How long does it take for the moon to complete all the phases?
  • What is a New Moon? (scroll down)
  • What is a Full Moon? (scroll down)
  • What is a Blue Moon?

Just for fun, try these activities!

  • Find out what the moon looked like on the day your were born!  Enter in your birthday and year.  We live in the Eastern time zone.
  • For fun, take the Moon Phase Challenge!
  • See the Moon Phases in Action!
process continued2
Process Continued…

IV.Next, the travelers will want to know about the different places they can visit during

their stay.  Learn about the following landforms found on the moon and record them on

your Moon Landforms worksheet.

  • Name two types of Impact Craters and describe them on the Moon Landform worksheet.
  • What are the dark spots on the moon called? Describe them!
  • What are the light spots on the moon called? Describe them!
process continued3
Process Continued…

V. Your last task is to find out some more

fun facts about the Moon that you would

include in your travel brochure. You can

gather more fun facts by watching a video

clip on the Moon. Please click on the video

link below and write down 5 fun facts on

the Moon Fun Fact worksheet.

Moon Video

Now that you have all of your research

completed, you can start your travel



Have you ever dreamed of traveling to the Moon? Have you ever wondered

what it would be like to vacation on the Moon? Well, now you know! All of your

research is completed and you are now a Moon expert. Your travel brochure

persuaded many curious travelers! Now everyone can experience a journey to

the Moon and beyond because of all of your hard work and dedication to the

Out of This World Travel Agency!

teacher page
Teacher Page
  • This webquest was designed for fifth graders an as extension of a current

Connecticut Science unit on the Earth, Moon, and Sun. All types of learners can enjoy this project, but please modify according to the learning styles and needs of your students.

Connecticut State Science Frameworks

5.3    Most objects in the solar system are in a regular and predictable motion. 

Connecticut State Language Arts Frameworks

IV.C. Students use Standard English for composing written text. 

  • The length of this unit can vary between a few days to possibly even a week depending on how long your Science periods last.
  • At the end of this project, the students should know the make-up of the moon, the weather on the moon, the moon phases, and moon landforms.

The travel brochure can be completed by hand or by computer, but more

creativity would be generated if it was completed by hand. To enhance the

quality and neatness, students can type the information for the brochure, but

decorate it by hand.

In order to complete this webquest, you will need the following research


  • Moon Exploration worksheet
  • Moon Phase worksheet
  • Moon Landforms worksheet
  • Moon Fact worksheet