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Warm-ups Thursday 09/01 PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm-ups Thursday 09/01

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Warm-ups Thursday 09/01 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm-ups Thursday 09/01

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  1. Warm-upsThursday 09/01 What is the Jewish place of worship called? A. Church B. Synagogue C. Mosque D. Alter

  2. Warm-upFriday 09/02 What are the first five books of the Old Testament known as in the Jewish Faith? A. The Bible B. The Koran C. The Torah D. The Rigveda

  3. Warm-upTuesday 09/06 According to the Old Testament, where was Abraham born? A. Syria B. Lebanon C. Turkey D. Ur

  4. Warm-up09/07/2011 Name the mothers of Isaac and Ishmael. A. Sarah and Hannah B. Hagar and Mary C. Sarah and Haley D. Hagar and Sarah

  5. Warm-up09/08/2011 Who was the Roman Emperor that converted to Christianity in AD 313? A. Julius Caesar B. MaximusMeridius C. Constantine D. Claudius

  6. Warm-up09/09/2011 What were the 12 Apostles? A. A football team B. The first Christian missionaries C. The Jewish High Council D. The Roman government

  7. Warm-up09/12/2011 What year did Christianity begin? A. 622 CE B. 1500-2000 BCE C. 33 CE D. 50 CE

  8. Warm-up09/13/2011 Who is considered the founder of Islam? A. Jesus of Nazareth B. Abraham C. Mohammed D. Ishmael

  9. Warm-up 09/14/2011 What is the facial covering on Islamic women called? A. A mask B. Hijab C. Hajj D. Ramadan

  10. Warm-up09/15/2011 Around what year was Judaism founded? a. CE 33 b. CE 622 c. 2000-1500 BCE D. CE 1492

  11. Warm-up09/16/2011 Which of the following requires Muslims to travel to Mecca at least once in their lives? a. Salat b. Ramadan c. Hajj d. Zakat

  12. Warm-up09/27/2011 Who was known as the 2nd Solomon? a. Soloman’s son b. Suleiman c. Janissaries d. Mohammed

  13. 09/28/2011 What was the leader of the Muslim world known as from 632 until 1924? a. Caliphate b. Sultan c. Mullah d. Caliph

  14. Warm-up09/29/2011 Which of the following was not a reason for the decline of the Ottoman Empire? A. New European trade routes B. Wars C. Lack of industrialization D. Disease

  15. Warm-up10/03/2011 Which treaty abolished the Ottoman Empire? A. Paris Peace Treaty B. Treaty of Versailles C. Treaty of Sevres D. Treaty of Lausanne

  16. Warm-up10/05/2011 In 1948 the nation of Israel was created as a homeland for the ___________ people. A. Muslim B. Kurdish C. Jewish D. Persian

  17. Warm-up10/06/2011 What four countries border the nation of Israel, and to what ethnic group do they belong? a. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia. Kurds b. Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan. Persian c. Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan. Arab d. Egypt, Oman, Yemen, Iran. Jewish

  18. Warm-up10/07/2011 What is the name of the group that lived in present day Israel prior to the formation of Israel? a. Kurds b. Persians c. Jews d. Palestinians

  19. Warm-up10/11/2011 What is the name of the international organization that set up the nation of Israel? a. OPEC b. The League of Nations c. The United Nations d. The Palestinian Liberation Organization

  20. 10/12/2011 What countries attacked Israel during the Six Day War in 1967? a. Saudi Arabia and Russia b. Egypt, Syria, Iraq c. Egypt, Jordan, Syria d. Yemen, Oman, Lebanon

  21. Warm-up10/17/2011 The Law of Return states ________________. A. All Jews must return to Israel B. Jews can return to Israel and become citizens C. Jews can return to their country of origin D. All money taken from Jews during WWII must be returned

  22. Warm-up10/19/2011 What is Zionism? a. Belief in the God Zion. b. The murder of 6 million Jews during WWII. c. An Islamic political party. d. World wide movement to create a Jewish homeland.

  23. Warm-up10/21/2011 What is a bi-cameral legislature? a. A legislature with 1 chamber b. A legislature with 3 chambers c. A legislature with 2 chambers d. A legislature with no chambers

  24. Warm-up10/24/2011 What type of government does Israel have? a. Communist b. Presidential Democracy c. Confederation d. Parliamentary Democracy

  25. Warm-up10/25/2011 Which country has a president elected by the people, but a Supreme Leader appointed by a council of 86 Islamic scholars? a. Israel b. Saudi Arabia c. Turkey d. Iran

  26. Warm-up10/26/2011 Israel has an economy where the people answer the three economic questions; what type of economy is this? a. Command b. Traditional c. Supply and demand d. Market

  27. Warm-up11/07/2011 This physical feature connects the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan. a. Korean Peninsula b. Northern rim c. Khyber Pass d. Northern Plains

  28. Warm-up11/09/2011 According to some scientists, what South Asian island nation could be in danger if sea levels rise due to global warming? a. Indonesia b. Philippines c. Taiwan d. Maldives

  29. Warm-up11/14/2011 What is the area at the mouth of a river called? a. River bend b. Delta c. The head waters d. rapids

  30. Warm-up11/15/2011 What is the name of the “Creator god” in Hinduism? a. Shiva b. Vishnu c. Buddha d. Brahma

  31. Warm-up11/16/2011 Hinduism is an example of what type of religion? a. Monotheistic b. Polytheistic

  32. Warm-up11/17/2011 What is the original name of the one known as Buddha? a. Confucius b. Lau Zhou c. Siddhārtha Gautama d. Mohammed

  33. Warm-up11/28/2011 Confucianism is a religion with multiple deities. A. True B. False

  34. Warm-up12/1/2011 In the Shinto religion, what is the name of the Sun Goddess? a. Buddha b. Allah c. Amaterasu d. Yahweh

  35. Warm-up12/5/2011 What type of Government does India have? a. Monarchy b. Unitary c. Federal Republic d. Oligarchy

  36. Warm-up12/6/2011 In Japan’s Parliamentary system, who elects the Prime Minister? a. The people b. No one, he is appointed c. The judiciary d. The legislature

  37. Warm-up01/04/2012 This is a tax applied by a government on imported goods intended to help domestic companies compete with foreign goods. a. embargo b. blockade c. quota d. tariff

  38. Warm-Up01/05/2012 Most Indian people grow just enough food to support their own family. This type of agriculture is know as what? a. surplus farming b. subsistence farming c. market farming d. deficit farming

  39. Warm-up01/06/2012 What is the name of the disputed area north of Pakistan and India that is controlled by China, India, and Pakistan? a. Bangladesh b. Nepal c. Kashmir d. Bhutan

  40. Warm-Up01/09/2012 What is the geographic feature called upon which Japan sits? a. Ring of Lava b. Ring of Fire c. Circle of Fire d. Circle of Lava

  41. Warm-ups01/10/2012 Consumer goods are a finished products sold on the open market. Which of the following would be considered a “consumer good”? a. iron ore b. diamonds c. car d. steel beam

  42. Warm-up01/12/2012 What was the name of Japan’s rulers from the 12th century through the end of the 19th century? a. Samurai b. Emperor c. Katana d. Shogun

  43. Warm-up01/17/2012 Who is considered the founder of Islam? A. Jesus of Nazareth B. Abraham C. Mohammed D. Ishmael

  44. Warm-up01/18/2012 In 1948 the nation of Israel was created as a homeland for the ___________ people. A. Muslim B. Kurdish C. Jewish D. Persian

  45. Warm-up01/19/2012 This is a tax applied by a government on imported goods intended to help domestic companies compete with foreign goods. a. embargo b. blockade c. quota d. tariff

  46. Warm-up01/20/2012 What line of latitude was used to draw the border between North and South Korea? a. 17 N b. 18 S c. 38 S d. 38 N

  47. Warm-up01/23/2012 The theory that says if the US allowed one country to fall to communism, many others would follow was known as ____________. a. The Containment Theory b. The Domino Theory c. The Theory of Relativity d. The Big Bang Theory

  48. Warm-up01/24/2012 Which of the following was one of the main reasons that the Vietnamese sought independence from France? a. The king wanted more land b. The French didn’t really want Vietnam c. Nationalism d. Communism

  49. 01/25/2012 What year did Mao ZeDong create the Chinese Communist Party? a. 1949 b. 1921 c. 1954 d. 1893

  50. Warm-up01/26/2012 which of the following was not a characteristic of The Great Leap Forward? a. starvation b. economic turmoil c. collective farms d. efficient farming methods