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Warm-up 4/23/09 PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm-up 4/23/09

Warm-up 4/23/09

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Warm-up 4/23/09

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  1. Warm-up4/23/09 • Lets look at some propaganda for a few minutes.

  2. Warm-up4/24/09 • Look at your terms for 10 minutes

  3. Chapter 25 Section 2Retaking Europe • United States and Great Britain agree to the Atlantic Charter (1941)—basic principles to lead the two countries through the war and the years after the war

  4. Chapter 25 Section 2Retaking Europe • Americans Join the Struggle • U.S. joined the war on the side of the Allied Powers—Axis powers were controlling most of Europe and moving into Northern Africa • Germany and Italy were feeling very confident of their chances of winning the war!!!

  5. Chapter 25 Section 2Retaking Europe • Americans Join the Struggle • Great Britain and the U.S. were trying to control the Atlantic trade routes—German u-boats were making the task very dangerous

  6. Battle of the Atlantic • German u-boats were attacking many U.S. and British ships—the U.S. and Britain responded by using the convoy system to protect their ships the best they could

  7. video • War of Atlantic

  8. Chapter 25 Section 2Retaking Europe • Americans Join the Struggle • American soldiers help to make German and Italian soldiers surrender in Northern Africa • Retaking Northern Africa was key to the Allied plans to retaking Europe • Northern Africa would be used as a major area of planning during 1942 and 1943

  9. Video • North African campaign

  10. Warm-up 4/27/09 • Write the question down • How did the allied decision to delay an invasion of Western Europe and fight instead in North Africa and Italy affect the Soviet Union?

  11. Invasion of Italy • After North Africa, the allies invaded Sicily. • This frightened the Italians and they lost faith in Mussolini. He was removed from office. • Italy’s new government surrendered and joined the allies. • The German’s surrendered in April 1945.

  12. Invasion of Italy • Mussolini was shot and killed and hung as he tried to flee across the northern border.

  13. Chapter 25 Section 2Retaking Europe • War in the Soviet Union • The Germans attacked the Soviet Union—breaking the Non Aggression Pact • Many Soviet citizens welcomed the Germans because they thought they were going to be saved from the control of Stalin—Hitler ordered the killing of any Soviet citizen and soldier—no surrenders or prisoners would be accepted

  14. German Soldiers Invading the Soviet Union

  15. Chapter 25 Section 2Retaking Europe • War in the Soviet Union • The German and Soviet soldiers had a stand off in the city of Stalingrad • Stalin knew that if they gave up Stalingrad, the Soviet Union would have to surrender to Germany • Hitler knew if he was able to defeat the Soviets in Stalingrad, the Soviets would surrender • The Soviet Union used the harsh winter to their advantage—helped defeat the Germans who weren’t used to the winter in the Soviet Union

  16. Soviet Soldiers in Winter Gear

  17. Video • Stalingrad and allied air war.

  18. Warm-up 4/28-09 • If you were planning bombing raids in Germany, what would you target?

  19. Allied air power • For a successful invasion of western Europe, The allies needed air superiority. • The British begin a technique called carpet bombing. • Bombing dropping large numbers of bombs over a wide area.

  20. Allied air power • The U.S initiated daylight bombing raids but took huge losses due to the lack of fighter cover. • With the advent of The P-51 Mustang, bombing missions to Berlin begin.

  21. D-Day Video

  22. Europe Before the D-Day Invasion (1944)

  23. D-Day June 6, 1944 • Allied Forces invade France to drive out the Axis Powers (Liberate France) • Almost 5,000 Allied Ships • 23,000 Allied paratroopers • 150,000 Allied soldiers • **the invasion was key to the Allied Powers attempts of pushing the Germans back to Germany

  24. Allied Paratroopers

  25. Allied Troops Waiting to Land on the Beach (Normandy, France)

  26. Allied Troops Landing on the Beach (Normandy, France)

  27. Warm Up 4-29-09 • Explain the significance of the D-Day invasion. • Type 2, 5-6 complete sentences with supporting details.

  28. Chapter 25 Section 2Retaking Europe • As the Germans are being pushed back to Germany, they put up one final stand • Battle of the Bulge—(Mid-December 1944) • Involved 600,000 troops (Allied Powers) • 80,000 Allied soldiers died • 100,000 German soldiers died • **Germans lost the battle—German leaders recognize that they lost the war—Germany surrenders to Allied Powers…against Hitler’s wishes

  29. the bulge

  30. Soviet forces advance • The fighting between Germans and the soviets was fierce. • 11 million soviets and 3 million Germans died. • After the hardships the Soviets endured, they believed the capture of Berlin a matter of “honor” • Like Stalingrad the battle of Berlin was house to house and hand to hand.

  31. Berlin

  32. Germany Surrenders • Hitler commits suicide on April 30th 1945. • Germany surrenders on Mat 8th 1945. • This becomes V-E Day and millions of Americans celebrate the end of the war in Europe.

  33. Chapter 25 Section 2Retaking Europe • Yalta Conference—U.S., Great Britain, France, and Soviet Union agreed to split Germany into 4 zones—each zone controlled by one country—Berlin also spilt into 4 zones • **Stalin (Soviet Union) did not live up to the agreement of free elections in his controlled area—foundation of many disputes between Soviet Union and U.S. in the future

  34. Warm Up 5-1-09 **Analyze the map on pg. 844 in your book. ***Which country do you think was changed the most by the Holocaust? Why?

  35. Chapter 25 Section 3The Holocaust • Holocaust—Nazi Germany’s systematic murder of all European Jews • Holocaust Era included the following: • Concentration camps • Death camps • Genocide • Warsaw Ghetto—area in Poland, where all Jews in the area were forced to live • **pg. 844 in your book has the estimated number of Jews killed during the Holocaust Era

  36. Auschwitz’ Main Gate (Death Camp)

  37. Auschwitz Prisoners