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ITRS Factory Integration Presentation. Mani Janakiram December 2005 Seoul, South Korea. Global Co-Chairs: Europe: Arieh Greenberg Japan: Shige Kobayashi, Michio Honma Korea: C. S. Park/ S. H. Park Taiwan: Thomas Chen US: Mani Janakiram. Agenda. Scope and Difficult Challenges

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ITRS Factory Integration Presentation

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    1. ITRS Factory Integration Presentation Mani Janakiram December 2005 Seoul, South Korea Global Co-Chairs: Europe: Arieh Greenberg Japan: Shige Kobayashi, Michio Honma Korea: C. S. Park/ S. H. Park Taiwan: Thomas Chen US: Mani Janakiram ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    2. Agenda • Scope and Difficult Challenges • Technology Requirements • Manufacturing Strategy Evolution • FI Current Status • Top Factory Integration Focus Areas • FI Cross-cut issues • Summary ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    3. 2005 FI Participants - Excellent participation! Over 115 members contributed to the Factory Integration Chapter – Thanks! ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    4. UI Factory Integration Scope and Drivers Factory Operations Production Equipment Factory Information & Control Systems AMHS Facilities Si Substrate Mfg Chip Mfg Wafer Mfg Product Mfg Distribution Reticle Mfg • FEOL • BEOL • Probe/Test • Singulation • Packaging • Test Increasing cost & Cycle time implications • Factory is driven by Cost, Quality, Productivity, and Speed: • Reduce factory capital and operating costs per function • Faster delivery of new and volume products to the end customer • Efficient/Effective high volume production, high reliability, & high equipment reuse • Enable rapid process technology shrinks and wafer size changes ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    5. Key Technologies that will Impact Factory Design • 2005 and future years are targeted to meet productivity and capture technology requirements • Key process and device technology intercepts that will impact the factory design are Extreme Ultraviolet Litho (EUVL), New Device Structures, new materials and the 450mm wafer conversion Start Planning for 450mm Discussions Started EUVL in production? New Device Structures? 450mm in Production? ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    6. E=Economic/Business P=Process Technology M=Manufacturing Difficult Challenges Summary Near Term: 2005 to 2009 >45nm • Responding to rapidly changing and complex business requirements [E] • Meeting growth targets while margins are declining [E] • Managing ever increasing factory complexity [M] • Meeting factory and equipment reliability, capability or productivity requirements per the roadmap [M] • Meeting the Flexibility, Extendibility, and Scalability needs of a cost effective, leading edge factory [M] • Meeting process requirements at 65nm and 45nm nodes running production volumes [P] • Increasing global restrictions on environmental issues [E] Long Term: 2012 to 2018 <45nm • Post conventional CMOS manufacturing uncertainty [P] • 450mm Wafer and Emerging factory paradigm changes [M] [E] Economic and business challenges are equal to our manufacturing and process technology challenges in scope and breadth for both efficiency and effectiveness

    7. Some Projected Attributes of a 300mm < 45nm Fab Wafer Data Standard For Packaging Data standards and Systems for Rapid Mask Set Creation Very Fast Cycle time Fabs for Hot & Normal lots Equipment & Systems designed for High Mix operation 100% Direct Tool Delivery AMHS Aggressive NPW Reduction & Efficient Spares Mgmt Full Wafer Level Tracking & Recipe/Parameter Changes Systems Scaled for > 50k wspm Ubiquitous APC; Rapid Process Matching & New Product Qualification Manufacturing Execution Systems Equipment Engineering Capabilities Equipment Control Systems SECS Control Line Equipment & Process Data APC FDC SPC Recipes Factory Scheduler And Material Control Yield PCS E-Diag EPT Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA) Standards to get Rich Equipment Data Offline tools to test schedule rules and rapidly put in Mfg Partner, Customer Or Supplier Standard, Detailed Equipment Performance Tracking (EPT) Data Pervasive E-Diagnostics

    8. Solution exists Solution being developed Solution required FI Technology Requirements Factory Operations Production Equipment AMHS FICS Facilities

    9. Tools/Models/Algorithms: • Analyze trade-off between CT and Utilization • Optimize operator and technician staffing • Predict and analyze lots CT to meet OTD. • Coordination with SCM FI Potential Solutions Year of IC production

    10. 2005 FI Focus Area Factory Integration focus areas: 1. Rapid Equipment Installation Adaptor Plate 2. Productivity Improvement Roadmap 450mm (300mm Prime) and Proactive Visual Manufacturing 3. Cross-cut Issues

    11. Pre-facilitate Installation with Adaptor Plate ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    12. 450mm Era Mostly hi-mix Productivity Axis 300mm Prime Driven mostly by hi-mix business drivers and adopters 300mm Classic Today Next several years 450 Time axis Productivity Improvement Roadmap • Comprehend the needs of different IC maker business models • These models will influence current 300mm configurations before transition to 450mm occurs • 300 Prime will transform and improve productivity for 300mm fabs • 450mm transition can be a simplified physical scale-up from 300 Prime • Compared to 200mm  300mm transition • Extending 300mm capability to 450mm, and • Minimizing the number of configurations to develop, test and deploy • Propagating 450mm benefits back to existing 300mm fabs • Global participation is very important 300 Prime is driven by high-mix, smaller order sizes, shorter product life cycles business models ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    13. 300_Classic 300_Prime 450 Next few years Today 450 Optimized for Lower mix Much higher mix/small lot  Large fabs Mostly Scale-up 25 wafer FOUP Operating model Carriers, Equipment & AMHS improvements 450mm can be a productivity transition continuum • 300_Prime is strongly influenced by new/emerging biz models (eg: high-mix, smaller order sizes, varying product volumes, shorter product life cycles, in very large fabs) • 300_Prime learnings and attributes will influence 450mm reqts • 300_Prime capabilities will extend into and drive 450mm reqts • 300_Prime equip configurations will minimize 450mm developments Biz drivers must drive the 300_Prime innovations ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    14. Manufacturing Engineering Paradigm Shift Lot and wafer base, resource base management Operation For HM/SL & Advanced device geometry Operation For HM/SL & Advanced device geometry 450mm Commonality is important 300mm Prime e-Mfg Agile ECM 2006 EES 2008Pilot PV 2010Mass Production Simplified Operation First Generation 300mm Lot base management for quality and delivery 1997 2005 GJGStandard Spec PV: Proactive Visualization, HM/SL:High Mix/Small Lot Size ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    15. Roadmap Decisions Needed ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    16. 2006 FI Cross Cut Issues to be addressed ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    17. Key Messages • Business strategies, market demands, and process technology changes continue to make factories difficult to integrate • Factory’s speed and flexibility are vital to accommodate various production technologies High Mix, Cycle time improvement, equipment utilization, direct transport AMHS, etc. • Gaps in Production Equipment performance, Setup time, AMHS, Facilities and Factory operations must be improved Metrics needed to cover versatility, productivity, agility, quality, environmental impacts • Key cross-TWG issues need to be addressed EUVL, Abatement, High-mix impact on FEP, etc. • Proactive visualization/usage of factory data is required Delivery time, Intrinsic equipment losses, etc. • Productivity Improvement Roadmap for Hi-Mix and wafer scaling 300 Classic  300 Prime  450 Era Gradual/ Easier than 200mm to 300mm transition Global participation required! ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    18. Backup ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    19. Solution exists Solution being developed Solution required Factory Operations Technical Requirements Key Objectives: 1) Reduce mfg cycle times, 2) Improve Equipment Utilization, 3) Reduce Losses from High Mix ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    20. Production Equipment Technical Requirements Key Objectives: 1) NPW reduction, 2) Reliability Improvement, 3) Run rate (throughput) improvement Solution exists Solution being developed Solution required ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    21. Material Handling Technical Requirements Key Objectives: 1) Increase throughput for Traditional and Unified Transport, 2) Reduce Average Delivery times, 3) Improve Reliability Solution exists Solution being developed Solution required ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    22. FICS Technical Requirements Key Objectives: 1) Increase Reliability, 2) Increase Factory Throughput, 3) Reduce or Maintain Mask Shop Cycle Time, 4) Reduce Costs Solution exists Solution being developed Solution required ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    23. Facilities Technical Requirements Key Objectives: 1) Factory Extendibility, 2) AMC, 3) Rapid Install/Qualification, 4) Reduce Costs Solution exists Solution being developed Solution required ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    24. 300 mm: #Fabs (20K) v10.0ss (if no 450mm) +200 Fabs! What if… no 450mm? Wafer Diameter Scenarios Extended use of installed base ITRS Factory Integration TWG Source: Denny Fandel, ISMI

    25. HM/LS Issues for Litho Tool as Motif Various Images per Device maker “300mm Prime” Investigate B-Value drivers in litho tool Find Commonality HM/SL Manufacturing Accumulated # of wafers or time collapsed Tied with Dynamic line balance Lot size dependent (tied with OEE losses) Wafers Reticle, Resists Calibration Change over loss Transfer/exchange loss Bake temperature stabilization Reticle inspection Maintenance (Gas exchange, cup wet cleaning…) Handling loss (Reticle handling Hardware) Alignment retries ITRS to investigate of activity to investigate “B-Values” Of litho tools expected results: Create TR by PE Thrust ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    26. Operational Model: High vs. Low Mix Factory size • Cleanroom Size • wafers/week • Cycle time Drives Wafer Thickness + Process Characteristics All single wafer vs. some Mini Batch Processing Drives Drives Drives Transport system (carriers/hour) Wafer Pitch and Carrier Height Number of Wafers in the Carrier Drives Drives Drives Prodn Equip quantities Stocker capacity and throughput Carrier Door Dimensions and Load Port Attributes Drives Drives Defines your 450mm factory blueprint On-Equipment Buffer Integrated Decision Making is Critical for 450ITRS working on a Decision Tree Model starting at the Wafer/Carrier Future, all fabs are BIG > 20K wspm New Goal: minimize configurations between different biz models ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    27. 300mm Equipment Standards Vision- circa 1998 ü Carryover for 450 C Changes for 450? Front U/I All Process and Metrology tools E15.1 load port(s) Embedded Controller Ethernet LAN Significant carryover to 450 OHV Handshake: Overhead Carrier Delivery ü C “Integrated” Mini-Environment ü Carrier Architecture C Non-stop wafer Processing ü ü C Loadports U/I Controls/Display Console C ü ü Dense packing in bay ü Communication Link to Host Embedded Controller Cart Docking Interface ü ü ü

    28. FI Sub team – December 2005 Status Completed Factory Integration 2005 Chapter! ITRS Factory Integration TWG

    29. 2005 FI Focus Area Factory Integration focus areas: AMC, 450mm (300mm Prime), and Proactive Visual Manufacturing ITRS Factory Integration TWG