Offense presentation for adjail
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Offense Presentation for AdJail. Stephen Duraski and Allen Zeng. Motivation for Implementation?. A class of rogue ads, those that involve social engineering, depend on the content of the ads.

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Offense presentation for adjail

Offense Presentation for AdJail

Stephen Duraski and Allen Zeng

Motivation for implementation
Motivation for Implementation?

  • A class of rogue ads, those that involve social engineering, depend on the content of the ads.

  • Content such as fake anti-virus scanners etc, are not actually prevented by this system, which has no controls on the content of the ad.

  • The New York Times example

Difficulty for each publisher to implement
Difficulty for each publisher to implement

  • This system requires a significant rewrite for the ad portion of a publisher's page.

  • Is the time spent on the implementation worth it since any mistakes would threaten the publishers ability to make money from their site.

Rendering a shadow page for each ad
Rendering a shadow page for each ad?

  • Every ad will need a separate shadow page with a unique URI, this increases complexity and difficulty of maintaining a site.

  • Sites often use multiple ad networks simultaneously, AdJail would require potentially managing a large number of extra domains for proper use of the Same-Origin Policy

Overhead time
Overhead Time

  • Paper states that rendering time is increased by 1.69%

    • NOT an insignificant amount of time

    • ~400ms to ~700ms for Google Ads

  • Advertisers will not appreciate their ads being rendered slowly, and may react negatively

  • Amazon loses 1% of sales for every 100ms delay:


  • Google: “Experiments demonstrate that increasing web search latency 100 to 400 ms reduces the daily number of searches per user by 0.2% to 0.6%.”


  • Google revenue dropped 20% in an experiment that slowed the page down by 0.5 seconds


Usability and scalability issues
Usability and Scalability Issues

  • Currently uses Regular Expressions for textual transformation

  • Cannot possibly do this for the hundreds of existing Ad Networks

    • Will ultimately work for some but fail for most

Real shadow page communication
Real - Shadow Page Communication

  • "To facilitate voluntary communication between the two pages, we leverage the window.postMessage() browser API. postMessage() is an inter-origin frame communication mechanism that enables two collaborating frames to share data in a controlled way, even when SOP is in effect"

  • What prevents the ads from using the same API call to send its own data?

What happens with bad ads
What happens with bad ads?

  • Ad contains code with "unallowed" javascript code

    • Gets rendered on Shadow Page - is anything communicated to the Ad Network / User that content was blocked?

  • Does ad network get charged?

    • Unclear in paper

Evaluation issues
Evaluation Issues

  • What test pages were used?

    • No examples given

  • Parameters of tests were modified for each Ad Network such that it would work